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Comic-Con: Red Liveblog Panel

Adaptation of Warren Ellis' graphic novel, in movie fun fun


2:30 - About to begin the Red panel, an adaptation of Warren Ellis' graphic novel starring Bruce Willis.
2:35 - Ok, I get it... We can't film what is on the screen. SDCC-Man, that's what I'm calling him, says the same old stuff. Ohhh teaser,,,  So far, looks comedic.... morgan freeman is always a plus. I'll see anything Mary Lousie-Parker is in. Overall teaser is enjoyable and pretty funny. Warren Ellis takes his sweet time sitting down. His hat and facial hair look glorious as always. Mary-Lousie Parker is here, and I'm officially excited. Helan Mirran is also here, she's wearing a Harvey Pekar shirt... And now Bruce Willis is coming out. He looks ready to party.
2:40 Lorenzo Di Bonaventura explains over and over that the film will be a lot of fun and contain much action and comedy. Fun is brought up again... Seriously, they've said the word "fun" over and over again. Bruce Willis just said it like 7 times. Bruce's table card reads "Karl Urban." Helen Mirren talks about Harvey Pekar and his impact on the world. The "real" Karl Urban starts talking and lots of women are going nuts. I have no clue who this guy is. He praises Bruce Willis for being a big action star.
2:45 Mary Louise Parker is a lot like her character on Weeds, Nancy Botwin, she too used the word "fun" a couple times. Warren Ellis jokes he's rich enough to buy us. "I wanted them to make an adaptation, not a translation." He's straight to the point. Trailer time.... 

2:50 New trailer looks a lot of "fun." Not kidding, looks quick, cool, and action pack with a large dash of comedy. For those who don't know, the film is about retired CIA agents who are being hunted by the CIA. Bruce Willis jokingly thinks this is a romantic comedy. Question 1: This woman has asked like three questions today... What was the funniest moment on the set? Willis: "There were 1,000 funny moments. I hope everyone understands acting is a really difficult job. You have to get dressed up and hang out with beautiful woman... Remember recess? There wasn't one moment funnier than the others." The twins are back and asking What do you think it would be like to be John Malkovich? (Who is also in this film) Mirren: "he's very kind, very sweet, and very fun to be with." 
3:05 Guy with the Flynn's arcade shirt on is back up again. He's asked a question at EVERY panel . More talk about acting and the art of it; however, I can stare at Mary-Louise Parker.... Lots of softball questions. Bruce Willis is making some comedic and snide remarks about acting. He's a funny guy, maybe even "fun." I'd hang out with him. A serious question was asked to Ellis about obstacles about making films. He made another money joke. He is also very amusing. Again, who is Karl Urban and why do women love him?
All done!3:07 I just realized who Karl Urban is... I didn't know he had that many fans. Karl talks about stunts and the physicality of his character on the set. His trainer choked him out during the training. Yep. Ouch. Was there ad-libbing or blues playing? Bruce tried not to sing. I love some of these guys asking questions. Another question about acting to Helen Mirren. She says fun 2 times. "It was great to have guns instead of words. Long speechers are harder than shooting." Weird Question about working with Morgan Freeman. "I learned how to say genre today." In the words of Sora_The_Key "Too man analogies." Agreed. He rambled and avoided the question completely. He's still the man.

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Oeh. Interesting.
Still love to see Bruce Willis acting. 

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Inferier Ego.... I do believe you need to reset your watch to Pacific time! :)

Posted by EisforExtinction

 Mary Louise Parker a lot like her character on Weeds, Nancy Botwin, IS HOT AS HELL.

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

I saw the trailer for this awhile back and was intrigued

Posted by inferiorego
@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Inferier Ego.... I do believe you need to reset your watch to Pacific time! :) "
lol... my laptop didn't do it automatically oops
p.s. my butt hurts
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.
@inferiorego said:
" @Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Inferier Ego.... I do believe you need to reset your watch to Pacific time! :) "
lol... my laptop didn't do it automatically oops  p.s. my butt hurts "
Ha I bet! 
I justd added the RED trailer to your post.  I got your back.
Posted by AirDave817

I've seen a preview of this...this movie looks like it could be a lot of - - wait for it - - fun.

Posted by inferiorego
@Red L.A.M.P.: You're my boy blue.... or red
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

@inferiorego: Karl Urban is the Russian spy guy from one of the Bourne movies, he's also Dr. McCoy in the Star Trek movie that just came out.

Posted by johnny_spam

This look more interesting then the comic book which read like one of the most phoned in things ever the idea that an action movie with people in retirement is funny. 

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.
@inferiorego said:
" @Red L.A.M.P.: You're my boy blue.... or red "
Ok video has been removed from the post.  I think we over wrote eachother. Ha
Posted by Agent Buttons
Can't wait for this movie
Posted by SoftCoreDave

RED looks like it could be a laugh, this is the first i've seen of it

Posted by NightFang
@Agent Buttons said:
" Can't wait for this movie "
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Not to be overly excited about this but with this cast, it would be pretty hard for them to make a bad movie.

Posted by dondasch

Will give this one a look.  Morgan Freeman is a great actor and I dont' mind Mary Louise Parker at all.  
@inferiorego If you hear the word "fun" one more time, will you snap off into a rant ? :)

Posted by manofsteel42

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Interesting. (OK, this was back tracking for quests.)

Posted by ZaberCat

its really interesting!