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Green Lantern news!

11:12 Am Hey guys! Getting an early start in Hall H with's Rorie for the Warner Brother's panel where we should get some Green Lantern images and news. We're 30 minutes away, so please stay tuned because the panel starts at 11:45 AM...
11:53 Director of events says the same thing he's been saying everyday.... New guy comes up talking about Green Lantern... Geoff Johns comes out.
12:00 Footage time.... here we go! Short footage. Constructs looks really cool, all two of them we've seen. Some of the quick action they showed look a tiny bit cheesy. I hate to say that. Hector Hammond looked really cool, and the CGI Tomar-Re looked awesome, even for a non-final CGI version... People who worked on the film coming out. Now cast. Peter Sarsguard (Hector Hammond), Mark Strong (Sinestro), Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), and Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan). Ryan admits going into the project that he didn't know much about it. He learned more and more about the character and he felt it was a character he hadn't seen on film in quite some time. "Who wouldn't want to play that for a movie, let alone two or three." Blake Lively is quickly asked about everything and she giggles and applauds. Peter Sarsgaard didn't know he was going to have a large head in the film until he had it on him. "It's a total blast. I had more fun on this movie than I've had in a long long time." The head was very heavy.
12:05 Martin Campbell on tone. "the relationships between the characters is very real... it's just terrific entertainment... The costume: "It's always a work in progress. We've lost the white gloves." The suit is more of a skin than an actual costume. Donald Deline on space: "It takes you into a new realm. It's part space opera as well. We have great creature designers." Lots of the famous Green Lantern characters in there... Salaak, Bzzt, Boodikka included.
12:10 Geoff Johns: An exec originally wanted to do the film without the ring. Ryan Reynolds praises New Orleans... They have 3 weeks left of shooting. Blake Lively talks about her character, Carol Ferris. She says the typical stuff that many actors say, and she's incredibly attractive. "I can't wait to kick his butt." On Ferris eventually turning into Star Sapphire. 
12:14 Question time: What attracted you to the project? Peter Sarsgaard... It felt like a great journey for a character.  Could this be the beginning of a shared DC universe to Johns? Johns can't comment on it at this time. Did Ryan go to the prod company or did they come to him for the part? Martin Campbell came to him and showed him the art department, and Ryan was then "begging" for the job. They made him work for the job. How much emphasis will be placed on the relationship between Hal and his father? Martin Campbell: The death of his father plays into his fear and is a part of the end of this film. Will there be a JLA film? Johns: There's always a possibility. The success and scope of this film is what they are focusing on now. 
12:20 Lil kid question: What does it feel like to say the Green Lantern oath? Ryan comments on how cute the kid is and says the Green Lantern oath. People applaud and the kid looks scared. Ryan reveals he has the ring on and signs a book for the adorable kid. Reynolds accidentally, maybe, says Parallax is in the film, but doesn't mention any other big names. Some lead singer in a band, which he promotes, asks a lame question. No real answer... Will there be Mogo? Johns: "There's a lot of Green Lanterns in this film."
12:28 Out of time.... Ryan wants to say something.... He's going to give his ring, from the set to someone.They left a piece of paper under the seat... Neither myself or Matt Rorie from got it... I am upset. Panel over. Harry Potter stuff next... Bye bye!
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Posted by skaarason

any gl movie pics ?

Posted by Mainline

Saying tuned!

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

bring it on.

Posted by ComicMan24

So it's morning there. I can't wait.
Posted by OllieKQueen

Nice to hear that other lanterns will be making an appearance, but what about Kyle Rayner? Johns confirmed that parallax would be making it to the silver screen.

Posted by inferiorego
@OllieKQueen: Way too early to introduce Kyle
Posted by GreenLantern555

No ring? Was the exec serious?!

Posted by OllieKQueen
@inferiorego: But not too soon for Parallax? I get what you mean about Rayner though, may be a bit too much to introduce in the first film.
Posted by ComicMan24

How can you have Green Lantern without a ring? Fortunately they changed their minds.

Posted by LiamRawson

Cheesy? Balls.

Posted by ComicMan24

That footage was the complete version?
Posted by inferiorego
@ComicMan24 said:
" That footage was the complete version? "
probably not because they're still filming, but the CGI looked pretty good.
Posted by ComicMan24
@inferiorego said:
" @ComicMan24 said:
" That footage was the complete version? "
probably not because they're still filming, but the CGI looked pretty good."

