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Comic Vine Twitter Question RESULTS: What is a New Year's Resolution for Batman or Spider-Man?

What is one New Year's Resolution for Batman or Superior Spider-Man in 2014?

Welcome back to the Twitter Question of the week! Every Tuesday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take your answers and put them into this nice little package. This week, we wanted to ring in the new year with this question: "What is one New Year's Resolution for Batman or Superior Spider-Man in 2014?" Here are a few of our answers.

Dana got me to laugh out loud. That's why she gets the top slot this week.

Ben likes an all-action Batman

Ruben wants Spider-Man to have a lonely year

Jason wants more robots

Ginga wants a green Batman

Josue remembers the days when Peter was Peter

Shirtless Gavin lusts for violence

All New Superior Spider-Man Now! #1.INF!

Here's what the staff had to say!

There you have another week of answers about comic books. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Tuesdays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered!

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Edited by Outside_85

Batman- Take less bullets to the parents.

Spiderman- Take less Otto to the brain.

Edited by The Lobster

Batman - Find a hobby, something he can obsess over that isn't crime-fighting. Crocheting, perhaps.

Spider-man - Fix what Otto broke.

Edited by lifeofvibe

Batman - to create better armor technology strong faster last more longer

Spider-Man - learn how use black instead of blue yup that right folk im reading more into old spiderman stuff i still think the new one is better

Posted by KidChipotle

@g_man probably had the funniest answer (despite the Robin Life:Death ratio being something like 2:2 [Unless we're counting Stephanie…then I guess it's 3:3 since she did both…]) but Ben and Dana also had hilarious resolutions too.

Edited by jasonakaslv

Woot my comment made it. Let the assimilation begin thanks @g_man

Posted by frogdog

Batman: more detective work, less punching

Spider-Man: No more Dan Slott

Edited by Life_Without_Progress
Posted by DoctorThomasElliot


Spider-Man: Have the real Peter return

Posted by Black_Claw

Batman: Find his parents killer

Spider-Man: No more spOck

Edited by VoodooPenguin

Batman- Take less bullets to the parents.

Spiderman- Take less Otto to the brain.


Posted by nigravirum1

Yay! I/my Tweet was mentioned in this! Yippeeeeeeee! Now if only I could get Comicvine argument of the week for Battle of the Week, my life would be complete!

Posted by lesterlawton

Batman: Win a battle on Comic Vine without prep time.

Posted by danaquinn

OMG, I MADE @inferiorego LAUGH OUT LOUD, YOU GUYS. *girly screams*

Posted by LyraFay

Batman makes his 75 anniversary look bloody awesome!

Posted by Trauma

is it bad that i'm that shirtless guy? lol life of a bodybuilder XD @gsweetin

Posted by Luster77

Batman: I gotta get more sleep this year, man

Spiderman: Maaan, I gotta be more funnier than Deadpool this year.

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

How about Bats tries not to have another dead sidekick and Peter Parker takes over his own body.

Edited by Dark_Vengeance_

Posted by CountofMC

New years resolution for Batman: Lighten up.

New Years resolution for Spiderman: Get serious.

Posted by tupiaz

Try to avoid child labour.