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Comic Vine Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Part of Comic Conventions

Come see why the Comic Vine crowd loves going to cons!

The big event is almost here! San Diego Comic-Con is now just a week away and you can bet the Comic Vine staff is stoked and preparing for all that the con has to offer! We'll be there to interview talent, check out panels, and so much more, but this week, we wanted to know why you love attending cons. Is to to shell out some cash and buy some awesome collectibles and art? Meet other fans and creators? Attend panels? Or show off your cosplay and see what everyone else is wearing? The poll is now closed and, according to the voters, buying collectibles, comics and artwork is the most appealing part of a convention!

Getting the latest scoop on what's going on in the world of comics, dressing up and hearing creators talk about their work is good fun, but it looks like most voters go to a convention with a full wallet and expect to leave with only some change remaining. It's an understandable desire, too. So many talented artists are there offering commissions and there's countless booths on the floor which are presenting totally tempting and oh-so-appealing products. No matter how strapped for cash you may be, it's tough to resist buying at least one thing when you attend a big comic convention.

There were 5 options on the poll and here's how the votes were distributed.

  • Buying art/merch/comics/etc. 29%
  • Attending panels/screenings/etc.25%
  • Meeting talent 25%
  • Cosplay 13%
  • Wandering the floor and meeting other fans 8%

Let's see what some Comic Viners had to say about our latest Question of the Week.


"The biggest reason I go is to get commissioned art from some of the very talented people in comics. Having custom one of a kind art is something very special. My family and I are also big into the cosplay and we are getting more into it all the time. I have no interest in attending panels or screenings. Probably never make it out to SDCC but if anyone if going to Boston's Comic Con this year I'll be there!"


"Each con I attend, the cleverness of the cosplayers seems to get more and more interesting. At AKON in June I saw a Xenomorph from ALIEN, I saw a Raiden from Revengeance, as well as many many other impressive outfits. I've seen a person cosplaying as MOTHRA complete with full wingspan, I've seen a gender swapped Marcus Fenix, an undead Stormtrooper... the list goes on and on.

It's not a hobby I partake in, but the level of skill always manages to be very impressive."


"Love the Artist Alley, like to getting to talk to the artist. Just a real kick to see what my idols growing up look like and how they are in person. I also like just talking shop with 'little guys' like myself and seeing how they go about their work and what materials they use, challenges they face.

I went to HeroesCon inCharlotte this year a spent a good part of the day just checking out the guest speakers, and asking artist about portfolio work

My kids love the costumes and the swag they can get however lol Deadpool is always a hit with them."


"1. Panels - If moderated & organized, they are informative & entertaining

2. Artist alley - Talking to creators/buying artwork

3. Vendors/Comic Publishers - Sideshow Collectibles, DC, Marvel, Image, etc"

Have a great idea for a future edition of the Question of the Week? If so, feel free to share it below or via Twitter. We'll see you at SDCC, Viners!

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Edited by flazam

nice I would love to go to comic con some day.... I do love hearing about panels the most so I guess from person who hasn't been I can assume that's what I would enjoy the most

Posted by G_leno

i'm gonna try to go to SDCC for my 40th b'day in 9 years. Til then, us brits will have o make do with our tiny cons.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Going to Boston Comic-Con soon!

Posted by kingofwhales

Next week will be my 17th SDCC and I really can`t say I have a number one thing I like about it. The whole thing is amazing to me. Smaller cons, I`d say comic books or the guests but SDCC is the Godzilla of Cons. Gotta stand back and marvel at the whole beast.

Posted by IrishX


Sweet. If you see a Rorschach or Moon Knight it might just be me!

Edited by AmazingWebHead

@irishx said:


Sweet. If you see a Rorschach or Moon Knight it might just be me!

I'll keep an eye out.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Woo! Quoted!!!


Posted by that_one_guy_at_the_comic_shop

boobs should have been an option

Edited by LarryAshlynn

One day, when I am rich, I'll go to comicon.

Posted by kgb725

How much does comic cone cost on average ?

Posted by witchboyofboston

The Comic Con happening in Boston will be my first although I've been to Anime Boston a few times!

Posted by IrishX

@witchboyofboston: Cool to see people who are going to the Boston Con. I'm pretty excited as it'll be my first big con.

@kgb725: It depends on how big the Con is really. A smaller local show like where I live can cost $5-10 while a larger show like NYCC can cost $60 per day. The bigger cost is when you are purchasing art, toys, collectibles, and all that stuff. It can become an expensive event even at those smaller shows.

From what I've seen the average cost to get a "Entertainment Star" autograph is about $40-50 up to $100 in some cases. These are tv and movie actors like the cast of The Walking Dead or William Shatner. Getting a commission from artists can vary greatly. You can get a nice sketch done by someone less known for $25-$50 but if you want one done by Alex Maleev you might have to save up for some time before going. Although I got one done for free last year by Tom Raney so you never know you could always get lucky.