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Dale Keown Returns To The Darkness!!

Oh my goodness!  The first issue isn't even out yet (next Wednesday!!) and already things are getting better.  Who doesn't like Dale Keown?  So here we have Phil Hester writing with upcoming superstar Michael Broussard and now we get some Dale Keown thrown in.  My oh my.

Dale Keown (The Incredible Hulk, The Darkness/Pitt) returns to the series he helped define, albeit briefly, with The Darkness #3 in February. The superstar artist will pencil a special flashback sequence in the upcoming issue scheduled for release in February 2008.

The Darkness #3 is a turning point in the new The Darkness series, both from the standpoint of the action jumping to new heights and with the origin of Jackie Estacado's relationship with the mysterious Professor Kitchner. The latter is where Keown comes in, spelling series artist Michael Broussard's (Unholy Union) present-day action when the series steps back in time to New York. Series author Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Superman Confidential) pens the entire tale.

"It's a rare treat to have someone as talented as Dale step in and provide a specially produced flashback for The Darkness. It makes perfect sense to have a flashback to Dale's run on the book illustrated by Dale himself. As a fan, I'm thrilled," said Phil Hester.

The Darkness #3 will feature two covers by Keown and Stjepan Sejic (First Born, Witchblade) and each carry a SRP of $2.99. Additional information regarding The Darkness can be found at as well as

Nice butt shot Mr. Keown.


And don't forget I've interviewed both Hester and Broussard.  Read them if you haven't already:

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