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ComicVine presents: Crossover Bingo!

With "Fear Itself" debuting this week, Matt thought it might be fun to play a little game...

Ah, crossover season. A time when the major companies get together and decide how they will irreparably change their universe for the better (or worse.)

Even though Marvel's Fear Itself event bills itself as the first major crossover of 2011, I can't help but feel a bit of fatigue from the volume of others we've gone through in the last little while. And really, that doesn't even count the large ones! For every "Blackest Night" there's an "Amazons Attack" and for every "Siege" there's a "Thanos Imperative:" smaller events that aren't so company-wide, but instill a sense of importance in their storyline.  

It's gotten to the point that for me, crossovers are becoming predictable and a little bit stale. However, in the interest of keeping things interesting, I've come up with something we can all do while we watch events unfold. == TEASER ==

Ladies and Gentlemen of ComicVine, I present to you:

Yeah. That just happened.

In essence, I will be keeping tabs on every issue of the "Fear Itself" storyline and marking off the card appropriately. I will also be making periodic update posts in order to keep you updated on how the card is going.

In the event that a certain tile happens more than once, I'll be keeping a running count of how many times it happens, along with a quick summary of what happened in which issue. Hopefully (or perhaps not, if Marvel is trying to break away from trends) we'll end up with a full card!

So, how about it guys? Up for a game?

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Posted by Baddamdog


Posted by superboyrocks13

Posted by StarKiller809

Looking good.
Posted by xerox_kitty

It's the tea-totallers drinking game ;) 
I'd join in, but I'm only interested in the Avengers Academy/Young Allies/Speedball issues of Fear Itself.

Posted by CasimirAngel

I like how Someone Dies is the free space.

Posted by UpUpAndAway

Haha. This just made my day. Events are too serious. This needed to happen. :)
Posted by Larkin1388

I like how "Someone Dies" is a Free Space lmao

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

Fantastic idea!
Satire +5

Posted by Darknom2


Posted by sora_thekey
@xerox-kitty said:
" I'd join in, but I'm only interested in the Avengers Academy/Young Allies/Speedball issues of Fear Itself. "
Added to that I am also interested in the Black Widow and Spider-Man tie-ins.
Posted by Comiclove5

I like

Posted by darkcloakx

i'm just interested in dear itself event, spiderman fear itself & american panther, thunderbolts for me 
make mine marvel !

Posted by Seraphim84

You can already mark off swears, main series not making sense, and hell, almost everything in the red column. 
Absent "big guns" is always the most annoying.  Oh, Mister Fantastic, Thor, Hulk, and Dr. Strange all happen to be otherwise occupied? Bull honkey

Edited by doordoor123

How will this work?
EDIT: OKAY! nvm.

Posted by Bestostero

funny lol, reading the tiles gave me a laugh, interesting idea

Posted by Overlander

This is *SO* great!
I want to go back into previous arcs and play all over again.

Posted by notoriousbcb

2 sweet!  Just the comedic moment I needed today. . .

Posted by Fantasgasmic


Posted by DKing_CiCADA

lol love it

Posted by Mbecks14


Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Retcon.mmmmm mmmmm Retcon!
Posted by zombietag

such a good idea. 
"someone dies (free space)" hahahaha

Edited by digimod
@mattdemers said:

"Ah, crossover season. A time when the major companies get together and decide how they will irreparably change their universe for the better (or worse.)" 

The chart is priceless!
I would modify the statement to say... "A time when the major companies get together and decide how they will irreparably change their universe for the better (or worse) and bleed you for more money by making it necessary to purchase more books from series not on your normal pull-list or pointless mini-series that have little or no impact on the major story arc by branding them as crossover material."
Posted by TypingKira

Play crossover bingo LIKE A BOSS. 

Posted by MattDemers
@digimod: I try to stay at least a bit positive here at ComicVine. ;)
Posted by Sasuke

how has no one ever done this before this is epic

Posted by digimod
@mattdemers: lol.  Yeah, I know, staying positive sets a much better example.  I try to to do the same - guess I have a little more bad karma on my shoulder today.  Gotta say that chart of yours is pure genius, best thing I read today.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I'm in.

Posted by karrob
@Comiclove5 said:
" I like "
Posted by MattDemers
@digimod: Be sure to tell the bosses that if you get a chance ;)
Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Gotta love that "Someone Dies" is the freebe~ ^_^
Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

YOu should make this chart a download to play at home lol 
I used it for the first 3 parts of The War of the Green lanterns that I read
Dark Past Confronted   
 Hero/villain alliance  
NEEDS RULING: Not sure if these count, or if the instances are confirmed
Costume Change= Lack of costume, and not sure if this is the characters first appearance with the look in book 1 
Zombies: Would mind control count? 
Hmmm...with so many of these boxes checked off in the first 3 issues, it is no wonder I don't like the story line so far as it felt boring and pointless

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Supposedly the "events in main series don't make sense without the tie ins" thing won't happen. 

Posted by JonesDeini

My dude, if this was a drinking game...we'd all die of alcohol poisoning!!!! Why to call the powers that be on their crap. 

Posted by Last_Guardian

lol..this is awesome!!

Posted by Gambit1024

LMAO this is the best

Posted by obscurefan

Shouldn't the "Nothing will ever be the same" one be the free spot :P

Hehe, but yeah, this is great, love it. Perfect timing, just when the epic crossovers had finally become just too much.

Posted by X-23_2513

LMAO  =)
Posted by Trodorne

I call Alpha Flight for the Multiple Resurrections

Posted by MattDemers
@Trodorne: I'm going to say it has to happen DURING, not before.
Posted by Praetor_fenix

Great idea i had thought about making a drinking game about most of this circumstances, but then i decided  i wasn't gonna get wasted by drinking twice a week max. So, nice idea, i'll get to make a toast for each of them when the crossover's done. If this is anything like Civil War i'll probably have a multiple day hangover.

Edited by CrimsonTempest

I got my Bingo. With Chaos War!

Dark Past Confronted
Events make no sense without tie-ins
Someone Dies (Free)
Multiple Resurrections!

Posted by leokearon

I like it, reminds me of a guide to events I did, I should really find it.
Posted by AFArtist1973

I wish I had thought of something like this earlier!  EPIC WIN.

Posted by Eyz

Epic! :D

I already smell the Parody in the "Deadpool Family" one shot later.

Posted by Trodorne

Ok then i suggest "Tie-in that has nothing to do with the main story" be Alpha Flight

Posted by jazzblade


Posted by captain1986

God of fear??? trailer looks savage!!

Posted by Osiris1428

Dark Past Confronted+Depowerment+Costume Change+America %^$^! YEAH! (Needless Patriotism)+Epic Betrayal=Black Panther/American Panther. This either means that I win or that every Black Panther fan is a loser. Whoever came up with that American Panther crap should be shot.

Posted by simonchan
@Gambit1024: epic sacrifice! america f*** yeah!!!
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