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Comic Vine Question of the Week: Favorite Spider-Man Animated TV Series

8 Spidey shows enter, 1 Spidey show leaves. The winner will be based on YOUR vote, so get in here and support your favorite series!

Spider-Man is our very first 'Character of the Month' so you can bet our 'Question of the Week' segment will be about him -- for this rest of this month, at least! We've previously asked you about your favorite Spidey villain and your favorite writer, but it's worth noting that Spidey's also had plenty of time to shine in the world of animation. Since 1967, the webhead has been the star of 8 different animated shows. This week, we want to know which one is your favorite. Will nostalgia reign supreme and the 1994 show will take the prize? Do you love the comedic style of Ultimate Spider-Man? Will the onslaught of hilarious memes from the earlier shows win you over (yes, this is a Spider-Man thread)? There's 8 very different options to choose from, so give it some proper thought and then cast your vote!


Thor looks jealous of Peter, doesn't he?

Want to re-watch an episode or two before picking a top series? Well, you've got a bit of time to do just that! Voting will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Or, maybe you don't need the extra time and already have your mind made up. If that's the case, thwip on over to the link above (sorry, couldn't resist that one), cast your vote and then let us know why a certain series is your favorite. Make the post awesome enough and there's a chance we'll highlight it in the updated feature later this week.

Be sure to check the homepage on Thursday for a new article with the results and more!

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Posted by PunyParker

Spec Spidey.

Posted by ScarletBatman

If your answer is not The Animated Series or Spectacular Spider-Man, you are voting wrong! :)

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If you weren't into Spidey comics, you might vote another way, but Spectacular was as close to the actual comics as you can get.

Posted by TheTrollDance

Spectacular Spider-Man was the best

Ult. Spider-Man was the worst

Posted by GothamRed

I wonder if anyone is going to vote for the 81 series.

Posted by Sighburr_Punk

90's Spider-Man TAS. That opening theme.

Edited by orionbolt

This be a landslide

And the best Sinister 6

Posted by AbdullahZubair

Spiderman TAS because it was highly enjoyable and most of the episodes were continuation from the previous episodes. Meaning if you watch one episode,of then your hooked. It had great dialogues, great action, and superb villains. Mobius the vampire, green goblin ,black cat and the king pin!!! Besides who doesn't love it when he swings around town and his web finishes at the worst times. Personally, it's all i wanted from a spiderman show. They even showed captain America in an episode. I loved the spiderbug which peter transformed into . The only thing i hatedd was that they only Aired one episode a day on a channel in my country and i went on vacation before i saw the whole run. I had to watch it online. The other thing i hate is that why did they stop making it. Sometimes i even hum its opening tune

Posted by Txman210

Spectacular Spider-Man gets my vote

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Spectacular is my vote

I also like Amazing Friends for the character interaction between Pete/Bobby/Angelica, but it tended to handle villains very poorly.

TAS was godawful for the most part.

Posted by thenexusrebound

If your answer is not The Animated Series or Spectacular Spider-Man, you are voting wrong! :)

That is what I was thinking. I went Animated, but I loved Spectacular because it felt like a true spiritual successor.

Posted by MatthewParker

Spectacular Spider-Man!

Posted by MrMazz

Easily Spectacular Spider-man the best written and animated spider-man one could say the best adaptation from comics to screen (of any form).

90's spider man hasn't aged well even with nostalgia glasses

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Man that's a tough one. Amazing Friends, I guess.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Spectacular Spidey!!!!!!!!!


For me it's a toss up between The 90s animated series and Spectacular.

Posted by The Impersonator

I vote for 90s Spidey.

Edited by Perfect 10

would say ultimate but because i love the black cat so much going with the 90s series

Posted by naylor11

90s Animated Series

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@perfect_10: How could you possibly say Ultimate? it's just soooo hard to watch (ok the Iron Patriot episode was kinda cool) (also I don't mean this as an insult)

Posted by Perfect 10

@captainmarvel4ever: well its not hard for me to watch. its fun and funny. im a totally goofball so its my kind of show. i like narration, breaking of the fourth wall and the sitcom-esque feel to it. plus the ultimate new warriors (iron fist, white tiger) and that deadpool episode??? sigh loves it

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@perfect_10: Know what, I actually get that. I may not like this show, but I really like the Super Hero Squad Show, and absolutely love the 1960's Filmation Superman Aquaman Hour of Adventure (an absolute classic), so I can totally understand liking something a little different. Heck, I voted for the 60's Spider-Man series on this list.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Spectacular Spider-Man

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This isn't even a contest.

Spider-Man TAS (1994) wins

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Spider-Man The Animated Series get my vote and my childhood!

Posted by jwrose5

90s and Spectacular. Ultimate is too childish, the new animated series with NPH wasn't long enough to be considered good, 60's was so bad it was amazing, Spiderman and his Amazing friends and the 80's could've been so much better, and Unlimited was too short and the animation was kind of cheesy.

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Spectacular Spiderman. Favorite Peter Parker and favorite villains (Tombstone was bada**)

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Ultimate spiderman said no one ever I mean the dialogue Is just chesey and I feel like they are trying to recreat the Teen Titans

In every episode. So that's why I think in my opinion Spectacular Spider Man Is #1

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Definitely either Spectacular or the animated series b/c they at least didn't overdo the humor

Posted by Perfect 10
Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@perfect_10: No, I never want to see Captain Marvel adapted into a movie. Quite frankly when I heard about the news a small part of me died inside. To be perfectly honest, I may distance myself from comics forever because of that film. (yes I know I sound like a drama queen)

Posted by TheDudeMcDude

Spectacular Spider-Man gets my vote. I t was so darn well done. It still angers me that it got cancelled way to early.