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Crazy Caption Contest: 1/25/10-1/31/10

Do you have what it takes to make us laugh?

It's been a while since we've had one of these.  Here's your chance to show us how funny/creative you can be.  Come up with a hilarious caption that will make us laugh and win.  We'll send you 20 comics including a signed comic by James Robinson.   
The contest runs from now until Sunday, January 31, 2010, midnight PT.  Good luck. 

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Posted by jloneblackheart

Behold the Silver Age totem pole and all it's glory!

Edited by EdwardWindsor

 No no no this just wont do where are the merekats 
and now on to the second act we have a elephant using a puffin to play a banjo

Posted by Tom_1994

So thats what a kryptonian pet-store is like.

Posted by cold_fuzion

If you think that's cool, watch me hold up this huge thought balloon.

Posted by GreenGriffin

"and for my next trick, it is one you could only see in Tijuana. Until now!"
Posted by Barbie

"Finally I've done something that Superman hasn't done first!!!"

Posted by Ms. Omega

As you can see if my calculations are correct the Horse is now the top of the food chain

Edited by burr787

Alright, Didio said that I can only keep one. Let's see.....Streaky puked in my shoes last night, Beppo's been throwing his crap at me, and I don't even want to THINK about the real reason Comet's been dying for me to ride him.........

Posted by hpwaz

Edited by CaptObtuse

"Hmmm...I totally did not know Comet was a stallion until just now.  I may have to rethink this trick."
"Eat your heart out, Letterman!"

Posted by sora_thekey
@GreenGriffin said:
""and for my next trick, it is one you could only see in Tijuana. Until now!" "

As a guy who lives in Tijuana, I have to say... True!  

Posted by inferiorego

I know I'm technically not allowed to do this... I thought of a REALLY good one.

Posted by Vortex13
@inferiorego said:
" I know I'm technically not allowed to do this... I thought of a REALLY good one.

I actually laughed a lot at that, I'm asuming you're referring to the most variable joke.
Posted by Darth Malek

Sigh... and this is only the second strangest thing ive seen today....

Posted by inferiorego
@Vortex13: yes. As soon as I saw that, I could only think of Gilbert Godfried's version of that joke from the Documentary: The Aristocrats
Posted by Bearded Justice

"While the anatomy of Darkseid is interesting, Superman, allow me to show President Reagan something he'll really enjoy!"
Posted by Vortex13
@inferiorego: LMAO I loved that one. I actually told it to a friend once, my version involved self mutilation, incest, suicide, vomit and blood used sexually and for a finisher necrophilia lol.
Posted by cmaprice
 Comet the superhorse didn't need to be powered by Earth's yellow sun.
Posted by Kiwi-kid

You won't meet the Pet Avengers if you aren't better !!!

Posted by monamos

"Now guess where we hid Nibbles the Super Gerbil..."

Posted by CrowRider
Oh come on Superhorse! Being in this comic is not THAT bad!
Edited by Biondello

Pervert horse,  Your doing it wrong

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Edited by MICROMAN

Can Marvel's The Heroic Age Stop DC's The Circus Age???
Posted by brythorion12

"DO this. and i might feed you tonight"

Posted by Kiwi-kid

 O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Posted by jedd

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born    
Posted by dc-kid21


Posted by The Crimson Nutcase

"This site has me so absent minded that im holding my own thoughts box..." 
Thats the best i got...

Posted by the guv'nor

They think thats impressive ,well check out me balancing this cloud on my head !

Posted by ARMIV

Posted by johnny_spam

"Let the celebration continue the tests came back negative!"

Posted by zombietag

"yeah, mr. reagan. this is what we do when we don't have to save the world."

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

"Ladies and Gentelmen, Behold the sheer strength of the super pets.  And even though they all have the gift of flight I assure you that this is infact a feat of balance and strength and not closely cheoreographed hovering... "

Posted by vincethekid
Posted by camodude

 i pardon myself for offending PETA
Posted by Somethingsaurus
Posted by ecm1285

"You Just Lost The Game"

Posted by shugtastic

"Jump, Comet!  I'll CATCH you!!!"
Edited by astonishing_arome

 Let the bestiality begins.
Posted by InnerVenom123

"Oh crap I forgot my camera!"
Posted by Altar

jus wait till the deadpool variant comes out.

Posted by ComicCrazy


"Just wait till you see them jump through the flaming hoop".
Posted by emerald_lamp_2814

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"I would show you what we originally came up with but this is a family show"

Posted by Sierra Comics Captain
Posted by Hawk

 I told you Mister Mcmahon "DX has nothing on The Super Group!"
Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd
Behold!!! ....The reason comic fans will have to maim, belittle & ridicule my character for YEARS-no-CENTURIES to come...&Kal.. You & Mr Plastino can just WIPE those patronising smirks off your faces......... challengin "women in refrigerators" stereotypes my ASS!!!
Took me all of two minutes but thats the best/shortest/under R - Rated version I could come up with.. so.. wha do I win? :D
Edited by Bergquist

super girl= oh okay...this will be the order i take you behide the barn, and take you out old yeller style top to bottom. no body will know ha ha i just hope thay don't get there own cartoon the reader will wonder why thay were write out beside the fact  that we had a F***ing super monkey throwing his own crap everone he saved

Posted by Paragon
@inferiorego said:
" I know I'm technically not allowed to do this... I thought of a REALLY good one.