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Dark Reign: Hawkeye #3 Review!

Check out Babs' review of the latest issue!


Check out my review for Dark Reign: Hawkeye #3 and let me know what you think! Did you read the latest issue? Do you like where they are taking this character? What do you thik will happen to him? Has he gone crazy, or do you think someone or something is toying with his mind?

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Posted by Fresh Prince
Looks like Norman couldn't control his Dark Avengers XD
Posted by rouju

This comic is good, I don't know wether it cuz bulls eye sick from the begining, but I don't know why but he emerges to be one of my personal favorite. But Babs, U really hooked me bout how bullseye just "side story"

Posted by Deo Wade

I'm liking what they're doing with Bullseye now, he's finally gotten some real depth to him. This is on my list for when I hit the store this weekend. You really get into your reviews lol, Breath lol.

Posted by Reaper 13

Bullseye's finally lost it.  Bet it's the real Hawkeye messing with him.

Posted by Vortex13

I actually relate to bulls eye in this, I have had situations where I am hallucinating and I'm seeing people and sometimes it's very difficult to discern what is real from what is fake, I have always had a slight handle on it, usually I can tell. But it's his feelings of I'm insane, and am I finally loosing it, how long before I loose all touch with reality that I relate with. It's a scary thing and that's why I really like this story, I mean the ways in which he see's them is completely inaccurate at least in my experience, but it's good. It's off but that's okay, makes it less close to home.

Posted by No_Name_
@Reaper 13: That's what I think, too.
Posted by Decept-O

Could all this somehow be Osborn attempting to lay the groundwork to blackmail Bullseye (Hawkeye) to get Bullseye to do some real dirty work down the pike?  Could it be a "good guy" with mental powers attempting to trip up Bullseye?  If so, who could it be? 

Was G-Man or someone off to the side squeaking a dog toy or something in an attempt to distract you and/or make you laugh during your review?  No. I'm not losing it like Bullseye, but you kept looking to the side like someone was there and I heard some noise so that's why I ask.

Posted by MindBullets1372

I love what there doing with my boy Bullseye, Ive always thought he was a well rounded villain with a lot of depth. I love that he is getting a lot of lime light. But it's kind of funny reading that people are saying the Bullseye finally lost it.....  last time i checked he has always been balls to the wall crazy

Posted by Truex

I love Bullseye he is completely insane. Something like this happened way back in Daredevil #169, he got some brain damage and slaughtered a bunch of people because he saw everyone as Daredevil.

Posted by PrtScSysRq
I haven't started to read this
mini-series, but this ending
made me wanna get the first
three issue. If it's really that
good, i won't disappoint in
bullseye. In the "old" punisher
series, which was begin in
1995's november, Bullseye
suited up as a prist (and for
what?) and he was the one
who activated Castle's
electric-chair. So I like the guy. He's a completely insane
psychopat, But he's too funny to be mad at him.
Posted by Media_Master

Sounds neat

I like how he's slowly unraveling!!

Posted by Dreadmaster

Personally i don't see the Dark Avengers making it to 11 but it will be cool to see it all fall apart

Posted by AngelFrost

The cover image is amazing!
Well drawn.