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Comic Con 2011 Already Selling Out

Seriously. There go those four day passes with the preview night entrance.

Sheesh… that was quick. If you had any hopes of getting in to Comic Con 2011’s Wednesday Preview Night with a four-day pass, then you’ve already hesitated too long. Bleeding Cool’s saying that 15,000 of such passes already sold out, on site, at the show last week - - only two hours before the whole shebang ended on Sunday! Said tickets came with access to preview night and, last year, it took until October for their sales to reach the 15,000 mark. If you want to get regular tickets to attend the show next year, I highly recommend you keep your eyes fixed on Comic Con’s official website, because those tickets are going up soon and I’m absolutely positive that they’re going to vanish  - - * SNAP * - -   just like that.  This will take a lot of advanced planning, basically a year’s worth, but this is what you’ve got to do if you want to make sure you get in next year. == TEASER ==

Seeing news like this reminds me why I want to call “baloney!” on anybody who was commenting on attendance seeming to be down this year. First, an overwhelming crowd is an overwhelming from my perspective, regardless of the exact numbers. Second, I know for a fact that Comic Con’s staff was consciously trying to curb attendance this year to avoid over-crowding, because it was a lot easier in the last couple years to get a guest pass. This year, it was too hard to make it even worth trying. So the SDCC’s efforts had results... and maybe for the better?

People might see this as negative news, but I think it’s amazing. I’ve been to enough small conventions that have tried to put a positive spin on diminishing attendances, so I appreciate being part of a show that’s getting seemingly endlessly-increasing returns. I’ll just say, again, that if any of you Comic Vine maniacs want to attend this show next year, you better get sharp, right now!

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of HYBRID BASTARDS!  and UNIMAGINABLE. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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Posted by conformist21

ah crap,
i gotta get started then

Posted by DH69

how much are passes?

Posted by Braxxis7

Dang thats bitter sweet!
Posted by Alphaproto

How many did CNN buy so they can go and talk about how geeky it is. I really got sick of them this year.
Posted by Pudge

Do the SDCC Press passes sell out with everything else or can you get those later?

Posted by N7_Normandy

ehh I don't really have any interest in comic con.  I love comics, but I would rather not get caught in the crowded and crazy media storm that is comic con

Posted by mimschkin

They really need a better system for this. Of they released the tickets in "batches" (like, however many thousand on one day every other month or something) then people would actually have a fair chance of getting them.  This is just stupid (also if that many people can go to preview night, why call it preview night? It is basically day 1).

Posted by G-Man
@mimschkin: That was my question. Was it Day 0 or Day 1? But it's not the "official" first day...
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

So Preview Night is sold out?  Only Preview Night,  or  Preview Night and 4 day passes are sold out?
Or can i still buy 4 day passes once they go on sale?  Or is it now only one day passes, so I'd have to buy one ticket for each day?

Posted by the_orange_crush
@ArtisticNeedham:  From what I read, when people bought their passes for next year at the site, Preview Night was an option. So Preview Night is the only one that's sold out so far.
Posted by afierce

Oh wow... you know, I just decided the other day that I want to go to the Con next year (it would be my first time), but do I even have a chance?

Edited by doordoor123

I need a ticket this year. I want to go to at least one comic con before the end of the world. I was too late for the last one. Please someone notify me when theyre on sale. Ill be checking every day though.
But i also heard comic con tickets dont go on sale online until after 6 to 8 weeks after the previous comic con.

Posted by grifter78

that is freaking crazy!

Posted by beastcrawler

 damn twilighters

Posted by sora_thekey

Spend your money folks or none of us will get to go to the Con next year!

Posted by TheMess1428

Damn I don't have any money yet and I really wanted to go next year!

Posted by Fleonix

Well this sucks next year i was going to be my first year. and I wanted the whole comc con experience.  I will settle for a 4 day pass. Lets see how soon i can get it. =/

Posted by rum1929

Wow, sold out already? I'm glad I paid for next year's 4 day pass plus preview night on the last day of SDCC.

