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Abin Sur's comments open up the possibility.

 Remember this?

You might remember from a while back that Jango Fett… uh… I mean, Temuera Morrison will be playing Abin Sur in Martin Campbell’s GREEN LANTERN movie. There haven’t been further announcements about him, but Latino Review ran into him recently at Disney World’s recent EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 30th anniversary event. The tidbits he shared might seem simple, but if you read between the lines they could actually hint at a lot of major things.

Morrison said he’s done filming and that his appearance will be pretty much exactly like Sur’s is in the comics (or, more specifically, like the leaked concept art to the right.) So pink and bald. Amusingly, while his face will be covered with four or five hours worth of make-up, his actual costume will be digitally-created, just like Ryan Reynolds'.  

What’s really interesting, however, is that apparently Martin Campbell’s enjoyed working with Morrison so much (they worked on VERTICAL LIMIT prior to this), he'll be bringing the actor back for sequels. How’s that possible, if Abin Sur dies pretty early in GL’s origin?
 == TEASER ==
As Morrison breaks it down…

“They want me to come back in the sequel. They want to show you my backend story for the next movie. They want to show you how I become part of Green Lantern Corps.”

Now, that might sound simple, but I’m wondering if this might be a clue that the events of BLACKEST NIGHT are going to be covered for the sequels. See Morrison confesses that he isn’t too familiar with GL or his mythos. He actually thought he was being offered a role in the GREEN HORNET when he first got a call about this, so he's probably only caught part of this. Considering that the latest major Abin Sur flashback was in that SECRET ORIGIN storyline, which set the stage for RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS and subsequently, BLACKEST NIGHT, I have to think that this might relate to that. I mean, the last five years of GL storylines are probably going to serve as the basis for these movies. And, well, I think it'd be really cool to see an extended flashback of Sur visiting Qull of the Five Inversions... don't you agree?

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Posted by AtPhantom

Oh GOD, no. Blackest night needs to stay well away from GL movie.

Posted by sora_thekey

I don't think a Blackest Night movie version would work without the rest of the DCUnivese...
It's like trying to come up with a Civil War Movie without the Spider-Man and the FF under Marvel's wing!

Posted by Agent Buttons
@AtPhantom said:
" Oh GOD, no. Blackest night needs to stay well away from GL movie. "
Posted by Misk14

blackest night just happened maybe in green lantern 5 lol

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

When Blackest Night stuff was happening in the comics, I was thinking will characters like the Red Lanterns or Agent Orange ever be in the movies?  And I thought, nah its too soon.  But really, they are sort of part of continuity now, and I don't think they are short lived characters either. 
And the movies are happening now, so why not have some of the current storylines influence the movies?
I think though, them contracting Abin Surr to return for the sequels is like when they contracted Uncle Ben for the sequels.  He will most likely be in flashbacks or something.

Posted by Jordanstine
@sora_thekey said:
"I don't think a Blackest Night movie version would work without the rest of the DCUnivese... It's like trying to come up with a Civil War Movie without the Spider-Man and the FF under Marvel's wing! "

Exactly what I was thinking.
Posted by the_fallen11

The Rainbow Rodeo must Live!!!

Posted by dan1509

It just wouldnt be possible, it could be done but it'd just be like civilians coming back to life and itd reduce the impact a bit too much, I would like to see Atrocitus tho

Posted by goldenkey

Isn't the 2nd movie about sinestro being the villian?  Im sure Abin would be in the sequel thru flashbacks
Posted by PrinceIMC

I think #2 should have the Sinestro Corps and #3 should be the war of light with all the different corps. Blackest Night though won't really work in a movie unless they've introduced lots of other DC characters and have killed them.

Edited by lostlantern13

Sinestro Corps War needs to be "Green Lantern 2."  
Blackest Night? Ehhh, you could write a movie version that contains itself to the Lanterns, but I'm against it. A War of Light would work better....with Black Hand or some villain trying to take advantage of the war......but the Sinestro Corps War would make for a fantastic second film.  
Although, they would have to change the writing there since you won't have all this Parallax, Cyborg Superman, Superboy-Prime, Kyle stuff.....maybe it wouldn't work as well as I thought....

Posted by Grim

 not gonna happen. Hal's GL life was littered with other villains and heroes who knew his predecessor. I would assume it would have more to do with  Hal meeting other GL's on OA than the BN.

Posted by mattydeNero

That quote really doesn't mean BLACKEST NIGHT.  i would want to see PARALAX before they do BN.
Posted by Supreme Marvel

No. They'll need to do it right and not go for the finish line.
Do a Hal film, introduce Guy and John in the next one and then do a film on Kyle on the 4th one: Parallax sage one. And then the 5th one do the Sinestro Corps War. 6th film can be about the Blackest Night.

Posted by Tainted-Cell

Why does he look like Jackie Earle Haley?

Posted by InnerVenom123

Blackest Night in GL 2 and Secret Invasion in Avengers?

Posted by Mbecks14

TOO SOON!!! i loved Blackest Night but in the 2nd GL movie? NO
the second one would be the Sinestro Corps war if anything

Posted by mistrx75

Nah, I'm sure it'll just be backstory.  Maybe he and Sinestro will be buddies.

Posted by Moomin123


If Abin returns for a sequel, it better be a flashback or something. I don't think that the Blackest Night should be brought onto film, at least not yet.

I just want these films to have their own stories, or at least their own come up with their own ideas before taking comic ideas.

Posted by Bruce Vain

I'm more curious if they're gonna do the Parralax storyline with Hal killing all the Lanterns ?
Posted by lostlantern13
@Bruce Vain:
That would make a great storyline for the vein of "The Empire Strikes Back." However, I can't see Hollywood go crazy for the main hero going bad.....even if it does bring Kyle in and really play along those lines.
Posted by Red Rum

Perhaps they're really intending for Temeura to play Abin's son, Amon Sur, in the sequel.

