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Criminal: The Sinners #1 (By Brubaker & Phillips) Reviewed

G-Man looks at the first issue of the new story arc in the Criminal series.

Have you read any of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' Criminal books?  With The Sinners, we have a new arc featuring, returning character, Tracy Lawless.  If you haven't read any of these books, put down your superhero book and give this a try.

This is number one in a new arc.  You don't have to be familiar with the past stories or characters to pick this up.  This is a book that has a more mature nature to it.  It's gritty and has its share of violence but it's not gratuitous.  Ed Brubaker takes time to develop his characters and brings them to life.  Often you'll see past characters in the background or in passing.  Where this becomes different than the 'average' comic is you never know what's going to happen to the characters.
Sean Phillips art is fitting for this seedy world.  Throw in the colors by Val Staples and it's like a cherry on top of a sundae...a sundae filled with guns, blood, death, hitman and hookers.
If you're looking for a comic that feels like an HBO series, give this issue a shot...get it? 
Posted by Media_Master

Ed Brubaker is great in Daredevil, Captain America Reborn, so checking this out is a no brainer!

Posted by _brandon

I also love the essays in the back of each issue. But this one is even better in the extras department with the inteview with Darwyn Cooke. You really get your money's worth with these comics.

Posted by G-Man

I don't understand why there's not more talk about this series.  Shame on you guys!

@G-Man said:
" I don't understand why there's not more talk about this series.  Shame on you guys! "
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

I'm still wavering between getting this in issue form or as a trade paperback...decisions, decisions...

Posted by jamesewelch

I asked my local comics book shop owner for indy recommendations and although ICON isn't an indy, he told me I should check out the Criminals: Sinner and Incognito TPB. I picked up #1 and #2 (and this last Wednesday picked up #3). I've read through #1 and #2 and really enjoyed the comic. I agree with the above guy saying that you do really get your money's worth with this comic. For $3.50, it feels like you've read have a novel when you're done with an issue. There's a lot of story and not a lot of splash pages.
It's definitely something everyone should check out, if they are looking for some non-cape action.
I read that there's only going to be like 7 issues in The Sinners volume, so you could also probably wait for it to come out in TPB format next year.