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Could Simon Pegg be in 'Ant-Man?'


Once it was announced Edgar Wright is directing Ant-Man, casting speculation immediately followed and, because they're apparently good friends, a lot of people started throwing Simon Pegg's name around (if you haven't watched Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, go do that now. Actually, read this first, then go.). Since then, there's been plenty of baseless speculation and, at one point, the director even stated on Twitter he has no idea who'll star in the film. However, today Pegg tweeted three images from his trip to Marvel and the third picture is definitely worthy of raising an eyebrow or two.

Pegg also took pictures with a giant Hulk and another where he was holding Mjolnir (I knew he was worthy!). So, is this their fun way of tipping us off that he is indeed involved in the project or are we all just looking way too much into this? Or, could this just be his way of showing support for his friend's Marvel film? We obviously won't know until they drop something official, but in the meantime, we thought it was worth sharing because we're curious to see if you'd want Pegg as Hank Pym or Scott Lang. Speak your mind below, Viners.

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I love Pegg (and Edger Wright for that matter) but I wonder if he can pull of an American accent because he sure as hell cant pull off a Scottish one.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Yes Please

Posted by stevencarver_

I definitely think people are reading too much into this.

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I think he would be really good I hope whoever they cast as Wasp is white I don't want a Nick Fury jr Thing to happen to the Wasp.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
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As long as Benedict Cumberbatch can play Ultron's voice.

I don't care who plays Hank Pym.

Orgasm through words...

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I'd love to see him play Hank Pym.

...and I hope he doesn't mask his accent. Let Pym be from the UK. It's cool.

Posted by thenexusrebound

@jonny_anonymous: If you see a trailer for Mob City he does a pretty good American accent. Sure it is a short little blip of dialogue, but it caught me off guard. It would be cool to see Pegg as Ant-Man.

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I can see him doing Lang more than I can see him doing Pym, but I wouldn't put either one past him.

But he'd make me way more interested in seeing a movie about Lang (who can be a bit dull), if that's who he's playing; more than a lot of actors would.

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i think he may be better in the supporting cast

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god no

Posted by Trevel8182

@jonny_anonymous: Yeah and if she is Asian in the movies Janet will find out in Marvel 616 that she had a daughter she never knew about and at the end of the story Jan will retire and this daughter who's first name will also be Janet will take her mother's place as the Wasp just like what happened to White Nick Fury.

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Remember when Von Disel took a picture next to an Avengers comic.

Posted by BR_Havoc

If he was cast as Ant-Man I would rather him be Scott Lang then Hank Pym.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I would have no problem with that. But as Hank Pym, not Scott Lang.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@m3th said:

Remember when Von Disel took a picture next to an Avengers comic.


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He would've portrayed excellently the "White-Man" in a Deadpool movie....

Posted by G-Man

Nah, he's gonna be the new Hulk.

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I love Pegg (and Edger Wright for that matter) but I wonder if he can pull of an American accent because he sure as hell cant pull off a Scottish one.

Posted by tquinn

oh my god he would make a great Scott Lang

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Posted by kriminal

I don't have high expectations for the movie anyway. I am on a wait and see approch

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Pegg is great but he doesn't fit Hank at all, that being said having him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the right character arose would be great.

Posted by ShadowX

I hope they go with the asian route with Wasp tbh. The mcu is too white at the moment( this isnt against white people its. Pro PoC)

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I'm not so sure. I like him, but I don't think he would be right for either Ant-Man.

Posted by CapFanboy

I'd quite like to see him as O'Grady. Later down the line. Mainly cause I haven't seen him play that kind of character yet, I think it would be fun. He's a talented actor for sure. My pick for Hank would be Eckhart or Fillion.

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I wouldn't hate it or love it, I'd rather see Hammer play ant man

Posted by MrMazz

That'd be super cool

Posted by AlKusanagi

Wright's Ant-Man is going to be Eric O'Grady. Believe!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I would love if he played Pym, or Lang. But its also possible he is just a HUGE comic fan and like all of us would take pictures like these to remember our fun trip to Marvel. But I just want Hank Pym to be cast so he can show up in the Avengers movie already and be part of the Ultron story since he did create him. I love how ever since Wright was signed on to Ant Man Pegg has been rumored to play Ant Man. This could be Pegg joking about that too.

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Hank pym was the wasp too

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Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26

Ironically, I want Hayden Christensen as Ant-Man.

Posted by Danial79

Based on that picture, he could also be playing Moon Knight's crotch or Black Widow's boobs.

Posted by silkyballfro94

Pegg for Ant-Man

Posted by nappystr8

Even though I should, I really don't have a problem with the idea of Simon Pegg as Hank Pym. Especially if they go the dumb route of having someone else in the Ant-Man suit (Lang or O'Grady). Even though everyone in superhero comics is ridiculously buff, their is nothing about the Ant-Man power set, or any of Pym's other personas, that require physical fitness. And he would make a perfect Egghead if they want to use him as the villain of the film.

Either way Pegg's got that scientist look to him, even a cameo as a random scientist would be cool.

Posted by War Killer

I can see him as Hank Pym.

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@shadowx: What's wrong all white characters, shouldn't the focus be on their depth not skin?

Posted by Night Thrasher

@g_man said:

Nah, he's gonna be the new Hulk.

Heard from a pretty credible source that's he's gonna play...

Luke Cage

Posted by Blue_Strike

Well I could see him play as a Antman.

Posted by k4tzm4n


Posted by Avengers_4everXX

I've convinced myself that Nathan Fillion would be the perfect Hank Pym to the point that I can't picture anyone else in the role

Posted by Mezmero

The biggest hurdle will be getting passed the accent. Otherwise I think Pegg could be an interesting Ant-Man. Pym is suppose to be one of the biggest screw ups in Marvel and I'm sure he can capture that aspect reasonably well.

Posted by Leatherwings2289

How about Simon Pegg as Eric O'Grady?

Posted by nappystr8

@ostyo said:

@shadowx: What's wrong all white characters, shouldn't the focus be on their depth not skin?

Have you ever seen a movie that was all black people (even Tyler Perry movies have at least a few white faces)? Have you ever seen an American film that had a 100% Asian cast? My guess is probably not. Having a series where all the characters are white is no different. It's not surprising that you don't see it as a problem, because Hollywood has historically and often continues to normalize this phenomenon as if there is nothing at all odd about all white stories and characters.

You are absolutely right that it should be about the depth of characters, but Janet's ethnicity is not in my opinion an integral part of what makes her the strong character that she is. Her race wouldn't even show up on my list of her most important qualities. @shadowxsaid themselves that their statement wasn't trying to deny or antagonize white people in anyway. It's just about being more inclusive.

I agree that having Wasp be Asian would be a nice way to diversify the Marvel cinematic universe and be a nice reference to The Ultimates, which has had a heavy hand in at least the roster and visuals of the Avengers film franchise. That being said, Janet was originally white, and I primarily know her as a white character, so I wouldn't be upset if they cast a white woman. But an Asian would be a nice surprise.

Speaking of an Asian Wasp: I heard somebody on the internet bring up Olivia Munn for the role a few years back before this movie was even fully a reality, and that seemed like a good choice to me. I know she gets a lot of hate in the nerd community but I think she has really proven her talents as asn actress on HBO's The Newsrooom.

Posted by Fenderxx

Huge fan, hope he is in the film !