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Dance Your Cares Away, Archaia Adapts Henson Properties

These Henson characters are too good to just leave untouched.




There some great news for fans of Jim Henson and Archaia Comics.  A partnership has been formed to bring several of the Jim Henson Company's products to comic book and graphic novel form.

What can we expect?  The multi-year partnership will include adaptions of Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Mirrormask, The Storyteller and other titles. 

Can I just say how incredibly awesome this is?  I'll admit I'm acatually a late-comer in the world of Fraggle Rock but have recently appreciated how great it is as my daughter and I have been watching the DVD releases of the series.  Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal are simply classic movies.  Neil Gaiman 's Mirrormask was a trippy adventure as well.



Not only does this deal allow Archaia to adapt these existing properties, they also will be creating brand new stories based on them.

“Some of the best storytellers in the world are flocking to comic books and graphic novels, making them the foremost platform for innovative and imaginative storytelling,” said Joe LeFavi, Director of Publishing and Development at The Jim Henson Company and who will serve as story editor on all the books. “Archaia has always epitomized artistic integrity, and their passion and support for our brands ensure that fans will receive the very best from the properties they know and love as well as from the new stories we will tell.”


More information will be announced at this year's San Diego Comic Con as representatives from both Archaia and Henson will reveal creatvie teams and a release schedule.  The first title is tentatively scheduled for a winter 2009 release.


UPDATE:   It seems that Fraggle Rock will be the first title released!

Posted by Vortex13

This... is very good news for me :)

Posted by inferiorego

Storytellers was the best show ever

Posted by LastSon1027

FRAGGLE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOOOO. The dog was the best part.

Posted by Decept-O

Wow, that is really cool.  Fraggle Rock for the kids, and then Labyrinth and Dark Crystal for teens and adults, and of course Mirrormask.  Never did see Storytellers, but hope this does well for Archaia Comics.

Posted by G-Man

There has been talk of a Fraggle Rock movie as well lately.  I wonder how old Sprocket is doing.  Last I heard, the Fraggles actually venture out into "outer space" (in other words, the real world).  Make it so already!

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I really enjoyed Mirrormask

Posted by ARMIV

Mirrormask was so awesome...I'd love to see how it's adapted.

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds interesting

Posted by xerox_kitty

I heard rumours about this... can't say I ever thought I'd want a Fraggle Comic, but it would go with my old Fraggle Rock lunchbox ;)  It seems strange to me to put puppets in comics, but I'll give it a shot :)

Posted by LordAndrew

You know what? I never actually watched Fraggle Rock as a kid. I had poor taste, I guess. :D I have actually been watching it recently though.Good stuff. :)

Posted by TheDrifter

Does this include Muppets?