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Cup of Joe Panel live at Comic-Con

Joe Quesada's panel along with some friends

Along with Joe were C.B. Celbulski, Jim McCann, Reginal Hudlin, Orson Scott Card, Eric Shanower, and (arriving late) Jeph Loeb.

Some just announced Exclusive artists: Danny Miki, Khoi Pham and Paolo Rivera (renewed his exclusivity).

2009 marks Marvels' 70th Anniversary.  There will be a celebration throughout the year.

Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game is coming out.  He has been waiting for a movie to come out and this is almost better for him.  Card said that at first Chris Yost was too respectful when writing the script.  It was just too similar to the book.  He said why bother reading the comic when you could just read the book.  Card didn't want any narration.  Chris went back and delivered a smashing version after that.  Pasquel Ferry's great love for the property also shows in his designs.  Card also mentioned his new Enders book coming out in November that take place between chapters 14 and 15.

More Dark Tower will be coming.  Things are in the works.

There will be more Red Hulk.  After the first arc finishes we will see Red Hulk vs Thor and a rematch of Red Hulk vs Green Hulk.  The book will be split into two (like the Tales of Suspense with Captain America and Iron Man).  The art will be handled by Frank Cho and Art Adams.  Half the book will be with Green Hulk and the other with Red Hulk.  Red Hulk will be around for a while.  Ed McGuinness will be back too.  Loeb wanted to point out that starting with issue #4, his daughter is writing the Little Hulk one-pagers.

Coming in February
A clip was shown for the upcoming Black Panther cartoon on BET.  The clip shown quite a bit of violence.  Lots of blood and impalements.  We saw Black Panther fighting the original version of Captain America.  Denys Cowan chose to go with John Romita Jr's version.  The animation is done so that the comic panels appear to come to life.  At first it seemed a little stiff (like those old 60s Marvel cartoons) but it ends up looking pretty cool.  Later on Reggie mentioned that even he doesn't know the identity of Ultimate Black Panther when Loeb was talking about Ultimates.

It was asked why Illyana was coming back.  C.B. mentioned how Craig Kyle and Chris Yost did such a great job with her return.  Now he wants to try to bring her soul back so that she can be brought back to the Marvel Universe.

"We're off to see the Wizard..."
In December, Eric Shanower will be writing a comic adaption of Wizard Of Oz with art by Skottie Young.  He says the art is full of life.  It's not derivative of anything seen before.  There's lots of new character designs.  It will be eight issues.

Quesada again confirmed that Speedball will be back.

GeNext will be back.  A sequel has been approved.

Talk came to Peter and Mary Jane.  Joe said nothing says they can't get back together.  They could date.  There just won't be a marriage anytime soon.

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