Edited by Duo_forbidden

The Blackest Night event was cool, but I can't see it adapted into a movie. If anything, it might turn out to be a Dawn of the Dead type of movie, but instead of superheroes becoming Black Lanterns, it would just be civilians of both Earth and other alien races and instead of just ripping your heart out, they just bite you and you turn into one. Something very different from the comic event. Depending on how the first movie goes, I would be interested to see Sinestro Corps war despite haven't read it yet.

Posted by Zejeck

too early to make a movie about that- Im with Bruce Vain here- I'd rather see the Parralax storyline as well before they even think about the blackest night thing

Posted by Green Flash

Jim Henson puppeteers as Larfleeze ;)

Posted by reaper2923

I don't remember what I had for breakfast

Posted by iloverobots

They'd probably have to establish other DC characters on the silver screen before doing a blackest night movie. It wouldn't be nearly as fun with only the GL corps, you need to use the DCU characters and make it good. Hell, Blackest Night could pretty much be its own series of movies... 
DC needs to hop on the "let's put a couple of our popular characters together in movies" like Marvel is doing with the Avengers, that's where the money is, and it would be AWESOME. Hire actors for big roles from the DCU with a contract for a couple of films and start writing. 
DC probably doesn't have the budget Marvel has for movies (especially now) but if the DCU movies coming out work I don't see why they wouldn't do this. Superhero movies are huge if done correctly, they need to get on that ASAP!

Posted by Supreme Marvel
@Bruce Vain said:
" I'm more curious if they're gonna do the Parralax storyline with Hal killing all the Lanterns ? "
That's one of the stories I posted and would like to see. Then you can introduce Kyle.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

They are planning Green Lantern 2 when 1 did not even come out yet

Posted by ComicCrazy

I don't know about this I really don't want them to do blackest night in his movies.
Edited by supermanofste-el

How would a guy who probably has 15 minutes in the movie and isn't familiar with the Green Lantern mythos possibly know what's happening in a sequel. He doesn't even know everything that's happening in the first movie. He only gets the script for his part, not the other actor's scripts. And I highly doubt they've wrote a script for a sequel (if there is one) when the first movie isn't even finished.  There may be cryptic references to the Blackest Night, but no way Blackest Night is happening in the sequel. To much story to tell between the origin to Blackest Night. They have to introduce all the spectrums first.
Posted by growup

Personally I don't think that Blackest Night will ever make it to the silver screen, most moviegoers wouldn't have enough emotional investment in the characters to care about the fact they were rising from the dead because of evil black rings.

Posted by mr.wade
Posted by Dane

I think you're jumping to conclusions. 
He said he would be shown joining the Green Lantern Corps, i.e. in the past. I don't think that has anything to do with Blackest Night at all.

Posted by sixdecibels

Whoa, SIX GL movies? I highly doubt it'll get that far with one cast set.. Truly three movies are today's standards and it would be nice for them to shoot a full series of 4 or more films. 

I would *LOVE* to see changes to the GL mythos to provide new spins on current foundations.

I agree that Film #2 would best suit the introduction of the Sinestro (or Yellow Corps), but it would be great for it to also introduce other Corps groups and the other GL earthlings.

Would the fight between Sinestro and his corp lead to Hal Jordan becoming Parallax? That'd be wonderful to see. 
Why not have the introduction of Guy, Kyle and John in the same film with Guy becoming a Red Lantern after a gruesome battle? 
The possibilities are endless and really should NOT be bound to the source material. I want to see things that are new, although somewhat familiar.

Edited by supermanofste-el

Three 2 hr movies could easily introduce other spectrums, fear, love, rage, and avarice. Hope and compassion weren't necessary until the Blackest Night. I'd have Hal and Sinestro vs the Red Lanterns in the first movie. Then Sinestro goes bad and it's Green vs Yellow in the second movie, Carol becomes a Violet Lantern and they aid the Green. In the third movie they introduce the Orange Lanterns and eventually they (Green, Yellow, Red, Violet, and Orange) unite to battle the Anti-Monitor.  

Posted by DEGRAAF
@Misk14:  Totally agree
@Tom Pinchuk: absolutely not. Blackest night shouldnt come till the 5th movie at the earliest.  

The first one should be about Hal brecoming a GL and by the end of the first we should get hints of blackest night and aSinestro starting to go bad.  
In the sequal it should be Sinestro either finally going bad or is already bad and starting to build the Yellow Power battery as well as his army with the end of the movie being the Sinestro Corps War. (possibly Carol meeting a Star Saphire or being abducted by the Star Saphires; that could be a move all on its own but i wouldnt recommend it.) Also leave out Superboy prime!!! Possibly Hal becoming Parralax - if that doesnt become a movie of its own.
The Third movie should be the Separation of the guardians with Ganthet going to create the blue lanterns and the arrival of the Red Lanterns. Thru out the movie seeing glimpses of other lantern Corps appearing in the universe. 
The fourth movie should be the war of Lights, plain and simple. (easily showing the Sinestro vs Mongul battle)
The fifth should be Blackest Night 
The sixth could then be Brightest day and be whatever villain we are seeing now in the comics 
Now does that seem that bad or that hard
Posted by DarkSyde79

I hope not. Blackest Night needs to come later on in the Green Lantern movie mythos. Plus I’m still somewhat hopeful for it to be the story to bring together a DC Movie Universe. 

Posted by Spearman1337

As much as i would love a Blackest Night movie, they dont have the set up for it as they would be introducing all these new things which wouldnt be good for those not into comics.