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Comic Vine Community Star: CitizenBane

As we come to an end of an era, CitizenBane wins the last weekly Community Star award with the power of 1,000 Skeletors.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final weekly Community Star award! After this week, this award will become monthly, so we're at the end of a glorious era. Here at the Community Star, we take a look at someone super-awesome from our community and give them a virtual high five for all their hard work!

This week, we honor the battling beast known as CitizenBane! Although CB has only been here for about a year, he's really made a name for himself in the battle threads, the wiki portion of the site, and in the blog-o-sphere.

CB spends a lot of time in the battle forums, and he takes it very seriously. In fact, he spends so much time there, that his debating skills have moved into the realm of blogging. Check out Superman vs Batman to see what a real outcome to this battle would be. Also check out Thor and Hulk where CB breaks down all of their encounters and see what CB think would really happen!

Check out CB's blog about the JLA and Martian Manhunter in the DCnU as he breaks down how MM fits into the DCnU. Lastly, I really enjoyed CB's breakdown of the Flash's villains in this blog and how they're all humans. I just like any blog that covers Mirror Master in any aspect.

CB has also put a lot work into the wiki portion of the site. He's put almost 5,500 points worth of work into the Donna Troy page, 3,700 points into Bane's page, 2,900 points into the Sinestro page, and 2,200 points into Zoom's page. He's got four other pages with over 1,000 points of work in them, and he's edited 168 pages for a total of 31,000 points.

To celebrate his awesomeness on the site, I sat down with him and gave him a hard hitting interview which is one for the history books!

Hello CitizenBane! How are you doing today?

  • I'm good. I had a set of exams that just concluded, so I feel like a weight's literally been lifted off my shoulders.

How did you find out about Comic Vine?

  • I googled a battle a long time ago because I was curious about the result. I am ashamed to admit that the battle in question was Superman vs Batman.

What got you into reading comic books?

  • I used to watch Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited all the time when I was a kid, and I loved those shows so much that my parents used to buy the comics that were based directly on them for me. That was my first introduction to the medium, but unfortunately I can no longer remember anything from any of those issues. I remember a JLU comic with Flash and the Phantom Stranger in it, but that's about it.

Do you remember your first comic book?

  • Like I said, it would have been one of those JLU books, but I don't remember any of them. The first comic book whose contents I can actually remember would have been Ultimate Spider-Man #22, which I read at a friend's house. That was my first introduction to Marvel, and a few years later I started reading a ton of old Fantastic Four issues. They quickly became one of my favorite comic book super teams, awful movie and sequel aside. I was an infrequent reader before that, at one point I read the Hush TPB and thought it was the greatest thing in the history of literature. *smacks past self*

Who is your favorite comic book character and why?

What's the single worst comic book issue you've ever read and why?

  • There's a lot of pretty awful comic books to choose from, lol. I don't keep track of all of them apart from the usual suspects like Ultimatum or All Star Batman & Robin. Most recently of course, there's Avengers vs X-Men, which is shaping up to be certifiably lousy. Hopefully Hickman can redeem it when he starts the second act.

Who's your favorite artist and what story line of theirs is your favorite?

  • Lee Bermejo for his work on Noel, Joker and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and Amanda Conner for her work on Power Girl. Jim Lee's a given.

Who's you favorite writer and what story line of theirs is your favorite?

  • Warren Ellis. His work on The Authority, Transmetropolitan and Planetary is excellence wrapped in text bubbles.

What book do you look most forward to every month?

What's the worst, out of what you've personally played, comic book related video game of all time and why?

  • I haven't really played that many comic book related video games. I've played both Arkham games, one Ultimate Spider-Man game (all three for the PC) and one Iron Man game (for the PS2). I'll say Iron Man.............I sucked at it, as I recall.

Total Recall remake. How do you feel about it?

  • Never seen the original, but there are few things that Arnold Schwarzenegger has done that cannot be drastically improved upon, so full speed ahead.

What are you excited more for this summer, Dark Knight Rises or Avengers and why?

  • With a name like CitizenBane..........I think TDKR is the movie to watch this summer. Tom Hardy as Bane is an inspired choice imo. I'm a fan of both Anne Hathaway and Catwoman, and while I'm unsure of her casting it still interests me. At the same time, I think Avengers is going to be a blast. I'm mainly watching it for RDJ as Iron Man.

Quick: Your place is going down and you have 5 minutes left, what do you do?

  • I'd un to the cockpit, splash scalding hot tea in the pilot's face, and attempt to steer the plane myself, before realizing that logging hundreds of hours on Microsoft Flight Simulator does not translate into actually being able to fly a plane, and then curse my fate as gravity does that thing she does.

Any last words for the viners out there?

