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Dark Avengers #7, Utopia Ch 3 Reviewed (With Flying Geese)

G-Man reviews the next chapter of UTOPIA.

We're in the middle of a crossover.  That means other characters invade this book.  Even though it is Dark Avengers, they don't get a lot of action here.  The important thing is, how is the story?  Will the riots ever be over?  Since it's a Dark Avengers book, does that mean we might see (and hear) Bullseye in this video?  Watch and see.

I thought that Matt Fraction and Luke Ross did a good job coming in and taking over the title.  How long will the Dark X-Men stay together?  What do you think Emma really saw when she looked in at Charles' room?  If the Dark Avengers fight the Dark X-Men, who would win?  What team, if any, would Daken fight on?  What do you think of this arc so far?
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Posted by CM9

Lol just shut up nice

Posted by Dreadmaster

It was meh until they both went to the Omega Machine or whatever its called and started a fight.

Posted by DH69

wasnt a bad issue but im already bored of the utopia story

Posted by adoggez1

emmas catching on to normen cant wait for utopia part 4

Posted by Dreadmaster
@DH69 said:
"wasnt a bad issue but im already bored of the utopia story "

Blackest Night is taking its thunder very quick.
Posted by DH69
@dreadmaster: yeah i dont usually read dc, but i picked up a copy and loved it, much better in my opinion especially takin into account my dislike for green lantern stuff
Posted by Dreadmaster

Yeah but its still a pretty decent story but what the hec is up with Simon Trask? Whats the background on him and what the freak are those powers he's using?

Posted by Obsurity

I thought it was a major let down from the initial Utopia issue. I wouldn't have given it as high of a score maybe 3.5. I like the animosity between the 2 groups.  It seems like Emma took notice on Professor X. Perhaps she hasn't gone back to her old way.

Posted by warlord1234

what happen to Ares

Posted by G-Man

Ares was just sitting around watching TV with the rest of the Dark Avengers.  He did agree with Bullseye that they should doing something.  He was the one that gave that big speech right before he slapped Bullseye.

Posted by IGMAN

beast is going 2 change back to his hairless form...

Posted by themaskedhero

As much as I love the art we usually see in Dark Avengers, I wish the art for Utopia covering Utopia #1, Uncanny X-Men and Dark Avengers had art that was more visually closer to each other, especially if you're going to change artists on Dark Avengers anyway. But maybe it's just me, I thought Utopia and Uncanny (even X-Men Legacy) flowed visually better.

Posted by Bruce Vain

It's possible maybe that Hank is reverting back to his human look again.

Posted by Korg

Can anyone actually honestly say this was worth $4? I was going to wait for the trade, but now I am thinking I will just skip Utopia altogether. Matt Fraction just should not write team books.

Posted by Nahero

i rooted for scott on this one he was so awesome

dark beast is a douche

and i guess frost is not such a bad girl

Posted by Citizen 14

I actually really, really like this story. It wans't better than Blackest Night, but I really enjoyed it.
The Dark X-Men team is really working for me. Daken is awesome. I think Emma saw the junk but knew Prof. X. was there. and I think Dark Avengers are stronger than the Dark X-Men. I agree with the 4.5.

Posted by getridofdandidio71

Dark Reign ends when the Holy Avenger Trinity of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor reclaim their place as the TRUE AVENGERS. This has gone on long enough without them in AVENGERS because they are AVENGERS! DC had their fun busting up their big three to hype up Infinite Crisis. One year from now Dark Reign better have 2 payoffs: Cap, Thor and Iron Man back where they belong and Bendis is gone. This is going to happen or else how are people are going to buying Avengers comics when the Avengers Movie comes out?

Posted by Tyler Starke

NO BANJO?!!! for the bullseye speak?!

Posted by Media_Master

Geese, it had to be GEESE!!!

Posted by Editman

I thought the convo between Summers and Osborne was badass

Posted by Kain

I love how you skip one of the best parts of the book with skipping Norman and Cyclops' conversation in your review but give detail on Dark Beast's and Norman's pointless conversation. riiiight.

