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Comic Vine Battle of the Week RESULTS: Batman/Katana vs TMNT (Animated Versions!)

Both shows are plenty of fun, but which side would win in a brawl? See what the community and staff have to say about this one. Plus, the voice of Katana and a TMNT writer chimes in!

Batman and Katana from Beware the Batman or the Heroes in a Half Shell from Nick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The community has had the entire week to think about this brawl and, now that all of the votes are in, a clear winner has been determined. There's just no denying Bruce Wayne and Tatsu Yamashiro's talent, but in the end, the Comic Vine community thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will win this encounter.

The Comic Vine community is pretty confident in their choice, too. The Ninja Turtles received 63% of the votes, while team Beware the Batman earned 32%. 5% believe this one is just too close to call. Key arguments which were made in the mutants' favor were obviously focused on their numbers advantage, capabilities as fighters as they've faced a variety of challenges, and teamwork. However, it's worth noting that the group usually doesn't have exceptional teamwork right off the bat (so not an intentional pun, I swear) and, keep in mind, they are still quite young. They'll work together eventually, but cohesive teamwork right when things get ugly doesn't seem too probable.

While Batman's skill wasn't too impressive early on in the show, it's worth noting his skill has seen a large improvement (e.g. wrecking Silver Monkey, facing Lady Shiva). His gear should also play a large role. His weaponry is varied and he was even able to temporarily restrain Metamorpho, a character with super-human strength, after all. So if he gets one of those grappling lines on one of the Turtles, that would definitely count as an incapacitation. Meanwhile, Katana's more than proven she can hold her own against multiple threats at once. She may not have feats up to par with Leonardo and the others, but she's not going to be a cake walk for anyone, either. Even if this team does lose in the end, they're going to definitely give the Turtles one heck of a fight. But that's just the thoughts of one Comic Vine writer playing devil's advocate, so let's go ahead and see what other people have to say abut this one.

Viner Argument of the Week for TMNT is by EvilPenguin543

"Batman and Katana. Why? Because he's Batman!

Just kidding. I think Team TMNT takes this one. They have years of experience fighting together and training as a team, whereas Batman and Katana have only been working as a team for a little while. Also, the Beware the Batman version of Batman isn't as skilled as other versions of him, so the four turtles could take him out, though it would be difficult.

Katana has the skills to be a threat to the turtles, as she has infiltrated the League of Assassins and had some training with them. If it came to a sword vs. sword fight, Leo could easily beat Katana. Leo basically grew up with a sword(s) in his hands. Leo has been shown to have the skill level to defeat Karai, someone who is stronger than Katana.

The landscape is one more familiar to the Turtles than Batman/Katana. Batman usually operates in a city with few people around, and even then he tends to drive his Batmobile (which is not available to him here) and fight in the streets. The Turtles are used to running (and skateboarding) on rooftops and know how to utilize that to their advantage.

Team TMNT wins this fight, though Batman and Katana will be no pushovers."

Sumalee Montano, the voice of Katana on Beware the Batman

"I love TMNT. I grew up watching them. That being said, Batman and Katana would totally win. Two experienced, hardened pros vs. squabbling teenagers? Remember, Katana infiltrated and evaded the League of Assassins, by herself. Her sword is one of the most powerful weapons on the planet (Hello? It steals people's souls). Plus Batman's utility belt dispenses pizza...."


"Normally, I'd give Batman a lot more credit -- but this Dark Knight, while certainly someone to be wary of, is new to the game. The TMNT, while a bit goofy, can lose their pupils and get down to business as a team. Four young and more than competent ninjas, I'd say, have the edge over a Bat at the early end of his career."

If you took time to vote or post in the debate, please reward yourself with a pat on the back or a cookie of your choice -- you've earned it. Now, this is usually where there's a teaser for next week's battle, but -- brace yourself -- there won't be one due to the holidays. But fear not, there will be a poll next week. For what, though? Well, you'll just have to check back on Monday to find out!

Who do you side with and why, Viners? Get your elaboration on below!

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I wish I had a belt that dispensed pizza

Posted by ColaNicole

I think a team battle would be good. Like Teen Titans and one of the younger Marvel teams. Or JL and Avengers, that kinda thing.

Posted by Wolverine08

Couldn't really get any good research done since I've been busy this week, going to be free the next two weeks so I hope the battles of the week are great :D

Posted by Dstick88

I hadn't watched much of this batman, but he is batman so i am surprised he lost.

Edited by HushoftheWind

I envision this fight as if it was turtles vs Karai and Shredder, and as seen in the show the turtles arent ready for Shredder just yet. But i can understand why people voted for tmnt, hell i voted for the tmnt b/c on merit of it being a better show lol.

Posted by GothamRed

new teen titans vs New warriors (original team, plus whatever recruits after that make the numbers even)

Posted by PunyParker

@dstick88 said:

I hadn't watched much of this batman, but he is batman so i am surprised he lost.

Here,have my coockie,you awesome man.

Posted by iceslick

@jonny_anonymous: Me too, that was pretty funny. Funny avatar pic by the way, I like it. lol

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@iceslick: Thanks, I just wish I could condense this in ti an avatar

Edited by iceslick

@jonny_anonymous: Yeah, that would be pretty hard to fit in there. I noticed that picture is a cool nod to that Spider-Man cover, sweet! I got catch on Judge Dredd someday though. I really loved that movie that came out recently.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@iceslick: Yea I at the caption at the bottom left. Yea Dredd was a great film.

Edited by patrat18

Where are all the "Batman always wins" comments.

Posted by mtrakos


Posted by Mezmero

The argument of the week nails it. There's really not much reason to beware a version of Batman that gets beat up by the most humdrum of street toughs and yet is somehow able to hold his own against a squad of LoA ninjas. The heroes in a half shell have better feats among the TV universes. Half the time Bruce gets saved by Alfred, Katana, or by pure luck. TMNT have taken down insanely powered baddies as a team and the BtB team just don't have the chemistry just yet.

Posted by EvilPenguin543

I won the argument of the week?! I would like to thank the Comic Vine crew for putting this all together, and I'd like to thank my dad for being the one who introduced me to comics.

If this were the Batman: The Animated Series Batman and Robin fighting the turtles, Batman and Robin would win. This Batman just isn't experienced enough.

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse

Meh, I disagree.

Posted by Wolverine08
Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse
Posted by frozenedge

I totally forgot that once the Turtles lose their pupils, it's all serious business after that. Six pupil-less badasses in a fight would definitely be something amazing to witness

Edited by pingclang

So glad the Turtles won.

Posted by k4tzm4n
Posted by Ms. Omega


Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Now I got another idea for a battle; Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins vs The Shredder and the Foot Clan.

Edited by mannthias

i think we need a team battle of the younger teams like the new avergers (might be making that up can not remember) vs the teen titans or young justice or even some of the x men (not all of them way too many duh) or something like this

Posted by Dstick88
Posted by PunyParker