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Could these Actors Be Ant-Man and Wasp in the Avengers?

Nathan Fillion and Eva Longoria?

 Would you believe they've already acted together?

The rumors regarding the casting of these particular AVENGERS characters have been gaining some weight lately. Latino Review’s reporting (by way of Comic Book Movie) that Nathan Fillion and Eva Longoria might, indeed, be playing Ant-Man and the Wasp for the cinematic debut of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This seems like just the kind of project that’s be up Fillion’s alley and the sighting of Longoria leaving Marvel Studios with a stack of AVENGERS comics is quite a strong hint. Either way, I can certainly see both of them in these roles and I expect we’re going to hear some sort of official statement at Comic Con next month.

Jeremy Renner’s the only actor confirmed to be playing a second-string Avenger so far. He’ll be playing Hawkeye, in case you forgot. Kevin Pennington’s going to be in it, but there’s still no confirmation about whether he’ll be Rick Jones, Captain Marvel (the Noh-Varr one) or some other character. I don’t believe Joss Whedon’s been confirmed as the director, yet, either. == TEASER ==

The elephant in the room regarding Ant-Man and Wasp’s inclusion is, of course, whether the movies are going to broach the whole split-personality/spousal abuse plot that’s been a part of the character’s relationship. Even though that was included in ULTIMATES and I’m sure that comic's going to inform this movie’s plot, I really doubt they’re going to touch upon it at all. If Tony Stark’s alcoholism was deemed too dark to tackle in IRON MAN 2, then this would definitely be too dark to touch on in an AVENGERS movie. There’s also a question of whether they’ll be in their superheroic guises for this, or if they’ll just be SHIELD researchers who get set-up for some escapades in the sequels.

What do you Comic Vine maniacs think, though? Do Fillion and Longoria fit the bill? Or do you have some names you'd prefer to see shrinking through the power of Pym Particles on screen?

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Posted by EnSabahNurX

Eva reminds me of a pixie so i guess she could pull it off O_O
And I think nathan is a good actor so lets see what happens

Posted by cmaprice

Fillion could work. We know he can do some drama as well as comedy.
Longoria's worthless on screen, but still not quite the worst case scenerio.

Posted by Green ankh

I don't this is a good choice.  I like Fillion alot and would love to see him pull a hero. But As Hank, i don't see it. And i really don't think Longoria can act her way out of a paper bag.
Posted by sora_thekey

Wasn't Eva Longoria thought to be playing Wasp a looong time ago, when she was seen coming out of the Comic Book Store with a bunch of Avengers comics?
Anyways I seriously wish this wasn't a rumor and it would just be a confirmation... cause I'm getting tired of so many guessing games...

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He could pull off a decent Pym. Her though, not so sure (even as wasp :P )

Posted by Thunderscream

Fillion has a nice meaty booty, put that sucker in some tights already!


if it true, l would love to see it, l like Nathan Fillion since 'Serenity' and c'mon to see Eva Longoria in Wasp costume.............oh yeah 
Posted by longas91

i love it! Eva is hot and I think she can pull it off! and well, Fillion would be a good choice too!

Posted by Chaos Burn

Eva = i would

Posted by Pez85

Eva would look amazing in a skin-tight Wasp costume. Other than RDJ (and possibly Norton), she'd bring a certain "experience" to the film. I don't think she'd be the best choice, but I wouldn't knock it if she got the part.

Posted by Riezner

I vote a very surprised yes for both!

Posted by ComicMan24

Filion is a nice choice, I'm not sure about Longoria.
Posted by jezebel

Fillion, 100% yes, but I'm not sure about Longoria.  She could be feisty like Wasp is, but I wish they would go in another direction, I feel Longoria is a little old for the character since I imagine Jan to be in her late 20's early 30's not her 40's.    On another note,  why is it that casting for comic movies always have great male leads but lacking female leads?  Examples, RDJ awesome as Iron Man,  scarlett johansson as Black Widow, lackluster; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian good, Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre II bad.  Can't casting directors find good female actresses?  

Posted by Solitaire

Nathan Fillion, I think, could do Giant/Ant man without too much trouble. He was great in Firefly and Serenity. My only concern would be that Eva Longoria would muddle up the movie with a Desperate Housewives vibe. I've never really seen her in anything else, but I think she deserves a chance.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

The only issue I have with Eva is...well...she is a terrible actress... that's about it... 
As for Nathan Fillion, I would say he fits perfectly. I like him, and as Pym I think he's a good choice. And I don't even know who Kevin Pennington is...and the Holy Google Machine is not helping either...but I kinda hope for Noh-Varr only cause he is an awesome dude. But on the other hand, it feels a bit soon to put him in a

Posted by Decept-O

While this could be great, I think the source of this simply found out about these two having previously acted together, found some pictures, and then started the rumor.   
Yes I'm being cynical.  However, it could be great if true.  IF.
Posted by TheMess1428

Fillion kinda reminds me of Pym just by looking at him. Someone show me a picture of Eva Longoria with a stack of comic books. I'll believe it when I see it.

Posted by goldenkey

Wasn't it about a year ago there was a rumor about Eva playing wasp.  Seeing walk out of some studio with some Avaenger comics.
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

I think Olivia Munn was also rumored to play Wasp at some point...before they changed it to Scarlet Witch...before they changed that to Spider-Woman...and so on..

