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Dark X-Men #1 Review, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

I'm not really sure how I feel about the idea of the Dark X-Men.  The idea of Norman wanting his own team of Dark Avengers makes sense.  In the Marvel Universe, the Avengers should be a household name.  Plus the fact that there's been so many different members and they often change costumes, there's no reason the general public would suspect anything shady was going on.  The X-Men are another story.  Most people seem to hate or fear mutants.  For Norman to try to have his own team of mutants, it's a harder sell.  But then, Cyclops has tried making mutants more welcome among the normal folk.  And Norman is just the kind of guy to want to have a piece of every pie.  I've joked before but I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to create a Dark Power Pack someday.

While I was on the fence with the Dark X-Men, the last mini-series didn't do much to sell me on the idea either.  Their defeat and near disbandment during Utopia wasn't a good sign for the team either.  With this series it will be interesting to see if Norman can keep the team together and use them as a positive P.R. device.  You may have heard or have already read this issue and know that a certain X-character is dropping by.  If Norman can persuade this person to join his team, it's a pretty big ace to have up his sleeve.
Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk have quite a task on their hands.  They need to keep this team of misfits interesting, at least to keep me reading the rest of the series.  With the return of this certain character, I am, indeed curious.  This issue starts out a little slow but I do see how it's necessary in order to get the payout of the last few pages.  This could change things for Norman and his " Dark Reign."  Or it could just blow up in his face.
Posted by Korg

I'm just glad that X-character is in circulation again. Hopefully they do something interesting with it. $4 is a bit much though, and I don't really care about the Hope back-up story, so I'll probably wait for the trade instead of buying the next issue.

Posted by G-Man

I totally meant to mention the back up story.  Guess I started getting too excited about the certain character returning. 

Posted by Korg

Sorry I mentioned it. I'm thinking I'm not alone in not caring about it though.

Posted by Grendel

I remember you and Babs agreeing that you both find Dark Beast to be pretty generic, but hopefully this mini will help you see what I see. Cornell is really shining and I had to laugh at how quickly this bunch of sociopaths made a bad situation worse.
I'd say this was my pick of the week, even over Batman&Robin and X-Force # 21.

Posted by Grendel

And does anybody think Hope's new costume in the solicits looks a little like Kick-Ass without a mask?

Posted by Dane

huuuugely stoked that he's back. He was my favourite character growing up and I hope he doesn't join the Dark X-Men. 
Every character that joins a Norman Osborn team seems to have the mind of a freaking child and I don't want to see him like that.

Posted by Korg
@Dane said:
" huuuugely stoked that he's back. He was my favourite character growing up and I hope he doesn't join the Dark X-Men.   Every character that joins a Norman Osborn team seems to have the mind of a freaking child and I don't want to see him like that. "
I can't see that happening under any circumstances. What he managed to do in this issue alone is incredibly impressive.
Posted by Dane
@Korg said:
" @Dane said:
" huuuugely stoked that he's back. He was my favourite character growing up and I hope he doesn't join the Dark X-Men.   Every character that joins a Norman Osborn team seems to have the mind of a freaking child and I don't want to see him like that. "
I can't see that happening under any circumstances. What he managed to do in this issue alone is incredibly impressive. "
Yeah but look at the fantastically powerful characters that have developed Osborn-induced down syndrome. 
Nearly all of the Dark Avengers/Dark X-Men acted totally out of character and like 10 year olds.
Namor acted like a b#tch. Sentry and Omega should both be powerhouses in MU, instead they're joke characters. Mimic was pretty much always that way so w/e.
All I'm saying is it'd suck all sorts of they bring this character back only to make him a tool (in every sense of the word).
Posted by Korg

LIke I said, I don't see it happening. No one wants to see that, and it would be completely pointless after the mini is over and they'd have to deal with him anyway. I just hope he doesn't end up in the hands of Matt Fraction.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I haven't really read this. So, I can't say for sure, but Mystique never struck me as someone who would be so keen on helping someone like Osborn. I know she has those nano-sentinels in her blood. It's either help or blow up. She's just always been a character who never wants to be forced to do anything. I would imagine she would be plotting some way to reverse this and make him pay for this humiliation
After she disappeared in that X-Men: Manifest Destiny book. I was really looking forward to her reappearing. She told Bobby that she would come to see him again. Not with her face and body, but promised that he would love her. She then jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and has been missing since her reveal in the Utopia story. I was really curious to see how she would live up to that promise.  It's felt lack luster so far.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by FoxxFireArt
Thanks. That clear things up a bit better. The idea of being put on a leash. I think would royally piss her off. She didn't like it when she was a part of Bishop's team years back. They put that chip in her that prevented her from changing into any member of the team.
Taking into consideration what Mystique has always shown to want, what could Osborn offer her? If you think about it. The only real things she's ever shown to really want is Rogue's love and a lot of humans dead to prevent what Destiny saw. Though, I really liked how Mike Carey wrote how she does have some feelings for Bobby. I hunted over the internet to buy the "Blinded by the Light" TPB for the great art and writing. I also liked the work in Supernovas, but that was a lot easier to find. 
I actually made a drawing based on those books. I would show it here, but I'm not sure. It's an image of both Bobby and Raven in the nude. It isn't graphic or sexual. I know girls love it, because it shows Bobby's nude butt. lol
Posted by Nefilim927

