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Comic Vine Wiki Update: Comic Book TV Shows

Now you'll be able to add TV shows and episodes along with adding reviews to old and new shows!

It's not secret that Comic Vine has an incredibly vast wiki section encompassing all comic book characters. We have all the different series they've been in and we even have movies featuring characters that have appeared in actual comic books. But of course, there's been on thing missing - television shows.

This is something I wanted added to our database for some time. I finally put my foot down and now all can add television series and episodes to the site, provided they deal with comic book characters or characters that have appeared in comics.

What that means is we can have shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man 67, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and of course, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Walking Dead. You can also add shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena and The X-Files since they have had comic book series. Live action or animated shows can be added.

Normal wiki-rules will be enforced. The main thing, NO PLAGIARISM. Do not copy episode summaries from any other source. You can include the official episode synopsis if you can find it, in the body of the episode, just as we add comic book issue solicits on the issue pages (so that means in italics). If you are not sure if it is an official synopsis, do not add it.

You do need an image for each episode. It helps if you can find an official image or image from the episode that has been released. It may be hard in some cases (like with old episodes of Batman 66, Shazam! or Green Hornet). A standard image can be used but think about how that will look if you check out an individual issue page and see how the past issues are displayed on screen.

If you have any questions about what can or cannot be added, ask a moderator. But what it comes down to is this will be pretty similar to how movies are added except there are episodes. Or think of the series as a comic book volume and the episodes are the issues.

We will not separate a show by seasons unless the series underwent a new branding or relaunch (like Justice League changing to Justice League Unlimited -- separate shows). We will go with episode one as #101, episode two as 102 followed by #201 for the first episode of season 2 and so on. Are there any shows that had more than one hundred episodes in one season?

Do not add an episode to the database more than one week before it airs. Characters should not be added until it is known for certain who will be appearing as sometimes what is listed in the description may end up changing. Adding information too far in advanced or adding inaccurate info will obviously result in a wiki-ban.

When can you start adding?!?

The plan is for Tuesday, September 24 around 12 p.m. PST.

Once the episode is added, you can add a summary from the episode including spoilers (in the portion after the official solicit). Be sure to make it a SUMMARY. Do not describe the episode scene by scene. That is not necessary or wanted.

You will also be able to write user reviews for each episode.

Have fun. Let's hear it for making the wiki even bigger and better than before!

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Edited by scouts1998

@g_man do star trek (all of them), Doctor Who/torchwood, doctor who spin-offs, Star wars the clone wars, battlestar galtica, supernatrual, dexter, buffy and xena count

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Thank you!! This is something that always bugged me before. I love superhero tv shows and if I have the time, I'll probably contribute!

Posted by G-Man

@scouts1998: Under these criteria, yes! Even Chuck had a comic series, fortunately or unfortunately.

Posted by Renchamp

@g_man said:

@scouts1998: Under these criteria, yes! Even Chuck had a comic series, fortunately or unfortunately.

Word on the street is that Phil Noto couldn't even save that series.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@trodorne said:


now my TV he-man knowledge will make me super cool and awesome on this site.

Oh yes He-Man is good to go, I am pretty sure She Ra is as well.

Posted by Renchamp

It begins.

Images: Do we simply do what the episode is "shot" in? Widescreen versus full screen? Do we want uniform sizes so the pages don't look stupid?

Arcs: For clarification, are we treating arcs the same way as comic issue arcs in that it is only an arc if the episodes themselves designate an arc and not simply because they are collected in a certain DVD set?

Posted by Nightw BR

One question about this new show say a character who has never appeared in a comic is in the show. Will there now be wiki's for these characters? One good example would be Cody Jones from TMNT Fast Forward, he's in almost every episode of Fast Forward, but has never had a comic appearance.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Awesome! Now I can make lists based on TV shows!

Edited by pikahyper

@renchamp: For images whatever you can find but try to be as uniform as possible. For images just like comics real arcs only.

Edited by pikahyper

@nightw_br: TV exclusive characters can not be added, the standard rule applies so there must be at least one comic appearance before a page can be added.

Posted by batmannflash

I need 5000 wiki points before I can edit without having my submissions approved? It just seems like a hassle that I have to do that every time I add one episode to a show. Wasn't it originally 1500 wiki points or something?

Posted by pikahyper
Posted by batmannflash

@pikahyper: well then why don't I need approval anymore for character wiki pages but I need it for adding an episode? Are they supposed to have a different point threshold? I'm not complaining by any means. I was just wondering :)

Posted by pikahyper

@batmannflash: at 1k your regular editing is no longer moderated, once you hit 5k you can add new pages (characters, episodes, teams, etc.) unmoderated.

Posted by batmannflash

@pikahyper: oh okay I get it! Thanks a lot for clearing that up with me

Posted by pikahyper
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Cool cool! I like it :)

Posted by MatKrenz

OH god, can you imagine the space Doctor Who is gonna take up ?

Edited by Mercy_

Going through and adding in all the Justice League/JLU stuff this morning and later today, wicked pumped about this update.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Just lost an entire night of my life. Can't tell if good thing or bad thing >:)

This addition was a great idea, kudos :)

Edited by wmwadeii

@pikahyper: @razzatazz: @g_man: I didn't know where else to recommend this but currently if you go to a characters page the TV appearances show above everything else. Being a comic site I would assume it would be better to have the comic related information first. The TV shows IMO should be moved down to and look similar to how Movies currently show on the pages. Personally I think that should be moved down a little bit as well as currently it's above recent issues. Maybe you guys could pass this on to the developers.

Posted by pikahyper

@wmwadeii: agreed, I said so to the engineers on day one or two, hopefully it'll be changed. It'll be really bad for some character pages like Batman or Wolverine who are in a lot of series, the shows need to at least be below the gen. info box.

Posted by wmwadeii

@pikahyper: that was my thoughts exactly when I was thinking of Optimus Prime, while I have you did you get a change to look at my questions in the other thread?

Edited by pikahyper

@wmwadeii: which ones? if I answered anyone else's after yours I probably missed it, hard to keep track of everything in that thread.