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Daily Dose: Those are some killer babies!

Batman #693, Uncanny X-Men First Class #5, X-Babies #2 of 4, Black Panther #10 Reviewed!

Four of this week's comics reviewed!

Batman #693  

Writing and pencils by: Tony Daniel
Art by: Sandu Florea
Batman is dealing with several adversaries in this issue, namely the ' Black Mask' and the recent resurgence of the Falcone family. While it is great to see the Falcone family used in comics once again, it will be hard to make a mob related story-line believable without being seemingly played out. Loeb did a great job bringing the "mob element" to the pages of Batman in ' The Long Halloween,' so let's see how Tony Daniel does. 
I am not a fan of Tony Daniel's interpretation of Damian Wayne, it could be however that I have just grown accustomed to Morrison's interpretation of the character in the ' Batman and Robin' books. There are some very good transitions between each scene, making the story's progression easy to read while still carrying a good level of momentum. A lot happens in this issue that clears up things that were previously up in the air. 
Overall, I felt the story progresses at a good pace. Daniel's second issue gave just enough to leave you wanting more. 
4 out of 5

Uncanny X-Men First Class #5: The Knights Of Hykon

Written by: Scott Gray
Art by: Nelson Decastro and Scott Koblish
First of all, it is really great to read a Marvel book that has absolutely no connection with the current Dark Reign story-line. Secondly, it is a lot of fun to see the old X-Men team ( Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Jean Grey, etc.) together again. We open up with Professor Xavier who, after having received a distress call from Starcore One, utilizes his psionic form to surreptitiously enter the space station. Upon arriving, he comes face to face with the Knights of Hykon, who have captured everyone on the space station and have proceeded to torture them, psychically. While some elements of this story did strike me as being a bit campy, it did bring back memories of when I would watch the animated X-Men cartoons from the 90's, which I absolutely loved. Overall, it looks to be a promising story! 
The scene where Storm is flying over Manhattan with Jean Grey and she indicates that she could sense a disturbance in the Earth's atmosphere is, I feel, a great depiction of her overall power. Storm is one character whose power seems to fluctuate depending on who is writing her, but this issue seems to present her (as well as Jean) as two powerful female forces (no pun intended, Stephanie Meyer).
The interior art is consistent overall, some panels did seem rushed, but the writing flowed relatively well and was very clear. I felt that Gray managed to capture the individual personalities of the team's character's pretty well. 
                                                      3 out of 5

X-Babies: Stars Reborn #2 of 4

Written by: Greg Schigiel
Art by: Jacob Chabot
Cover by: Skottie Young
This book opens up to a fantastic conversation/monologue featuring baby Wolverine and baby Cyclops who sum up the previous issue. There is a really great interaction between these two characters, which I felt was a tip of the hat to their timeless rivalry. Schigiel manages to simplify the characters' personality traits, while maintaining their individual identities and character attributes that make them so iconic. Overall it is a really sweet story, and a lot of fun to read. The art work in this book compliments the writing perfectly. 
5 out of 5 


Black Panther #10: Prelude To Doom War

Written by: Jonathan Maberry
Art by: Will Conrad
There are some really powerful images in this, particularly in the beginning of the book. The image of Shuri lifting up Ohyaku in a stance of victory is really powerful, and a great depiction of her personal triumph which I thought was a great image. Shuri is written to be really sassy, which is fun and you get the impression that Doctor Doom does not take her very seriously. We begin to see the influence that Doom has over Wakanda, and through Maberry's tie in of events that transpired in the first few issues of Black Panther (see Reginald Hudlin's issues 1-4 of Black Panther). Maberry does a good job of depicting a balance between the political responsibility of Black Panther and the mantle of being a superhero by developing these really elaborate fight sequences and intertwining the effects of political extremists into the plot. 
While the story-line seems to be really exciting, there is something about the writing that fails to leave me at the edge of my seat.
3.5 out of 5
Posted by Dr. Detfink

IF Daniel is indeed bringing back the Reaper, that would be pretty cool. I still own the graphic novel. Batman and Robin are going in interesting places, Batman title itself is still kind of laying out the trackwork after that brief run by Judd.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

You know, there is just something about this site that really works superbly for reviews. If you are reading a review and you just happen not to know who someone is. You have the profile linked and you can find out. It's very new reader friendly.
Speaking to how Storm's powers are often used. One could almost say it's temperate to gale force depending on the writer. It's one thing to have nostalgia for a story, but is it really all that enjoyable of a story if there is no progression or growth? Otherwise what you get is a circular soap opera. The thing I enjoy about manga stories is that they progress forward and eventually end. Comics have to keep going and going. It feels better to make a new series that plays to what the past had without destroying any character development the original series creates. Too bad Marvel didn't learn that lesson until after OMD.
I was wondering about what T'Challa might be up to once he was able to move on his own. It may have been Namor that gave the warning, but wasn't it Doom's Doombots that carried out the attacks? I don't really know the particulars of that story.
This was a nice change of pace. You filled out a lot of good information for reviewing four comics at once. Well done, and thanks for the reviews.

Posted by Sunrise

Great reviews, I also enjoy the X-Babies series a lot. The art and writing make for excellent entertainment! 
Posted by waruikumo

I am generally not a fan of Daniel's writing. Art's solid, but his characterizations are way off (@ least from a current DC perspective Tim (drake) Wayne in battle of the cowl being a a brat, and his Damian Wayne is dog $%!# also).  I am surprised the editors are letting this slip, DC is usually on point like icicles (thanks method man) with that kinda stuff. Thinking that the next issue of "Batman" I cop will be when Winick comes back, who's run was very enjoyable, if just sorta the white filling to Morrison's Oreo cookies. 
Black Panther I have been liking, but Hudlin was just GOD on that book. We'll see what happens with Siege, ETC. It is cool to see T'challa developing Mystically originated powers. I will say for as smart as Shuri and her crew are, they have not been able to see what's coming, (which is really obvious they are being played).  So its kinda like ehhhh, it just seems sorta unbelievable how its working that they wouldn't be thinking Norman, instead of Namor, or AIM, or like the laundry list of people/groups they tracked before Namor.  That said NAMOR is the #^$&, and seems to be Marvel's DH at present, Helps the X-men get by in Utopia, I am imagining that he may help Shuri @ some point, or at least not like dismember her.

Posted by Media_Master

So X-Babies and Batman are the picks of the week!!