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Comic-Con: Stan Lee/BOOM! Studios Announcement

What do Stan Lee and BOOM! Studios have planned?

Kicking off San Diego Comic-Con's Preview Night, BOOM! Studios and Stan Lee teamed up to reveal three characters you can expect to see soon in a comic shop near you. Stan was asked what was the "a-ha" moment that made him want to go forward with a partnership with BOOM!? 

They offered a lot of money. Seriously, I've liked the work that BOOM! has done. It sounded exciting where I could sort of be like an overall editor or buttinski. They create the books and they bring them to me. 'What do you think of this idea? How do you like this? Let's talk about the art?' So I felt as though I was back in the Bullpen again like I used to be at Marvel.

What can we expect from BOOM! and Stan Lee?
  == TEASER ==

In October we can expect Soldier Zero by Paul Cornell and Javier Pina. Cornell said he was "incredibly pleased" to be working with Stan since he basically taught him how to read. (Stan's reply to this was "And I never made a penny from it"). This is the only exception Cornell has to his exclusive contract with DC. When he mentioned he had the chance to work with Stan Lee, DC said of course they'd allow it. The character is a "chap who's in a wheelchair" who gets the chance, bonded with an alien soldier, to get out of the chair to do "extraordinary superheroic stuff." The book will "talk" to wheelchair users, representing that community and also appeal to everybody.

In November Mark Waid and Chad Hardin will give us The Traveler. Waid and Hardin have a mutual love of history and time travel. This is their chance to create a story that isn't The Terminator or The Time Machine. The Traveler is an agent sent back to save us from the Split Second Men, a group of super-powered assassins from the future who have their own idea on how they want the future to be. What makes this different is the Traveler doesn't follow the rule of "don't mess with history." He wouldn't let Kennedy get shot if he was there. He does what he feels needs to be done and worries about the repercussions later.

In December we can expect Starborn by Chris Roberson and Khary Randolph. The story is about a regular guy on Earth who has dreams of adventures in space and discovers he's the heir to an alien empire. He finds out that his dad was actually a bad guy and the ones he's fighting are the freedom fighters that over threw his dad. It's a generation after the good guys have won, but now the good guys aren't so good anymore.

Stan Lee said that creating characters is fun. 

What would I like to read? What hasn't anyone created yet?

In a few months we'll be able to find out more on the answers to those questions.

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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Stan Lee taught Paul Cornell how to read? Is there anything that man can't do?

Posted by ComicMan24

I like these characters.

Posted by tonis

Great to see Stan doing what he does best - nuff said

Posted by TheMess1428

Stan Lee should become a teacher and start a college course on comic book history.

Posted by ARMIV

Awesome lookin' supers!
Posted by blds_bane

Cant wait

Posted by 00 Raiser

Something new in the comic book industry is always welcomed.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

The Traveler caught my interest already

Posted by mystery997

These charcters interest me and stan lee in this with Boom together wow 
never thought i'd see the day where some of my favorite things in the comic industry come together its happened before just not like this  
Posted by ViciousCesar!
Posted by KevinSevenNgo

Soldier Zero looks pretty good, kind of looking like one iron mans off beaten suits, but good.

Posted by DH69

pretty cool lookin

Posted by ShirEPanjshir
@KevinSevenNgo:  Yeah. He reminded me of Iron Man as well.
Interesting looking stuff. Gah, don't have the money to follow anymore comics than I already do :(.
Posted by ComicMan24
@ViciousCesar! said:
"i might pick up starborn, just for the heck of it evn though... 
something reminds me of Invincible. lol

It does have some similarities. Ignore my previous post, I misread your post and couldn't edit it.
Posted by G'bandit

I like Soldier Zero and Starborn.. Can't say the same of the Traveler.. 
@~The Wanderer~: Although Traveler's outfit reminds me of Wando for some reason  O_O

Posted by ~The Wanderer~
@G'bandit said:
" @~The Wanderer~: Although Traveler's outfit reminds me of Wando for some reason  O_O "
Meh..I don't see it :P
Posted by modestmoose

Diggin the Traveler, capes should never die.

Posted by CombatCraigFM

So Soldier Zero is Avatar the comic...

Posted by G'bandit
@~The Wanderer~:  Slaps! You're wearing it! I command you! :P
Posted by ~The Wanderer~
@G'bandit: Nah..just the cape and hood.  The rest is uncool.
Posted by NightFang

Awesome, can't wait!

Posted by ComicCrazy

The characters look excellent!!!
Posted by Hawkeye446


Posted by Aspenite

Looks like Iron Man...

Posted by Nerdmotron

The Soldier Zero design is pretty cool, not that original, but pretty cool.

Posted by SoulTakerX

I might pick up starborn.

Posted by Rutger_Strahd

This could be really cool!

Posted by Biondello

Looks cool, I really love what Boom! has been turning out lately I'll probably pick one up.

Posted by Stratege

Great news!

Posted by The Fastest Man Alive


Posted by Lombaszko

It's great DC let  Paul Cornell work on this project with Stan Lee.  Just shows how much respect the guy gets in the industry.

Posted by MisterDK

Starborn looks cool.

Posted by ripper525


Posted by xscarletkittie

Wait, since when did Paul Cornell get an exclusive contract with DC? Isn't he doing a bunch of work for Marvel?

Posted by DeathinFire

Wait, so what exactly is it Stan Lee is doing?  I know they mentioned all those other people and the comics they're making, but why is Stan Lee there?
Posted by Stormultt

OMG! i wanna marry stan!
Posted by excalibur5150

It sounds to me that Stan Lee isn't involved with these books hands on, but more of a creative consultant. "Like what do you think of this idea Mr. Lee?  Good or bad?" 
I don't blame Paul Cornell one bit for going exclusive with DC, he had one the BEST marvel books and orchestrated wonderful story lines with Captain Britain & MI-13 and... poof!   marvel pulls the plug on him because they thought of a better stroyline with Dracula.  Go somewhere where you're respected and treated with respect and just spoken about as if you have respect. 
All of these books sound interesting, The Traveller sounds the most original to me.   How mant times have you watched a TV show or movie that had time travel in it and wondered what if the time traveller didn't care? 
Because of Mr. Cornell's involvement with Soldier Zero I will definitely be picking up that book as well!  I have faith that it will be a very memorable storyline!
Posted by Theodore

Looks interesting

Posted by CaptHowdy

I LOVE Boom!  Studios.... but mainly for their horror titles such as Fall of Cthulhu, X-Isle, and Second Wave type stuff.  Not really sure if I'll enjoy the superhero stuff.

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

starborn's suit looks alot like the new iron man armour with the multiple repulsors.

Posted by kareem

I swear if i was a girl...never mind. But seriously Starborn looks the most interesting to me.

Posted by dan1509

Looks interesting, so its not Marvel either, hmmmm :P

Posted by AlexRRR

this looks pretty awesome, i am going to get my hands on this

Posted by TheWiFiJedi

I think Starborn and The Traveler look pretty cool
Posted by IrishX

Traveler's story sounds interesting. Not interested in the others.
Posted by Bobby X

@CombatCraigFM said:

"So Soldier Zero is Avatar the comic... "


That's exactly what I got out of it too lol 
Well, Paul Cornell is writing it so I'll porbably check it out anyways...
Posted by dondasch

Really looking forward to this.  I think the idea of not worrying about what you do in the past is going to produce great writing and scenarios.

Posted by Sammo21

Looks cool, but the only costume design I'm digging at first is Soldier Zero.

Posted by Marcovaldo

I don't know, if he didn't write anything for Marvel in all these years, there must be a reason...

Posted by Blackestnight