Thanks. I hope this movie is good.
Posted by ahumancartoon

Thanks for the post.

Posted by bookwoim

PLEEEZ don't let the execs direct this movie....!

Posted by inferiorego
@bookwoim: You have nothing to worry about
Posted by nowhereman1306

so stoked for this release
Posted by Agent Buttons
@nowhereman1306 said:
" so stoked for this release "
Posted by ShirEPanjshir

OMG. Imagine that, Green Lantern. Without the ring. That's just sad.
It would've been like FOX's Deadpool screw up all over again.

Edited by Nick-SV(ril)
@inferiorego: but you thought of jumping into the person who got the ring, didn't you? I know I punched the air when I read "He's going to give his ring, from the set to someone."
Posted by luckynitro007

Parallax was there way before Kyle showed up.      The rumor ias that Parallax will have a short origin in this movie along with a green lantern sinestro only no yellow lanterns. Can't wait for the footage to hit youtube.    
Posted by lostlantern13

Cheesy action....darn.

Posted by cbishop

Tell me you at least got a picture of the ring winner.  That's cool news, folks!

Posted by Maximus95

I'm pretty excited about this movie!  I just recently got hooked on GL and I can't wait to see how this movie turns out.  I hope the exec that suggested the do a GL movie without a ring got tarred and feathered.  I mean seriously that's just rediculous!  That guy would probably suggest they ditch the "S" shield for the next Superman movie......
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

isn't the supposedly to be a trailer with Clash of The Titans blu-ray, dvd? and that's out in 2 days here (uk)

Posted by lorex

So far what I have heard seems interesting, though I am glad they kept the rings in the movie.

Posted by The Avenging Angel

Posted by Sexy Merc
@luckynitro007 said:
" @OllieKQueen: Parallax was there way before Kyle showed up.      The rumor ias that Parallax will have a short origin in this movie along with a green lantern sinestro only no yellow lanterns. Can't wait for the footage to hit youtube.     "
Yeah after the retcon...
Posted by erichr

Suuuuuper stoked for this movie. And that kid must've had a heart attack when Ryan Reynolds belted out the oath for him haha.

Posted by The Gray Fox

I want to see the trailer for this movie before I make a decision but so far all I've found are fan-made ones.

Posted by Crymsun

This is got me so excited.  I can not wait for this!

Posted by AirDave817

Hallelujah! This might just be DC's Iron Man. could be DC's Ghost Rider/Daredevil...

Posted by JimmyKudo09

I was at a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament this morning and three participants had on GL shirts and several other had on GL rings I questioned them on this and they all said it was a coincidence.  Is it or is there something special about today and GL?

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

CV, please give us a few GL pics!

Posted by Ares105

So excited for this movie

Posted by SilverSentry

Awesome Parallax could be in this it would also be awesome if they included Mogo and Bzzd .
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I will sacrifice a thousand cute kittens to Pazuzu to make sure this movie is good.

Posted by ComicMan24
@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" I will sacrifice a thousand cute kittens to Pazuzu to make sure this movie is good. "
Posted by Moomin123

I wanna see this so bad, the tension is killing me.
Posted by NightFang
@Moomin123 said:
" I wanna see this so bad, the tension is killing me. "
             You and me both!
Posted by Bureksasutlijom

All I know is that Christoffer Waltz is in it, and that is a good thing.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@inferiorego: Gutted you did not get the ring, but can you offer an in depth description of what Reynolds was wearing?
Posted by Pizawle

Must say that I really dislike the fact that none of the actors seemed to know anything about GL beforehand.

Posted by Theodore

cant wait for the movie!

Posted by Sentinel of Magic

I hope parallax looks like it does in the comics

Posted by humanfly26

not sure how i feel about the suit yet, but otherwise really excited!

Posted by chimpninja89

Really looking forward to this now
Posted by chowy

Hope it makes it to trilogy

Posted by scorpius72

I love it when actors are asked why they took a part in a sci/fi or family popcorn film and they say 'oh i just love the journey this character takes' or 'i feel it was a challenge'    BULLDINKY!! it was a high profile film for a major studio with potential for sequels, pays really well, great royalties, gives you household recognition, and lets you pay your mortgage,car and lifestyle so you can go back and make little indie films that you feel are worthy of your time even though they get limited releases and premiere at some pretentious movie festivel/ski lodge and linger on netflix queues because the majority of the public really doesnt relate to them. nuff said!    
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