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Dark Reign: The List - The Punisher Reviewed, Frank Falls To Pieces

If you've ever read the Punisher, you'll want to see what happens here.

I thought I was going to take a week off of reviewing 'The List' books but this one was just begging to be reviewed.  If you thought these were simply meaningless tie-ins for Dark Reign, think again.  If you've ever read a Punisher book, you'll want to see what happens here.

You may have heard that things don't go too great for the Punisher.  What I like about this is we're seeing that the 'good guys' don't always win.  I'm not one to be rooting for Norman but it makes sense that he should come out on top some of the time.  He literally has an army at his disposal.  Things are not going to be the same for the Punisher after this.  
Rick Remender has been doing a great job with the Punisher lately.  I'm not sure if this direction was all his idea or if editorial put him on it but it is going to be interesting to see where this goes.  John Romita Jr gets to cut loose with his art here as he does on Kick-Ass.  Pick up this book if you're following Dark Reign or if you're curious to see what's left of Frank after his fight with Daken.  This is literally going to change the direction of his character.
Posted by glforthewin

poor frank 

Posted by LFCMANIA

this is one big, badass issue ! - definately one to buy !
Posted by Hyperion Man

Franken Castle sounds cool

Posted by Despair
sighs Great job on the review G-Man, you once more made me cursing myself for living in Germany which means I'll have to wait at least half a year before I can read that. But it looks really good.
Edited by goldenkey

you should do all spoiles, with the option of turning it off if you don't want to hear it.  for me spoilers sell
Posted by Archetype

I'm glad Marvel isn't treating these books as throw-aways.
Big things poppin and little things stoppin.

Posted by rpaolasso

poor punisher - he continues to go down hill, granted this battle makes for an awesome read but Franken Castle?!?! Seriously? . . . . terrible
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@G-Man, if you don't mind, why did you only give it a 4.5/5? That must imply there was something that kept the title from being "perfect", and I don't recall you going over any negatives.  I gave it a 5/5 =D
Posted by goldenkey

Romita draws the best fight illustrations by far.  I like Hitch's fight scenes too, but nothing on Romita and a lot of artist just don't do it good.  He does punch for punch, kick for kick unlike other artists who draw a punch and then people getting thrown down, or people just getting thrown.  His action is great and I can't believe I didn't pick this up today.  It was the book that slipped my mind.
Posted by danhimself

It's about time someone offed Frank...he's nothing but a crazy guy running around with a bunch of guns...he should have been killed a while ago
Posted by k4tzm4n

@danhimself...Perhaps you should use spoilers ;)

Posted by G-Man
@goldenkey: Spoilers in the videos might sell the videos but then people might not buy the book. If people don't buy the book, Marvel won't publish it.  If Marvel doesn't publish it, I can't do videos on it.  It's kind of like the circle of life.
@k4tzm4n: I don't mind you asking about my rating. It came close to a 5. It was fun and entertaining. Maybe not knowing about FrankenCastle before would have made it more of a shocker? Also while I didn't really mind the preview, I just feel those pages aren't fully necessary in these The List books. Either give me new content or just cut the pages (and price) down.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

I totally agree with G-Man on this issue.
Posted by k4tzm4n

@G-Man: I also wish they didn't release those Frakencastle teasers a month or so ago.  I think we all knew what was coming, but the way it's delivered is so brutal and shocking.  I read this issue 3 times before reading the rest in my stack.  I can agree with the preview, but I suppose my rating is on the primary story, and not a rating of the book as a whole.  I see where you're coming from.  I'm really not excited for what is to come with Frank, lol.
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@goldenkey: yes spoilers !!!! 
i don't really care about the punisher these days , but daken is my favorite marvel character right now , i hope they keep giving him major roles like this more often !!!!!
Posted by Bruce Vain

I think this is the first time I've seen you this excited about a new comic book. So this is something I  will most certainly pick up.
Posted by iLLituracy


Edited by waruikumo

LOVED THE ISSUE.  DAKEN bumps up his rep mad style.  JRJR was sick in the end, when frank is tumbling off the building.  This is a good change for the punisher, I liked the start of Remender's run, but the last arc was anti climactic as well as it could have been.  Plus I mean how many times could Frank wipe out the mob with guns? The undead killer thing is much more tasty.  
I will say Finally something decent happens in a "the List" book,The rest have been kinda as Jay-Z would describe Nas's Albums after illmatic "MeeHHHH" 
Also, the art was my favorite in a Marvel book in AGES. 
Last edit, Daredevil the list was good.  I liked Secret Warriors the list but felt like to a certain extent it was almost the exactly the same progression of events as The List Avengers.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

How can you say sometimes the bad guys win, when that's been the basic theme of Marvel this past year with Dark Reign? How Frank Castle return from this will be interesting. It is nice that some of these List books actually have some effect. Some of the others have been a tad pointless to the over all series.
In honor of this review. I'm reviving one of my older picture I created in photoshop.

Posted by BillyButcher

I picked up this List issue and Secret Warriors and I must say after reading both of them I want more.
Posted by Media_Master

Looks intense! 
I'm not a huge Punisher fan, but this looks like a good (well not for him) issue.

Posted by DMC

Hey GMan, I hope you read Punnisher #10. It's not as good as The List but something MAJOR happens near the end.  : 0
I love what Marvel is doing to the Punnisher. I know this is premature but I wouldn't mind at all if they kept Frank in this condition for a few years if not more. I am concerned about what his abilities might be, but I just love what Frankencastle represents, IMHO.
A man like Fank can only go so far against the super powers of the Marvel Universe. Street level guys, sure but anything above that is stretching it.....realisticly.  
In a way, I see Franks new look as battle scars, BIG ones. An example of what could happen to a human who goes up against foes faaar above his level, on his own.   
But no matter how hard he's beaten, Frank won't stop.  ; )

Posted by hero vs. villian

This is the only one that I wanna read.
Posted by mv

stupid sentry kill Norman !

Posted by skaarason

instead of this really bad idea of Frankencastle , i would of  rather seen the punisher die in like a giant-size book and have his book be replaced with and new daken on going !!! 

Posted by RavagingHamster

he cant die...he cant be defeated...hes the flippin punisher! idk if i like the franken castle look, makes it less realistic
Posted by jedd

i pucked up the list wolverine instead for noh var, i so regret it now

Posted by DEGRAAF
@goldenkey said:
"you should do all spoiles, with the option of turning it off if you don't want to hear it.  for me spoilers sell "

same here, i always want to know spoilers first
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Been following the list books and enjoying them but this indeed was somthing elce, Loved it.

Posted by victorvndoom

think some 'necro' magic might be involved in stitching frank together 

Posted by Namor1987

Who says Daken isnt a  Bad@$$ plus FrankenCastle looks ill  but I hated the artwork from what I saw on that video
Posted by Pez85

Franken Castle? Really? They couldn't have come up with something better? 
Also, I don't think this has been posted yet, but I found this. 

I see this, and then Monster Mash starts playing in my head
Posted by mattydeNero

I love John Romita Jr.'s PUNISHER.  Always have.  This really shows the respect MARVEL has for Punisher.  A great fight scene.  A great ending.  This was the "MILESTONE" issue out of "THE LIST" series.  Can't wait for Spidey's "List" book.
Posted by Plaguetouch83