Posted by rum1929
You can get a 4 day pass when they go on sale online but you won't be able to go to preview night.
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Already? I had planned to go, maybe I'll aim for 2012...

Posted by tehlilone

I'm not really surprised it sold out before the con ended this year.
As a person that always buys her tickets at the con for the next year (because it was usually $5 cheaper) I found out about the preview night limitations being implemented for this year. Others that might not have checked during con and would've bought them later on the internet. Since they've already caught on to the chance passes with preview night would sell out early they went ahead and bought them at the con for 2011.
In my opinion, if more people knew last year then they would've sold out in 2009 at SDCC also. 
As a side note, I believe preview night was created to entice people to purchase 4 day passes in order to pick up their badges early and walk around the exhibit hall before the official SDCC started.

Posted by afierce
@rum1929: Well that is a breath of hope at least! Do you mind me asking if you have any idea how much that costs?
Posted by topdog

Saw the line on Sunday for next years con and said no way, I'm gettin too old for lines!!!


thats ridiculous, they need a better system for this. tha people who were at preview nite this year, will be tha only people attending preview nite next i really wanted to check out preview nite too, oh well, im still gonna be checkin tha site frequently to at least get my 4-day pass.
Posted by misterz173
@UnsolvedParadox said:
"Already? I had planned to go, maybe I'll aim for 2012... "

Yeah, Me Too!
Posted by Bald Eagle

Look liked they had alot of cool stuff there.  Like to go sometime.
Posted by comicnerdy


Posted by samual_hain

Aw man no way :( I wanted to go next year :(

Posted by Jonze

I'd already started saving! Saaad :(    

Posted by SpidermanWins


Posted by passionfruits

I am hoping to attend Comic-Con sometime in my life. Would you say that the Chicago Comic-Con is equitable?

Posted by brownsugar


Posted by MarvelGuy15

wow, this year's is barely over and next is selling out already? wow

Posted by Shadow_Thief

Wow..... That was fast.....

Posted by 604comics

What do I miss out on during Preview Night? Is it like first-dibs on merchandise and stuff like that or is it really just like it sounds, you get to walk around the floor and watch as the booths are set up and not really get to do anything else? I'd like to make plans to go next year.

Posted by jamesewelch
@604comics:  I've never been to preview night, but everything that I wanted to buy (including SDCC exclusives) were there on Friday or Saturday (2nd and 3rd days).
Posted by ShawnMichael

what the hell did thismean? XD

Posted by PaxCM

Damn... that's INSANE!

Posted by EmFrost

Does anyone know if they will release any 4 days with preview night when online registration opens or were the 15,000 passes all they had for preview night total? Very unfair if that was all they had-they should have saved a couple thousand for those that couldnt go to 2010 con.    
Posted by Mercy_


@The Dark Huntress said:
" :( "
Posted by Spacey

I can't decide if I should go or not... on the one hand, super awesome times, on the other, prohibitive expense...

Posted by Wildish

I wish I could have goin, shame I'm stuck here, maybe oneday I'll go Yay 
Posted by Alicabob

chances are pretty good that i am going next time

Posted by quickfire

Posted by quickfire

I would say to anyone who is thinking about skipping 2011 in hopes that they will get the full pass for 2012 don't.  I think the 2012 passes with preview night will sell out at the con again next year.  I have a preview night pass that I got on Sunday morning and when I get in to the con on Wed afternoon the first thing I will do is line up to get 2012 passes.  You have to get your foot in the door some how.  Last year I had to get four 1 day passes and I had a great time better then I had hoped and my hopes where high.  Get a four day pass hell get four 1 days passes it will be worth it and then you can get those 2012 passes.  The 2011 four day passes go on sale on Nov 1st and will most likely sell out super fast good luck.  

Posted by The Poet


Posted by ragdollpurps

:[ i'll never be able to go.

Posted by TSCTH

Maybe the future hold even bigger cons, in titanic halls. ^^ 
Just imagine it: 
Every comic book writer (still alive) as far as the eye can see.
Booth babes/studs in the thousands.
Enough free stuff to fill a car.
And events that'll blow your mind.

Posted by N7_Normandy

wow, that was fast

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