  • Zoom solos.

BIG thanks to CitizenBane for asnwering these questions and give him a big congrats for winning the award!

We will be back at the end of May with another Community Star Award, and I'll see you next week with a new feature!

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Congrats Baney.

Posted by Funrush


Posted by Lvenger

Congratulations Bane! Can't believe I forgot to vote but you definitely deserve this award in my eyes!

Posted by The Impersonator

Posted by Zabilac


Posted by The Stegman


Posted by haydenclaireheroes


Posted by venomoushatred1001

Congartz, CitizenBane :)

Posted by LordRequiem

I'm a firm believer in casting actors that bare resemblance to their comic book character counterparts (alliteration much?!). Obviously this is done relative to the realism factor, but I can't help but think that Hardy, brilliant actor as he is, has the physical imposition required, as he is shorter than Bale (if I'm not mistaken).

BTW AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (as they've called it in the UK) is a very, very good film, far better than the trailers let on!

Posted by Dernman


Posted by TheGoldenOne
Congrats, man :)
Posted by Icon


Posted by Deranged Midget

Oh hell yeah! Congrats mate!

Posted by The Poet


Posted by Spectre108

Yess!! 'bout time!!

Posted by yo_yo_fun

Congrats! :)

Posted by SpidermanWins

Congratulations CB

Posted by Dernman

It seems winning the Umbrella Award wasn't on his list of accomplishments. :P 

Posted by ThexX


Posted by difficlus

Congrats Bane!!!

Posted by Mercy_


Posted by revbucky

Awesome! You deserve it.

Posted by Decept-O

Congrats, CitizenBane!

Another fun interview as well.

Posted by RazzaTazz

Donna Troy solos!

Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by Renchamp

Great "work".

Posted by Soulstealer

Congrats! ^_^

Posted by ApatheticAvenger


Posted by silverlord90

What's the prize =D

Posted by *Void*


@Dernman said:

It seems winning the Umbrella Award wasn't on his list of accomplishments. :P

lol. I remember the day got that.

Posted by nickthedevil

Zoom SOLOS!!!!

Posted by lykopis

Solo ZOOMS....uhm......

Posted by royale_with_cheese

I'm guessing the interviewer meant to say "plane" instead of place, seeing as how Bane refers to running to a cockpit lol....Congratz anywho.

Posted by Mildor


I cannot be more disagree with you: I don´t need to see Nolans movie to afirm that would not achieve even a bare reflect of the Knightfall saga. In fact Im really pissed . Hardy make no justice to Bane; Nolan omits like 80% of what Bane is . By negating his physical appearance to that of the the original source: Nolan will fail to show what defines the villain and his epic contribution in Batmans along with the lesson teached in the original Knightfall.(You dont need a fk Hamlet actor to play Bane role you need to put and actor that provides Bane´s impresions loyal to the original source. I though Nolan had seen the importance of that and not putting a fashionable actor.

scwd characters in previuos movies:

Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen great man great actor but make no justice to Mags)

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds please GOD end my misery)


Captain America (Chris Evan reflect caps but he was previously Human Torch, please more respect to the characters)

Wolverine( Hugh Jackman does not reflect Logan, but even I cannot denied what this actor contribute to create Comic Movies a business along what he do with Wolverine) He is the exception of the rule

Better Impossible

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man in flesh & bone)

The Joker (do i have to said something)

Posted by cbishop

Congrats, CB.

Posted by Silkcuts

Congrats buddy

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Congrats CitizenBane, you definitely earned it.

Posted by RainEffect

LMAO at your last words.

Congrats mate, you seriously deserve it.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Way to go man!

Posted by sora_thekey

Awesome! Congrats Bane!

Posted by Illuminatus

So, Bane, tell me all about Donna Troy. :p

Seriously though, congratulations.

Posted by Dex_Starr


Posted by Saren

@Mercy_ said:


Someone with some sense

Posted by Mercy_

@CitizenBane said:

@Mercy_ said:


Someone with some sense

I'll always be here to help you tone your ego down, Mr. Drunk Hulk.

Posted by Saren

Anyways, thank you all.

@Mercy_ said:

@CitizenBane said:

@Mercy_ said:


Someone with some sense

I'll always be here to help you tone your ego down, Mr. Drunk Hulk.

Watched the movie yet? Hulk smashed.

Posted by Lady_Liberty

Zoom solos. Priceless.

Posted by beatboks1

@The Impersonator said:

@LordRequiem said:

BTW AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (as they've called it in the UK) is a very, very good film, far better than the trailers let on!

Best superhero movie in ages

Posted by RyuHayabusa

@The Impersonator said:

Posted by Morpheus_
      Well deserved, Citizen.
Posted by cyberninja


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