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Could Aronofsky be Making a Preacher Movie?

It seems like a case of two inevitabilities...

 The real question is whether Jeff Goldblum would star in this.

WRESTLER-director Darren Aronofky’s being targeted to direct a movie version of PREACHER (according to Newsarama’s anonymous source) and, if that’s true, then this seems like a case of a couple of long-delayed inevitabilities intersecting.  

Darren Aronofsky’s been talking about doing a comic based for what seems like at least ten years, now. Just recently, his name’s floated up as a potential candidate to direct the new SUPERMAN, but before that, his name was attached to an adaptation of Frank Miller’s RONIN as well  as a version of BATMAN: YEAR ONE that more-or-less eventually evolved into BATMAN BEGINS. A movie version Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s seminal Vertigo series, PREACHER, has similarly been on the cusp for several years, now. Sam Mendes was the most recent director attached, but movie plans go back as far ’98 when TANK GIRL director Rachel Talalay attached to it. There was even an attempt at a TV show spearheaded by Mark Steven Johnson for HBO that never got off the ground.

So, like I said, these seem like two inevitabilities. Eventually a PREACHER movie will get made and eventually Aronofsky will do a comics-based movie.  Whether they happen at once might be less inevitable, though. == TEASER ==

It’s been ten years since PREACHER wrapped up, so here’s a primer for those unfamiliar. The comic's about Jesse Custer, an apostate preacher with the ability to command anybody to do whatever he says - - literally. He travels across America on a mission to “shake the pillars of heaven” so to speak and is both joined and bedeviled by a profane menagerie as grotesque as anybody who’s read THE BOYS can expect.

Next to WATCHMEN and MAUS, this is a title that always seems to be brought by non-comics friends of mine. It’s had trouble making the motion picture leap over these years because of its highly controversial, sacrilegious subject matter. Do you maniacs think Aronofsky could PREACHER justice?

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Posted by Asymmetrical

I still think a Preacher movie would have to be too watered down...also, you couldn't do anything worthwhile in a single movie...I suppose you could skip the entire middle fifty or so issues and just do the beginning and the end but otherwise I don't see how a movie would work (and if they did what I mentioned, the movie would blow)

Posted by Silkcuts

As much as Preacher is a good read, I don't know how it will translate into a movie.  Mind you I hate Dillon's art and have no idea how he is a professional comic artist, everyone looks the same!  His Frank Castle looks like Jessie Custer, but aged!  
Preacher I think would make a better High Budget TV show then a movie.

I would rather see a Sandman or Lucifer movie for Vertigo.

Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  Agreed. Preacher would make a better High Budget TV show, or maybe a set of movies. A Single movie would not do justice.
Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: I think most Vertigo comics should be tv shows over movies...but with the same theatrical quality of a film...really it's just something that will never be done right...but just taking out a random arc from a comic for a movie doesn't appeal to me 
if they did a single movie, their best bet to get a complete story would just be to do Salvation, that was self-contained, at the same time though it featured none of the fan-favorites and such, so I really have no idea who thinks this is a good idea
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  I agree again. The reason Vertigo series are series is to tell a story with build up.  That is why they are monthly runs instead of a fat original graphic novel.
To make a movie out of a Vertigo series you will  sacrifice things that the fans of the book will grill the director for.  Watch was only a graphic novel and I think the movie missed some major stuff and the movie was long.
Posted by Om1kron

I am 100 percent sure I saw a movie trailer for this attached to resident evil. I may just be batshit insane but I am sure of it.... after some searching it was PRIEST lol not Preacher 

Posted by GraveSp

yeah preacher would make a great as like an HBO miniseries.  

Posted by Ban_Dark

i always wanted to read Preacher but never have time!

Posted by turoksonofstone
@GraveSp said:
" yeah preacher would make a great as like an HBO miniseries.   "
This was in the works but fell apart. I'd prefer a series to a Movie. Maybe "Walking Dead"will make it happen.
Posted by Mumbles
@Ban_Dark said:
" i always wanted to read Preacher but never have time! "
same here
Posted by Preacherl2k

 Aronofsky could defiantly do Preacher justice I'd love to see it!

Posted by Dr. Maxwell
@GraveSp:  Why miniseries? why not regular series? of course it would have an end but Miniseries i think of being just one season
Posted by ateygheyev

The comic series was a little too much for my liking but if it had to be either a tv show or movie, definitely tv show.  Or a musical.  
I am looking forward to the Crossed movie though.

Posted by GraveSp
@Dr. Maxwell:  I was thinking for miniseries something like the John Adams miniseries where it was like 6 2 hour episodes.  I think that if they try to do regular series then eventually if it is popular they will try to deviate from the story to keep going.
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

I hope they don't and if they do I want Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon working on every stitch of the film and it should be at least a trilogy 2+ hour long films

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

coincidence is i just watched Wrestler last night, and it wasn't too shy of a film.
i'm with the idea here though that it wouldn't be what it need to be eitherway,
though i think i could live with that if it was redirecting more people from the 
film to go read the actual comic. sounds silly but i think it would go better if it was
a B movie, rather than a huge production, though i don't think it would go down that

Posted by Cpt. Quor

I'll believe it when I see it, there's been so many rumours regarding a Preacher movie adaptation and they've all fallen by the wayside. 
I'm not sure I'd even like it turned in to a movie anymore, it's got a lot of controversial themes in there and I'm sure some executive somewhere would want this bit or that bit removed, it'd probably end up cut to ribbons.

Posted by MagusMaleficus

Seems like a news item pops up every other day saying Aronofsky could be working on a new project. If half of them were true, the dude would surely need clones to accomplish anything.

Edited by dvorak

Preacher would make a great Showtime or HBO show, a movie could be a wrong move.
Aronofsky could be one of the best choices possible for the content though.