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Comic Vine's Fourth Birthday

It all began four years ago today.

Comic Vine turns four years old today. Where were you on December 6, 2006? It's hard to believe it's only been four years. I still remember when Ethan and Dave came to me with the idea of starting the ultimate comic book site. I was busy teaching AP Statistics, Precalculus and Algebra to high school students but there was no way I could not be part of this venture. While Ethan and Dave kept themselves busy writing the code and setting the design for the site, I spent my time writing bios and finding as many images I could for comic book characters.  

Backing up a bit, when Ethan and Dave approached me with the idea, there was a slight catch. We wouldn't just be Ethan, Dave and Tony on the site. Our hook was everyone would have a superhero persona. We would all have a superhero identity. We each had to come up with a name and costume before the site launched. This was when Dave and Ethan went to the boys section at Target to create their costumed identities of Captain Cascader and Red L.A.M.P. I simply went to a thrift store and bought a black suit to create my G-Man persona (some of my students had called me G-Man and I was also slightly inspired by Mike Allred's G-Men From Hell).  
 == TEASER ==
       G-Man From Heck by Darick Robertson
It was also in October of 2006 that I first met artist Darick Robertson and asked him if he could draw a picture of me in a black suit and sunglasses, swinging from a vine with a stack of comics in my hand. Thus G-Man From Heck was fully born.  
We spent the next few months cranking out as much as we could. I mostly worked from home and my classroom but sometimes visited Ethan and Dave in their...swanky office in Berkeley. Ethan insisted on playing Meatloaf and Regina Spektor over and over and I remember listening to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade on my headphones to try to drown out the repetitive playlist in the office. It was fun and exciting just writing bio after bio. Ethan would tell me not to go too in depth because we had to leave something for the users to work on and it would be better to have more with less. 
Finally the day came for launch. Immediately people managed to stumble onto our little site. The community started growing. Wiki edits started pouring in (this was before we had moderators like fesak and Shatterstar, both who have been around since the beginning). Soon others like Buckshot, The Human Stain, NiteFly, Prodigal Son and Fourpower became frequent visitors. We didn't have News, Videos or Reviews back then. It was just wiki-pages and the forums.  
     Check out that unused logo! 
Looking back at the four years, it almost brings a tear to my eye. I am so proud of what this site has become. I quit my teaching job of many years to be here full time. I never thought I'd be doing videos, podcasts, convention coverage and working with people like Sara, Joey, Mat, Tom and Erik in spreading the word of comic books.  
And of course there is the community. In the months before we launched, I visited other comic related sites. Some were enjoyable and I continued to visit them after we launched. Others were sad with all the negativity and hostility the members had toward each other. The Comic Vine community is the best I've worked with and I wouldn't trade you guys for anything. The success of these past four years can easily be attributed to all of you. We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks to everyone who has ever visited Comic Vine and helped make us what we are today. I look forward to see what will happen in the next four years and beyond! 
As an added treat, here are some early screen shots and a never before seen logo that Dave managed to dig up to share with everyone. We definitely have come a long way.
First, check out what the editing pages used to look like: 

It's so warm and inviting, how could you not want to spend hours writing about your favorite characters on this page? 
I mentioned the forums played a huge role on the site (as they continue to do so today). There has been some changes over the years but more importantly, look at the tabs at the top. 

Do you remember what the actual character pages used to look like? Have you ever wondered how much of an evolution they've gone through? 

Forums used to be at the bottom of each page. As the pages continued to get larger and larger, it became clear that they were getting overlooked at the bottom. We also condensed the issue appearances to the top of the page to make it more accessible. Hero tags is something we never really used and soon abandoned. 
Who knows what changes and additions the next four years will bring. Let's all take time to celebrate the past four years.
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Posted by Theodore

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE VINE! It has stolen many hours of my life.

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Oh I noticed the Birthday notification on Facebook but I didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it's some random date you set (like many probably do). But good to know. Congrats and Happy Beerday. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Baddamdog

I remember when it looked like that last screen shot! Sites come a long way! Well done guys and keep up the good work! It's much appreciated!

Posted by The Impersonator

Happy Birthday, Comic Vine!!!
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Happy Fourth Birthday!

Posted by ComicMan24

Happy Birthday to the Vine!!!

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

My name is Mr. Dead Pool and I joined Comic Vine 2 years ago

Posted by Digifiend

A Logos & Costumes tab? Underused I assume, because we don't have that any more (merged into a general images category I suppose). Here's to many more successful years! :)

Posted by rndmtask

Happy Birthday CV!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Happy fourth birthday to Comic Vine! Hope you all have a great time and keep this site awesome! It's the website that started everything on Whiskey Media! 

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On December 6th 2006 i was at uni celebrating  my birthday in a pub , thats all i remember
so its true i share my birthday with comicvine and i only found out today lol

Posted by the referee

Congratulations and thanks. As a kid and young adult I read comics for years and loved losing myself in the pages of my heroes. After years of leaving them behind I felt I left something of me with them. Your Vine has brought it all back to me. Everything the Vine means to me is held deeply. The Info, the friends, the RPGing all of it reminded me of a dream I once lost. So again thank you from an old timer and happy anniversary. I will be around for many more and I am sure will you too.

Posted by ComiCCloseup

I had heard somewhere that G-Man was a teacher but never got confirmation so this was a really cool little story Happy B-Day!
Posted by Baron_Emo

Happy Birthday, CV! 
Cool retrospective, G-Man.

