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What would you do if you were the Warlord of Mars?

Warlord of Mars from Dynamite Entertainment hit store shelves this week. Based on the John Carter character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, today's readers have the chance to discover or re-discover the adventures of this character. While the first issue is only a dollar, it's possible you might have missed this at your local comic shop. We also interviewed writer Arvid Nelson about what he will be doing with the character. 
We are teaming up with Dynamite to offer you a chance to not just own issue #1, you can have all seven covers, including those really hard to get, dealer incentive covers. 


That's right, you can own the covers drawn by J. Scott Campbell, Joe Jusko, Lucio Parillo and Alex Ross. 
What do you have to do to win? Write a paragraph (a few sentences) explaining what you would do and what your adventures would be like if YOU were a "Warlord of Mars." Use your imagination. Your exploits will enter you in the contest and one wiener will be chosen at random and become the owner of all these comics. 
The contest begins today, October 14, 2010 and ends at 5:00 p.m. PT next Thursday, October 21, 2010. Also, I'm feeling generous so this contest will be open to all users, including international members. Good luck. And don't forget, issue #1 is already on sale in a comic shop near you.
Posted by crusader8463

So what's the point of the paragraph if the winner is just going to be picked at random?

Posted by G-Man
@crusader8463: Would you rather the winner be chosen based on their creativity? Just setting things up for a submission and trying to give everyone a fair chance. I figured a few sentences was something everyone could handle.
Posted by crusader8463
@G-Man:  Sorry it just seemed kind of odd to me that's all. Usually when you ask for something like that it's because you pick the winner on creativity. Just seems kind of out of place to me to ask for some creative writing then pick one at random. lol 
Don't mind me. I just woke up. Carry on.
Posted by Lustwish

I agree with that.

Posted by BringBackPowerPack

If I were a   "Warlord of Mars," I'd use my powers to remove the posts from crusader8463 from this thread.  Oh yea, and I'd have lots of sex.   My adventures would, therefore, revolve around censorship and sex.

Posted by Silkcuts

I would find the princess and make sure she looks like J. Scott Campbell's cover. Then I would go on quests to impress her.  After prove I am the Warlord of Mars, I would make her my Queen.  If money is an issue we will have a reality show that is spinned off from the "internet leak" of your "Home videos".
Or.... I would ride awesome alien monster steeds and go on crazy quest. 
whatever is more likely.

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I would travel back in time to stop myself from buying the issue, hoping to win all variants later
But seriously, good to see a contest open for everyone.

Posted by comicbikerscott


Posted by Asymmetrical

no, Become a Vampiri of Drakulon Contest? hmm, I might have to enter this...but when my brain is more alive

Posted by devil leonx

I would try to rule the kingdom with justice but also have a zero tolerance for certain crimes.I would also have a vast military fuel with only the toughest warriors that I can find.  i would also have multiple wifes one for everyday of the week and perhaps one for every month.I would also have personal trainers so that if I someone ever tries to kill me it would not be an easy kill.

Posted by cincyducksfan35

If I was a Warlord of Mars I would go straight to Earth to take on Travis Morgan. Figure a real Warlord would want to take out anyone else using my name, so Travis Morgan is going down. Then I'd just chill in Skataris and grow an awesome beard every day. Living the good life what what!

Posted by innocence

if i were a Warlord of Mars i would totally be hardcore. as a warlord, i would definitely fight, using my sword and good looks to distract the enemies. i would make my own martian oil and rub it all over my body to make myself glisten, and also when enemies try to grab my beautiful body i slip right out of their hands. i would then find a martian tiger, to ride on, and roam the lands bringing peace throughout mars and the war that's going on. "how?" might u ask. by, obviously, looking extremely sexy and aweing everyone.

Posted by greenenvy

Pretty epic little fun contest so I  would declare war on corruption on mars and win the heart of Deja Thoris. Yep basically what john cater himself is doing ha ha. 

Posted by sprinkles5656


Posted by snootchie_bootchies

To me this is pretty cool. i have a fondness for the old pulp/noir/retro science fiction, and to see it coming back for todays generation to be rediscovered is cool by me.

Posted by Mainline

If I were a Warlord of Mars I would secure my reign through technological superiority and my adventures would be much like Twain's "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" and less like Crichton's "Timeline" with a touch of Asprin's "Phule's Company".  As someone who used to hunt with black powder and as a war buff, I would bring modernized weaponry to Mars along with modernized calvary tactics, the ethics of covert operations and special forces, as well as gliders, kites, the telegraph, sterilization, assembly lines, vertical and horizontal integration, etc.  With military and technological superiority the move would be then to enact social reform to provide a stable, safe, and ethical self-sustaining world such that its citizens would never settle for anything less than enlightenment and progress.  I'd retire the title Warlord, hand over control to a governing body, and spend the rest of my days trying to achieve communications with Earth so I could be reunited with my Earth-bound loved ones.

Posted by Digraven


Posted by sabmmbad

If I was Warlord of Barsoom I'd go on many grand adventures over the red planet. I would use my sword fighting prowess and my murderous rage to dominate and overthrow the villianous scum that lay in front of my ultimate goal of discovering lost realms and laying claim to all lands and species. With all my tactical advantages from being in the 501st Cavalry. and the immense strength I gained from the Planet of Barsoom. I will make this planet my ultimate adventure.

Posted by tepper10

I would immediately use my domination of Mars to force J'onn J'onnz to do my biding, essentially controlling a super hero that could take on Superman....(oops, wrong universe)... uh, how about getting Dr. Mahattan to build that awesome fortress again as my palace!  No, that isn't this universe either.  What is this story about?  Are green men involved at all?
Posted by G-Man

Not gonna lie, some of these made me laugh. I just got the comics in the mail today. They will be ready to mail. Keep those entries coming.

Posted by G-Man

Today is the last day. Just a few sentences on what you do if you were the Warlord of Mars.

Posted by G-Man

Because Dynamite was generous and sent an extra set, I'm going to choose TWO winners.  
Congratulations to @Mainline: and @Silkcuts:  
PM me your mailing address and we'll get these comics out to you!

Posted by Mainline
@G-Man said:
" Because Dynamite was generous and sent an extra set, I'm going to choose TWO winners.  
Congratulations to @Mainline: and @Silkcuts:  PM me your mailing address and we'll get these comics out to you! "
Awesome, thanks Tony! 
Congrats, Slikcuts!
Posted by Silkcuts
@G-Man said:
" Because Dynamite was generous and sent an extra set, I'm going to choose TWO winners.  
Congratulations to @Mainline: and @Silkcuts:  PM me your mailing address and we'll get these comics out to you! "
Thanks G-Man (Tony)!
@Mainline: Congrats as well, thanks :D