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Dark Reign: The List - Hulk REVIEWED

Surprise! G-Man reviews another "The List" book.

While I have been enjoying these "The List" books, I have to admit I am getting a little tired of them.  To top things off, we also have two more books this week.  I was going to avoid reading this The List book only because it was supposed to be about Hulk but we all know Hulk is gone.  We just have Banner and Skaar (who I'm not really crazy about yet).  

I went into this review thinking I really wasn't going to like this.  I should have known better since it was Greg Pak doing the writing.  The art by Ben Oliver was really nice as well.  What we have here is Bruce Banner showing how smart he actually is.  We all know that Bruce is a genius but we never really get to see it since most of the time he's running around smashing things as the Hulk.  It just makes perfect sense that Bruce is going to carefully map out an escape plan to free Kate Waynesboro from the evil clutches of the HAMMER facility.  I was also surprised at the 'development' that occurred in this story.  Normally we don't really have any major events occurring in one-shots.  This will have some impact in future issues of Incredible Hulk.
For the 'extra content' we get a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #14.  It's a classic tale that involves Spider-Man, Green Goblin and the Hulk.  While I do like a nice reprint over an extended batch of previews to upcoming books, I do question how necessary they are.  If the reprint wasn't included, would that reduce the price down to $2.99?  The reprint is a fun story if you haven't already read it but definitely not essential.
This wasn't my favorite "The List" book but I was pleasantly surprised.  We'll see if I can get around to reviewing either (or both) of this week's The List books.
Posted by LFCMANIA

so g-man...what is your favourite 'the list' book ?
Posted by Archetype

The List books have been good and I don't mind this one either.The developments in this issue (particularly the one that caught you off guard) have me excited.Also as usual I love Karla.

Posted by DMC

I'd love to see Scar vs Ares at some point. He would be a great sparring partner.  
Posted by G-Man
@LFCMANIA: ...I think maybe the Avengers one.  I loved seeing Clint take on all the Dark Avengers.  The Secret Warriors one was close just with Nick being a badass.
@Archetype: We all know the outcome of the certain event would happen eventually but I just didn't think it'd get its jumpstart here.
Posted by NXH

I'm not diggin g these list books. The avengers one looks the best out of all of them so far. But I havent read any of them cos I just cant be bother lol

Posted by Tyler Starke

I actually really liked this issue pak is awesome and the end was pretttty cool, this review was f**king hilarious G-man haha loved the gun noises and angry norman stuff, you know what I miss ( Bullseye BANJO!)

Posted by danhimself

the Hulk and Secret Warriors have been my favorites so far...despite the regular Secret Warriors book sucking

Edited by Archetype
@G-Man: right with WWHS coming up it was bound to happen but it still hasn't really happened yet not until his skin turns green will it really make an impact, though we did find out how it will happen.Still while I may be among the people who aren't thrilled with all these different Hulks I can't help but be excited by this nor can I help but be entertained.
Also nice grimace G-Man lol.
Posted by Nahero

wow after seeing that comic it just shows me the 70 year difference between the comic stories of then and now
Posted by War Killer

I love the art in that book!

Posted by skaarason

i heard the hulk came back in this issue ?

Posted by Queen's Halo
Dear G-Man,
Great review as always, but what did you thing about Norman sending Victoria Hand (My favorite Dark Reign introduced character) to capture Banner?
Posted by G-Man
@danhimself: You haven't been liking Secret Warriors?
@Archetype: Thanks!
@skaarason: No Hulk here.
@Queen's Halo: It was pretty interesting that he'd send Victoria.  But as he said, he didn't want to send someone that was indispensable.
Posted by DEGRAAF
@skaarason said:
"i heard the hulk came back in this issue ? "

not exactly 
Skaar and Banner went to take down a lab that was basically designed to drain the old power out of Skaar so banner uses an incoming arsenal of missles to destroy the building instead (reprogramming them wirelessly to do his bidding). Come to find out that it was all a set-up bc Osborn knows about Skaar wanting to kill the hulk so he put gamma radiation in the building as well so when it got blown up the radiation particles got thrown in the air and Banner unknowingly breathed it in. After he finds out a scan shows the gamma radiation was already changing and mutating his genetic structure again that give him the ability to become the hulk. 
So in short he didnt become the hulk and hasnt as of yet but all the chips are in place to do so, ts just a matter of time until it happens.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Sounds weird, and don't take this the wrong way; but you do a pretty good Son of Hulk impression.
Hell, if you've been reading Marvel lately there are a lot of daddy issues. Daken, X-23, Shaar, and Harry. At least The List: Punisher is out on the Oct. 28th. I look forward to that review. If nothing happens in these The List one shots, they seem like pointless buys. Least something happens in this book and Punisher's.
By the way, someone posted on this site that Dark Reign The List: Punisher is released Dec. 5th. That would be beyond odd. That's like releasing the "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" anniversary movie in August 5th. Which, for those of you that don't know, they did. I've been noticing a LOT of incorrect publication dates all over this site. In X-Men books and other series.

Posted by danhimself
@G-Man: no man I lost interest with in the first few issues and gave up on it
Posted by Media_Master

Nice seeing Banner in action!

Posted by Matezoide2

i cant see the video,what was the score?