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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Arkillo vs. Hulk

Who's left standing when these two titans clash? Plus, there's a tease for who's brawling next week!

Voting and debate is now over for the first 'Comic Vine Battle of the Week' between two massively heavy hitters! Arkillo was Sinestro's second in command for a reason. He's an incredibly formidable and fearsome character and had no problem slaughtering numerous Green Lanterns and giving Kilowog all kinds of hell during the Sinestro Corps War. Eventually, it took crushing him with a gigantic aircraft carrier and then hitting him with a blast to keep him down for the count. But Hulk is especially notorious for being incredibly difficult to put down as well, and as you know, the longer he's in the fight, the more devastating his smashing will become. So, who did the Comic Vine community think would win if these two strong characters (current versions) went head-to-head in an unpopulated city? According to 64% of them, the Green Goliath would knock Arkillo out.

The current leader of the Sinestro Corps earned 34% of the votes and 2% -- including myself -- thought it was too close to call. Despite Arkillo's potential with his ring, the community favors Hulk's raw physical might and the fact he'll grow stronger and stronger over time. In turn, this renders him much more difficult to defeat, too. Additionally, Arkillo's mindset is an immediate disadvantage when fighting someone like the Hulk. As seen in his numerous fights with Kilowog, Arkillo's a brutal and arrogant brawler. He seems to relish a physical challenge and, despite using his ring for an assortment of projectiles and melee weapons in combat, he isn't prone to immediately using it for more complex and tactical options which would be really effective in this scenario. This could be a huge mistake against the Jade Giant and when he does eventually reach a conclusion he needs to focus more on using his ring and keeping a distance between the two, Hulk may be too strong at that point and shatter the constructs. Honestly, I think a rational argument can be made for either character in this case and just don't see either winning with ease.

Viner Argument of the Week for the Hulk is by Extremis:

"I think Hulk takes this. Barely though as this would be one hell of a fight. Arkillo could simply BFR, but judging on the character it's more within him to want to go toe to toe with hulk on land like he did with Wog before even thinking about BFR. He'd hang in for quite a bit, using constructs and what not but ultimately I don't think he'd expect the Hulk to be so durable; not for his strength to grow so significantly. I think by the time Arkillo realizes his strength is bested (which he wouldn't openly believe as he is a beast character) Hulk would be too angry, too strong and Arkillo's chances of removing Hulk in a construct become very very slim. Hulk could probably easily break such a construct at that point as not only for his increased rage and strength, but because Arkillo's power ring charge would surely be waning.

Hulk wins by a nose, and basically Arkillo's hubris, in a fight for the ages. If this was a more thought out lantern, this would be a completely different story as BFR would easily take this. Someone like Hal, Sinestro or Kilowog would pull this out. Ultimately though, that makes this a great battle choice!"

What does Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero, Editor-in-Chief of CV, think about Arkillo vs. Hulk?

"Batman wins."

What about fellow staff writer, Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring?

"Which Hulk are we using here? Maestro Hulk, World War Hulk, Planet Hulk, Grey Hulk, Red Hulk, Hulk Kababobs, Hulk Creole, Hulk Gumbo, Pan-fried, deep-fried, stir-fried, pineapple Hulk, lemon Hulk, coconut Hulk, cave Hulk, Hulk stew, or Old Man Logan Hulk? Either way, I give this one to Hulk because the more you hurt him, the angrier he gets and he's has a lot more time with his powers. Akrillo is still relatively new to his powers. What I'm saying is that I like Hulk more and logic be darned!"

And finally, what about Mark Waid, the writer of INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK?

"Hulk doesn't need jewelry to fight."

Last but certainly not least, here's a tease for next week's battle! Have fun guessing and check the homepage on Monday to see who the characters are. Keep in mind, I never stated this feature would be only Marvel vs. DC battles!

Previous 'Comic Vine Battle of the Week' results

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. This is the part where he shamelessly plugs his Twitter page in hopes of getting a new follower or two.

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Posted by guttridgeb

I'm pretty sure that's Snake-Eyes on the left, not sure about the other one.

Edited by theTimeStreamer

really? snake eyes vs x-23? such a weird choice. could be good though.

Posted by Vortex13
Posted by AlKusanagi

Definitely Snake-Eyes. Is that Black Canary?

Edited by kennybaese

Snake Eyes v. Electra?

While I really like Arkillo, I do think that the argument that his hubris would undermine him is a good one.

Edited by trebean

I can make out Snake Eyes, but I don't recognize the woman

Posted by xtremekidx

Snake eyes?thought it was deadpool...

Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

I completely and totally disagree with this

Edited by broo1232

X-23 and Snake eyes?

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Snake Eyes definitely. Not sure who the other character is.

Posted by iaconpoint

@trebean: why is your answer hidden?

How about Snake Eyes vs. Darth Vader vs. Batman vs. Deadpool vs. X-23? IT'S ON!!!

Edited by ShadowX

Snake eyes vs. X-23 this will be intresting. I know a decent amoun of x-23 but I don't know alot about Snake eyes

Edited by MuyJingo

I still think this was a silly pick.

