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Comic Vine Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Stan Lee Cameo in a Marvel Movie

Stan Lee has appeared in over a dozen Marvel movies, but which one did the Comic Vine community vote as the best one?

Stan "The Man" Lee has had a huge impact on Marvel comics, so it's only fair the co-creator of so many iconic characters should continue to receive respect at the House of Ideas. Stan's appeared in everything from comics to cartoons, but his brief cameos on the big screen are always a treat and the ones we love the most. This week, we wanted to know which Stan Lee scene from a Marvel movie is your favorite, and one option absolutely obliterated the competition.

Stan Lee's cameo as the oblivious librarian who's totally into music in The Amazing Spider-Man took an impressive 42% of the votes. Apparently, it was so pleasing that even people who didn't like the movie ended up having a blast with the cameo (post is the Viner ZZoMBiE13)

"I really didn't like Amazing Spider-Man. Not even a little. But it did have the best Stan Lee moment in all of the movies made from Marvel properties. It didn't make up for the rest of the movie, but it was one great moment to be sure."

In case you haven't watched the scene yet or just want to enjoy it all over again, here's the clip (via youtube).

Here's the poll results.

Did you vote for the scene in The Amazing Spider-Man or did another one generate a bigger laugh from you? Don't be shy, speak your mind below! Lastly, there will not be a new question next week due to the holidays. In the meantime, you're totally welcome to send new question ideas our way in the comments below or to Gregg via Twitter.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I voted spiderman 3, but incredible hulks was good as well. I hated amazing spiderman, but that was a good cameo as well

Posted by Wilbertus


Posted by youngman_logan96

Iron Man 3

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Not my personal favourite but still pretty damn cool.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

Yeah Amazing Spider-Man was my favorite. And obviously so considering it was the only one I could remember from memory.

Posted by Lvenger

Couldn't agree more with the verdict really. His ASM appearance was definitely the best.

Posted by Wolverine08

I agree!

Posted by RustyRoy

I voted spiderman 3, but incredible hulks was good as well. I hated amazing spiderman, but that was a good cameo as well

This except I liked ASM.

Posted by MatteoPG

It seemed a little too cartoony, but it was funny. Good choice,

Posted by sora_thekey

I thought the mailman cameo would get more votes.

Posted by Superguy0009e

IDK, the ASM cameo is definitely the funniest, but to me, I don't think that makes it the best.

I think that Stan Lee needs a good cameo in one of the upcoming movies that allows him to interact with his characters. One like the SM 3 cameo to be exact.

Posted by HumanRocket

I voted for the truck driver from Thor but this one is a good one too a funny one and the music the he was listing went well with the fight strangely.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

The Stan Lee cameo at the wedding was a direct recreation of this scene from the FF comics, but sadly Kirby was not alive and so it wasn't as good.

Posted by Bloxxeh

@matteopg: What's wrong with a cartoony concept in a movie about a teenager who can climb up walls and fights a giant lizard?

Posted by staypuffed

The Amazing Spider-Man was my pick.
His Thor cameo was funny, too.

Posted by M3th

I sHould Have voted. If I did X3 would Have Had a vote %.


Edited by MatteoPG

@bloxxeh said:

@matteopg: What's wrong with a cartoony concept in a movie about a teenager who can climb up walls and fights a giant lizard?

Yeah, I didn't phrase it really well. What I meant is that it felt a little out of tone, for me. But it's probably just me.

Edited by Farkam


Posted by krexxxx4

The "mailman" from Fantastic Four was him actually playing one of the characters that he created in the original F4 comic Willie Lumpkin. I'm actually surprised no one noticed this yet lol

Posted by War Killer

I remember that scene cracking me up in theaters, great cameo.

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero
Posted by k4tzm4n

@krexxxx4: click "mailman." It's had a link to the character the whole time ;)

Posted by Deathstroke19

I voted ASM but they were a few others I liked a lot as well.

Edited by mak13131313

My favorite Stan Lee moment is not from a movie. This past summer I went to Ohio Comic Con with my friend and LCS owner Crow. He was so excited to meet Stan. He not only met him he got a picture with him. Crow even put his hand on Stan's shoulder. It was awesome seeing a 60 year old man beaming like a kid with excitement. Well, Crow past away this week. I'm so glad Crow got to meet and have a conversation with his hero. Thanks Stan! You're the best!

Posted by Bloxxeh

@matteopg: Ah, okay. Sorry if I sounded like a jerk.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress

THE ASM CAMEO, there's just no denying it

Posted by MasterBelmont

Voted TASM. Glad to see it get first place. That cameo was the only "amazing" thing about the movie.

Posted by SlamAdams

@krexxxx4: I think people definitely noticed.

Posted by MatteoPG

@bloxxeh: oh no, absolutely not! Ok, it's so hard via the internet... I genuinely don't think that you sounded like a jerk :)

Also, since we're clarifying, I didn't mean to offend the movie, I actually found it enjoyable.

Posted by ImagineMan16

I voted Spider-Man 3. His appearance there was definitely my favorite part of the movie.

Posted by Mucklefluga

"'Nuff said"!!!

Posted by Bloxxeh

@matteopg: Yeah, after I re-read your comment a few times, I knew that you weren't bashing the film. :)

Posted by TikiWiki