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ComicVine Invades C2E2

C2E2 is coming up this weekend, what can you expect?

This weekend, March 18th-20th, is the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), and it is the second year of this awesome event. Last year, GMan, Babs, Tom Pinchuk, and I had a great time. We got some great interviews and video footage, and this year we hope to do the same.
Right now, Chicago has two major comic book conventions: Wizard World Chicago and C2E2. One is a giant swap meet with ex-reality television stars charging for photographs, and the other is an actual comic book convention that cares about the industry and its fans. Obviously, C2E2 is the one that cares. GMan, Tom Pinchuk, and I will be wandering around getting you all the info we can, so what can you expect?

== TEASER ==
I'm hoping for an event that rattle the cages of awesomeness. There's a lot of great creators coming to the show: Bendis, Cornell, Fraction, and Gail Simone to name a few of the MANY creators in the industry attending this show.  There's also some costume contests, tons of panels, and tattooing. (No, I'm not getting a tattoo this year. It seemed a bit shady last year) 
Having been to both C2E2 and San Diego Comic Con last year, I can tell you that while C2E2 isn't as big as San Diego Comic Con, they feel very similar. C2E2 doesn't offer the same "walk around the city after the show ends" fare that SDCC does because C2E2 is a couple miles south of downtown, but the convention itself is really geared towards comics and other things comic book fans want to see. 
 Keep your eyes out for these criminals at C2E2.
I'm sure we'll be getting some great interviews, cosplay pictures, and maybe into a little trouble, so we'll be out and about, all over the con. So if by chance you're coming out to Chicago on Friday and Saturday and happen to see us, please do your best to distract us and try to make us laugh. There is no real plan for a ComicVine meet-up, but we'll be running around challenging people to duels and whatnot. 
What do you guys want to see from C2E2? Cosplay? Toys? Interviews? Pure wackiness?
Posted by Billy Batson
Did Babs took this? just curious
Posted by xerox_kitty

I'm jealous!  Wish I could go too... Have fun, and bring us back some goodies ;)    
Posted by Jake Fury

Will CV pick up my tab if I go to the New Orleans Comic Show and take a boatload of pictures?
Posted by inferiorego
@Billy Batson said:
Did Babs took this? just curious "
she was cropped out because she won't be there.
Original pic:

Posted by Billy Batson
@inferiorego: she isn't going? why?
Posted by perry_411
@inferiorego: How short is Babs? I mean is she a little person?
Posted by inferiorego
@perry_411: she's not short at all. Tom, Gman, and I are actually all standing on stilts.
@Billy Batson: I have no real answer. I know she wants to be in Chicago though. You may want to ask her.
Posted by Billy Batson
@inferiorego: Lies :P
Posted by sora_thekey
@xerox-kitty said:
" I'm jealous!  Wish I could go too... Have fun, and bring us back some goodies ;) "
Posted by notoriousbcb

"rattle the cages of awesomeness" . . .that's Edge-y.
I expect hijinks and chicanery on your part. . .

Posted by inferiorego
@notoriousbcb:  i will give you what you want
Posted by SirSparkington

If a Gail Simone interview comes out of this, I will be happy.

Posted by cyberninja

I guess  THE MIDDLEMAN REUNION PANEL and THE WALKING DEAD Q&A should be interesting. 

Posted by yeopop

Babs is not very tall.
Posted by doordoor123

Im really busy this week. I might show up for just Saturday.

Posted by Tmul501

I'll be there on Saturday. It's my first comic convention so I'm pumped! I hope to see you guys there!

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Monocle Smile!
Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

ii wish i could go 

Posted by G-Man

If you guys see us, definitely let us know. Unless we're in the middle of filming something. But we'd love to say hi. I might still have some official limited edition Comic Vine buttons. Can't remember if I packed them...(I'm at the airport by the way, waiting for my plane).

Posted by xerox_kitty
@sora_thekey said:
" @xerox-kitty said:
" I'm jealous!  Wish I could go too... Have fun, and bring us back some goodies ;) "
Same! "
We'll have to save up for next year.  Or the year after that, or... the the year after that.
Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I wonder how I never knew about this, I lived right outside Chicago for nearly 13 years and never heard of it till today. I love the Windy City, wish I could go.

Posted by G-Man
@CrimsonAvenger: It's funny because my brother (who lives in the Chicago suburbs) said the same thing. There's no advertising for this among normal people. Think the same thing happened last year. At least there was a nice turnout last year. Can't wait for this.
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I'll be there in style with these two fine men. 
I'll also be signing at Archaia's booth all weekend. Come see me... 
FRI: 4-6 PM
SAT: 1-3, 5-6 PM
SUN: 10-12, 3-5 PM    


I was wondering if CV was gonna make an appearance.  I missed u guys last year, but hopefully I'll catch up with u guys.  On Saturday, me and a buddy got a Heroes for Hire cosplay.  I'll be Luke Cage and he's Iron Fist.

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

Posted by Mumbles

can't wait for some news

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I want to go to a convention too :(

Posted by Meteorite

One day I shall go to a comic convention in America, I swear it!

Posted by Radread

 Wish I was there. I live near Chicago. Can't afford it.
Posted by ntb1124

I hope that I get to go to one of these someday, do they ever have them in Atlanta GA or somewhere near there?