Posted by hdorman1
@Chaos Burn said:
" Eva = i would "
who wouldnt?
Posted by Jake Fury

I think Nathan could play Pym. Not sure about Longoria as Jan though. 
How about Alyssa Milano as Jan?
Posted by whirlwind6

I don't know much about these actors, but Hank is blonde and that lady looks just a little to exotic to play Janet Van Dyne...
Posted by longas91
@whirlwind6: by "exotic" do you mean not-white?? uhm, and i dont think the actors need to be exactly the way the comics portray them, I mean, so what that Hank isn't going to be blond, and i mean, i find it awesome that they are considering everybody equally for the roles, otherwise, it would be a really "white" movie, haha. i like the diversity, and im all for The Wasp being a luscious Latina!
Edited by Mr. Kamikaze
@whirlwind6:  Exotic, but she is also very fashionable. That makes her good for Jan, theoretically...but she would need to know how to act. And anything she does off of Desperate Housewives (ie The Sentinel and Over Her Dead Body) just doesn't do well at all...but of course that can also be attributed to the less than spectacular cast on either film, where as on the Avengers she would have Robert Downey Jr, Sam Jackson, and Don Cheadle...and unfortunately Scarlet Johanson, who...good actress, terrible Widow. 
I would give her a shot, at best Jan won't be a very spotlight character so even with her there she wouldn't be the focus of anything past Pym's strengthening of his pimp hand, so to speak. So...yeah...I forgot my point -.-
Posted by SupremoMaximo

She's got the looks and diva fashion girl attitude to be Janet, but as a SHIELD scientist?? 
Maybe she can get scientist research from Denise Richards.

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Posted by Shadowdoggy

I would be okay with this !
Posted by PatriceHarvey

Nathan... hooooo yheaaaaaaa

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

They need to put Rick Jones in there.  It would be so much fun to have Rick hanging out in the Avenger Mansion, and scwabling with Jarvis (Tony's computer butler program).
To see this young man talking and sometimes arguing, and bantering, with a computer programmed voice would be fun.
They could make Rick the SHIELD agent in charge of watching or working with the Avengers once they are formed.

Posted by MrMazz

 Nathan Fillion yes he works as Hank Pym   
Eva no no no no no no no no no no 

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

JANET VAN DYKE = LUCY LIU (Ultimate #1 joke :P)

Posted by PatriceHarvey
@elfabulosomicho said:
" PERFECT!!! Sign these two and give em contracts for 8 movies!!! "
8 movies on a caracter who everybody hate.
Posted by Comiclove5
@cmaprice said:
"Fillion could work. We know he can do some drama as well as comedy.  Longoria's worthless on screen, but still not quite the worst case scenerio. "
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Nathan= Yes 
Eva = meh

Posted by ComicCrazy

Yeah looks great!! I'd love to see these two as ant-man and wasp.
Posted by Meteorite

Why does everyone always mention Pym beating Jan? He did it once, during a time of mental stress, and has regretted it ever since.

Posted by DH69

fillion is fine but longoria can go bite a bullet

Posted by growup


Posted by Bats

Nathan Fillion playing ANYONE in the Avengers flick will be cool.
Hell, even if it's Jarvis.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Fillion would take her head off if he slapped Eva , iam guessing they arent gonna include that bit thou lol

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Fillion would make a perfect Pym. I don't mind if Longoria is the Wasp, because I'll be blind with happiness that my favourite Avenger actually made it into the movie. (My fave being Pym, of course).
I will, however, be inconsolably mad if they put in the abuse story.

Posted by mimschkin

All the cool girls at my school used to love Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives, so it would probably attract a decent audience.
Plus yay at a mini-Firefly reunion (possibly, hopefully).
So I think it's great.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
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um, look, Nathan Fillion is great & all...  this isn't lost on me...  i'm a fan, for sure... But, can someone PLEASE tell me why he'd make a great Hank Pym???  He looks NOTHING like him!  & he's too kool to play Pym...  Why are u people allowing your love for Firefly (i love it too, believe me) confuse you into believing Fillion is an ideal Pym???  sigh...
& what's so wrong with Longoria???  This Avengers flick needs a Latino/a character...  Janet Van Dyke is dead & no one cares...  She NEVER even had so much as a mini-series...  she's the PERFECT character to spruce up & add a little flavor to!  Shes a fashionable knockout, so is Longoria (with her make-up on at least!)...  Sounds like a good choice to me...  Fillion as Pym, meh... 

Posted by scorpius72

oh great Eva can bring her unique brand of playing the same 'snobby but likeable diva' role in everything she does. boring!!! 
not that it would happen but ,Marion Cotillard looks the part and is a great actress. she can bring more to the role then shouting "Carlos!"  
Nathan is a fine actor, but when he talks i think Vigilante. i know, NERD!

Posted by Cherry Bomb

No! I do like Eva, she's incredibly beautiful. 
But I don't think she's right for the role of Wasp. :/

Posted by BKole

This is the best thing my man parts have hard in nearly forty hours. 
Today has been a success.

Posted by Fresh0133
Have you read the recent Pym writing Dan Slott did in Mighty Avengers?  Pym was portrayed as a brilliant but conceded jackass and he's been written as such ever since, which is the type of role that is right up Fillion's alley. 
I'm all for Fillion playing the Scientist Supreme. 
Longoria, not a bad choice I suppose, if they're going more Ultimate Wasp than 616 she's a pretty solid fit.