Ring > Hulk > Arkillo.

If the ring is out of the count, then Hulk win, no question.

If the ring is being used, it's no contest, Arkillo wins.

While Arkillo may not tend to use advanced constructs, he wouldn't have been made drill sergeant if he wasn't capable of. Once he sees Hulk is out of his league,the ring comes out and Hulk has no chance.

Is there a way we can vote or suggest pairups for this feature? A non Marvel/DC pairup I think would be interesting is Indy vs Lara Croft.

Posted by ironshadow

Snake-Eyes vs X-23 next week.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Snake eyes?thought it was deadpool...

Look at the face mask. Deadpool's mask is flat, Snake Eyes' mask has the raised area at his eyes.

Posted by deadpoolrules

Snake eyes?thought it was deadpool...


Edited by WaveMotionCannon

"Hulk doesn't need jewelry to fight" - Mark Waid.

That is all.

Posted by Zeeguy91

I'm thinking its gonna be Deadpool vs. Lady Shiva for the next match up.

Posted by Beserkerfury

This site is filled with Hulk fanboys,the outcome of this "battle" was decided before it even started.

Posted by MrShway88

Tony has the best answer

Edited by The Stegman

I love how with Hulk people like to label others in two categories.

People who pick Hulk to win a battle= Hulk Fanboys

People who pick Hulk to lose a battle= Hulk Haters

Gotta love the internet.

Posted by FlashDamn

Snake Eyes vs X-23

Edited by The Stegman

@theacidskull: Two posts above mine it's brought up, plus there was that recent "Y U gotta hate Hulk?" thread that surfaced.

Edited by k4tzm4n

Complaining over popularity being a factor is so petty to me. First and foremost, it's obvious that'll play some kind of role and it's not like you're making some keen observation that no one else noticed until you presented it. Anyone and everyone is allowed to vote. I grant 5 days so people can do research, read the debate and get all of the facts, but obviously a lot of people will let bias take the wheel and they're free to vote however they want. But how does complaining about that week after week help at all? How about instead of complaining, do something about it. Next time, cheerlead for the character you believe would legitimately win. Make a great argument, present scans, win over votes and most of all, spread the word.

Or, you can just QQ and do nothing productive about it. You're free to do either, but one is far more respectable. Just saying.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

"Hulk Doesn't need Jewelry to fight."


you all sure it's Snake Eyes? not Deadpool, cuz the outline look alike...

Edited by Cezar_TheScribe

Horrible outcome.

Bias popularity would not save the Hulk if this fight ever happened. ;)

Posted by Ninjablade09

Snake eyes and I don't know the woman (or man for all we know).

Edited by Yurtigo


Posted by Kerrigan

If we're in character, how often do Lanterns actually use BFR? I only read the comics occasionally.

And I think you could make a pretty good argument for Hulk being able to smash constructs right away. Supes didn't need to break a sweat to do so in JL #2. I know he's stronger than Hulk, but it's not hard to imagine Hulk matching the feat with all his might.

Posted by Racob7

I completely and totally disagree with this

As do I. It's rubbish I tell you!

Edited by Extremis

Hulk wins, but it's a lot closer than people seem to think...

Posted by thenexusrebound

Snake-eyes vs X-23... No offense Snake-eyes you would have you hands full.

Posted by doombot890

wouldn't it be funny if during the fight between Hulk and Akrillo a yellow power ring floated up to Hulk saying

"Bruce Banner of Earth, you have the ability to instil great fear, welcome to the Sinestro Corps"

that would be pretty great

Posted by lmothander


Edited by lmothander

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

buh, I thought my comment was better:

Hulk wins cause...

Edited by KRYPTON

Snake Eyes is winning this won

Posted by young_beamer


maybe electra or x-23

Edited by Kerrigan

Logan himself has had trouble with ninja types in the past, so this probably won't be a walk in the park for X-23. Still, usual random meeting without time to prepare against a clawed healing mutant trained to kill from birth, it ends thusly:

Posted by Kerrigan

And it is X-23:

Edited by frogjitsu

Deodato Jr. Hulk ftw! Man, Deodato's 'roided up art style is sic on the Hulk. Too awesome! What a yellow lantern hulk knockoff going to do against the real deal? His little puny "fear" powers will be of no use. Hulk don't fear him. Hulk SMAAASH!!!

Yes next week snake eyes vs X-23. X-23 got this in the bag. What's a ninja going to her? She eat him in her sleep.

Edited by comicace3

Deodato Jr. Hulk ftw! Man, Deodato's 'roided up art style is sic on the Hulk. Too awesome! What a yellow lantern hulk knockoff going to do against the real deal? His little puny "fear" powers will be of no use. Hulk don't fear him. Hulk SMAAASH!!!

Yes next week snake eyes vs X-23. X-23 got this in the bag. What's a ninja going to her? She eat him in her sleep.

awwww yeah!!!

Anyways I think arkillo shoudl've won

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