Posted by Asymmetrical

ah, I remember the days of 1.0, good times 
it's been a great many years CV, I'll be happy to stick around for many more

Posted by sora_thekey

I remember when the pages look like that!  (Well not the logo)
4 Years ago I didn't know the site existed but about 8 months after the site launched I remember looking for a website that would incorporate all of the information I wanted to know about comic books. (Wikipedia wasn't cutting it) Although I spent a lot of time on the Marvel website I still did not feel like it was helping me with the questions I had. 
Almost 3 years ago is when I stumbled upon the site for the first time when searching for Spider-Man images. After checking out the extensive information about my favorite character I found what I was looking for and did not hesitate on signing up for the site. 
I got to see the evolution of the site from this:  

To what we have now!  
I have been a user for almost 3 years and I completely proud to be part of this awesome community! Congrats Comic Vine on your 4 years of brining us "geeks" and "nerds" together!
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@sora_thekey: I remember the first pic. It's been a while since then.
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Should be called "Comicvine Secret Origin: Genesis." 
Happy birthday comicvine with many more to come.

Posted by leokearon

Happy Birthday! and heres to many more years of excellence
Posted by Winternet

Happy Birthday Comic Vine!!! Yeah, with 3 exclamation points. That shows how psyched I am, right?

Posted by MrMazz

WoW man CV sure changed.  I ewmember first finding yall when i was looking for comic images and than i found the site and i was like ZOMG THIS IS NERD HAVEN and the users are utter meany heads over me getting something wrong 

Posted by inferiorego

Oh ComicVine 1.0.... How I don't remember you at all...
It seems like just yesterday G-Man came into my comic book store and asked me to check out the site. Sadly, I just realized that was 3 1/2 years ago. 
Flat-out, this is my favorite site on the internet that deals with comic books, and my second favorite because I spend way too much time on facebook. I love the evolution CV has gone through from a Wiki site to a Wiki/News/Video/Reviews/Everything comics site. It has been awesome working with the CV crew, and meeting a bunch of you cats in person, and maybe harassing a few of you on the phone (Sora and Pinchuk to be specific). It's been an awesome four years, and I can't wait for another four years.

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me to those were the days ha ha, I waited a while before i decided to join myself
Posted by Axiomatic

Happy birthday! ComicVine! 
I like you so much better than your anti-matter counterparts
'G-Man from a Heck of a Website' more like

Posted by greenenvy

Happy birthday and been around since the beginning looking at the wiki and photos of my characters I favor. Then later on I found you guys and other friends doing awesome things and bringing up topics that I had to comment so that was the time I finally signed up to my first comic site. 

Posted by punkelias

Congratulations! It's cool to see how the site has evolved and all the history about it begginings.

Posted by TVN

Happy Birthday guys!
I've been enjoying the few months that I have been on here so much.

Posted by Duncan

Happy Birthday CV

Posted by Iron Apollo
Tomorrow I turn 7 times as old as comicvine, and in two months I will have been a member for four years. Happy Birthday Comicvine!!! May we celebrate many more!
Posted by KingsCastle

Happy Birthday Comic Vine!! ^_^

Posted by kungnima


Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Happy birthday, Comic Vine!  Being relatively new around here, it's pretty neat to see how the website evolved and changed.  I thoroughly enjoy the work put in by the staff, community, and everyone else behind the scenes, and I hope we see many more years of awesome content and comic book geek-itude.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Happy Birthday Guys !!! XD
Posted by chowy

Congratulations! Nice to be part of this cool site

Posted by Aetheldod

Happy BD Comic Vine , Im a new user and really wish that I had stumble upon ye a lot sooner , you have rekindled my dormant love for comics .... its all thanks to the work of the CV staff :)

Posted by FLStyle

Congrats CV, long may you reign over comics websites.

Posted by Mainline

Hope you guys have actual cake!

Posted by The Hottness

Posted by MonkMan

Happy Birthday Comic Vine! just recently found your site and now a big fan !

Posted by dondasch

Happy Birthday ComicVine.  Appreciate the hard work you all do.

Posted by Hamz

Happy Birthday!  
It's nice to see a throwback to what the site once was in the early days. Keep going strong CV! :)

Posted by LordAndrew

I declare this to be of historical interest. Thanks, guys. This is incredibly useful to me.
"Edit Histories"? You had edit histories back then?! Or was that only for individual users' edit history like we have now?

Posted by danhimself's so weird seeing ComicVine 1.0 after all of these years...I really do feel proud to have been a member of this site for so long and I can't wait to post in the 10th birthday thread!!  keep up the amazing work you guys!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

comimicvine didnt wish ME a happy birthday 
Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Happy birthday Comic Vine! It's fun to see how this site / community has grown so much.

Posted by Bestostero

Happy Bday ComicVine!  Glad to be part of the community and we all appreciate everyone's hard work in all this!

Posted by Shatterstar

Wow that went by fast. 
Four years ago and about a week from today I remember clicking the link through a Digg link to the Date a Superhero Quiz (or was it the 10k characters on one site link?). Who knew ComicVine would outlast Digg on my bookmarks list? I remember clicking through like 50 powers battles in a row, that was my first addiction. Then came finding images for pages that didn't have any. Next thing I know I'm hooked on editing, trying to climb the top contributors list. I can still remember someone other than Fesak being in first place. 
Its been fun and a bottomless pit for my free time. 
Thanks to Red LAMP, G-Man, Cascader for keeping it running and relevant and the rest of the developers for making it slicker with each iteration. 

Posted by mpgeist

Happy Birthday CV!  This site got me into comics again.

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Happy Birthday ComicVine!!!!!  You have given my life purpose and given me much information on anything and everything comic books!  Also...thank you to the staff for making the Vine so amazing!  :-D  Here's to many more years of occupying my time when I should be doing more "important" things!!!!!

Posted by mracoon

Happy Birthday CV! I may not know much about comics as most people here but the site is so accessible to newcomers that I end up spending hours reading the insanely detailed wiki.