Posted by Jamiracles

Any and everything can be forgiven so long as the offender rolls up in a jetpack.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Just a small comment. I don't believe that was Norman's sweat on his brow. Notice that in the panel before Dark Beast spat out as he talked. Though I thought it was sweat the first time I saw that.
I know the rioting seems long, but you also have to consider how long these events are withing the consistent time line. Two months may pass for the reader while in story a few hours or minutes pass.
I'm of the theory that Osborn has been set up by Emma and Scott. I noticed that on the cover Emma looks like a puppeteer as Osborn's groups fight each other and Norman looks like he's caught her. I say that, because I don't see why Osborn would want Emma to get these two teams to fight. Not when he's always struggling to keep the Dark Avengers from going too far.

Posted by BKole

I think it's strange nobodies thought they're doing a reset on Beast?

I mean, Fur falling off, and fingernails coming off, Dew claw detatching. I reckon they're going to be taking him back to Blue fur but humanoid looking. And is the omega Machine the thing that feeds Michael Pointers powers? Hrm. HRRRMMM.

Posted by Captain13

Cyke used a jetpack when he worked for weapon x in the ultimate universe.Flying cyclops?  I think that makes him more of a badass.

Posted by DMC

To me, this issue is a 3 (3.5) out of 5. This chapter does it's job of moving the plot along but there wasn't anything spectacular going on here. Not that there should have been, we're still in the "calm" before the storm.

The fight between the DA and the DX-Men is rather empty. Why would both teams go into an all out brawl just because the babies (Daken/Bullseye) are fighting?

In this scene Fractions portrayl of , Moonstone, Ares (maybe) and Namor (definately) was off, you would think this kind of meaningless bickering is below characters like them. Maybe Ares would fight, but didn't he give a speach about acting like warriors a few issues ago? Sure Ares would be upset for not getting some action but I would think he could see the DX-Men as fellow warriors, they do work for Osborn, sort of. And as the God of War I would think Ares could see Osborns decision to put him on the sidelines as "war strategy" of sorts. The DX-Man are just executing non-lethal ground controll, he's not missing much. He'll get his chance when the X-Men show up.

Now that I think about it..........its too bad Fraction didn't make Normie use H.A.M.M.E.R agents only in the first Utopia chapter and save the DA when the X-Men stop playing by Osborns rules and go on the offensive, They wouldn't see it comming. (oh well)

Posted by G-Man
@Tyler Starke said:
" NO BANJO?!!! for the bullseye speak?! "
There actually is!  Go to 2:31, right before he starts speaking and you can hear it (and again at the CV logo right before the geese come).  Then it breaks into the hoedown music (which I was actually humming around the office for the next hour after editing this.  I figured I'd slightly change Bullseye music so it wasn't just the same old banjo music.  I think I have like three different ones.  At least now I know this one might not be the best.
Edited by Tyler Starke
@G-Man: Ahh I noticed it the second time around, lol it works,but the banjo track you used before cracks me up though, haha I also enjoy the norman osborn accent " Shuut up"
Posted by G-Man
@Kain said:
" I love how you skip one of the best parts of the book with skipping Norman and Cyclops' conversation in your review but give detail on Dark Beast's and Norman's pointless conversation. riiiight. "
Since it's a REVIEW, I don't want to give away everything in the comic.  Otherwise, what would be the point in buying the comic.
Posted by damswedon

the Utopia storyline has been boring since the start. Here's to hoping we get the death of at least cyclops out of this.

Posted by Korg
@damswedon said:
"Here's to hoping we get the death of at least cyclops out of this. "
That won't happen, so don't get your hopes up.
Posted by Defiant

i want to see the fight with both teams

Posted by xerox_kitty

It isn't sweat on Norman's forehead... he's wiping off the spit from Dark Beast's 'say it don't spray it' ranting ;)

Personally, this was a better chapter than the first two.  This just confirmed my suspicions about de-fluffing Beast.  The stuff playing out with Emma & Charles was interesting, but as I've said before it isn't original.  It's been done in Batman: The Brave & The Bold fer crying out loud!  I also didn't see any reason for Cloak, Dagger or Mimic to run headlong into a pointless fight with the Dark Avengers.  

'Take me to your leader' 'I come in peace' and 'shut up'.  Fraction is really earning his pay there :p
Posted by GERALD

I do not think the Dark Reign is going to end very prettily.

Gerald is worried.