I'm actually becoming a bit of a Mystique fan.  I loved her story with Wolverine in his last main run, where they end up fighting nude in the desert. 

Posted by nofx4021

Any reason why the hope/cable story wasn't mentioned at the end ? good great bad? any input?

Edited by Meteorite
Posted by Sunrise

I really liked this comic,  
Omega is really hilarious with him singing, annoying the rest of the team and apologizing for all the damage he does. 
Like the idea where they are going with Mimic, makes him more interesting than he ever has been. 
I would love to see more mindgames between Norman and Mystique. 
Dark Beast is pure evil, it's gonna be difficult to do some actual character development with him. 
Really interested in where this is going, thanks to great writing and some character development (missed that in recent X-books), I would give it a 4 out of 5.
Posted by G-Man
@nofx4021: The Hope story is okay for what it is.  It bothers me a little that it's continued from Psylocke.  There was a sort of happy little bit that happened.  Nothing major in the grand scheme of their story but a nice little touch.
Posted by xerox_kitty

What was the Hope story like?  I couldn't be bothered to get this, since I didn't like anything to do with the Dark X-Men.  The Cable & Hope story in Psylocke #1 was slow, so I was wondering if it was the same sort of slow paced recap in this issue too.

Posted by G-Man
@xerox-kitty: The problem is it's just too short.  It's more training.  Cable sort of does something that makes Hope happy inside.  Nothing majorly crucial.
Posted by xerox_kitty
@G-Man: Thanks, I suspected it would be just as short as the first part.  Glad I skipped it now :)
Posted by Burnout1212

This is what i am trying to figure out G-Man and everyone else...they are making a big deal about hope and how she is supposed to save mutant kind but what is nate's whole deal in this are they just going to kill him off again to show the power that norman has, or are they going to run with the whole mutant shaman thing. It is just very wierd that they are putting two characters in to the marvel universe with the basically the same goal as far as we can tell right now.

Edited by Kid_Zombie

The issue was ok, i don't like what they are doing with weapon Omega, hes was an interesting character in Marvel presents and in omega flight, now they completly changed him into this comedic type character whos always fumbling around. He showed he could be a leader, and left Omega flight to do good in the whole of Canada, now he just seems like a different character. everything else seems pretty cool. i stopped reading comics around the time the "x-character" was in it and started reading comics again after he was gone. So I really know nothing about him other then everyone told me back then he sucked, and the x-men books started to get good again when he was gone. But whatever, it had no effect on me that hes returned because well, i dont know the character very well. 
Oh and I love the whole story of Cable and Hope, but i didnt read this story just because i missed the first part, so Im excited for the trade to come out on that. On a side note I'm very happy we are getting a short story at the end of the books to kinda make up for the price instead of some stupid preview of a shitty character u can see on the internet.
Have a good one all

Posted by jedd

why is there a hope backup story??? is it going around different x titles each chapter?    
Posted by jedd

o and shame on G man for insulting mystique

Edited by the real mimic

Mimic was never comedic. and who ever wrote mimic's bio is wrong I have read all mimic comic's and he can copy powers equal to superior  and he could use them better then the real owner that is A fact
Posted by skaarason

if daken is not apart of it , im not getting it !!!!!!!

Posted by Vance Astro

I get the Mystique\Jean Grey thing but can Mystique duplicate Jean's powers? I mean even a little bit?

Posted by Dane

Never seen Mystique duplicable non-physical powers.

Edited by waruikumo
I am excited to see him back, I just recently picked up the warren ellis finish to that run. 
Omega and Mimic are SOOOOOO melodramatic.  What happened to the Exiles Mimic? theres potential there 
P.S. Why wont marvel man up and just release some mini's in complete trade format from Jump?  Seriously this 5 issues will probably end up dragging out till after siege.
Posted by Watch Dog

I like Dark Beast the best he's just plane mean.

Posted by Korg