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Comic Book Reviews For The Week of 3/23/11

This week's comics reviewed today.

Pow! Kaboom! New Comics are here! Are you looking for excitement? Are you looking for gore? Are you looking for Batman: The Dark Knight? You get all that and more. 
This week was a big week for comics. We have some Point 1 issues, we have the first parts in new arcs like War of the Green Lanterns and The Death of Spider-Man. There was so much to read but, as usual, not enough time to review everything we wanted to. That's where you guys come in. Be sure to let us know what you thought of the issues we reviewed as well as other ones that we weren't able to. 

 == TEASER == 

Green Lantern #64 

It's another great issue by Geoff Johns. By now I expect big things from a Green Lantern event and this one delivered. As Part 1, the story kicks things off in a crazy direction and hopefully the other issues tied in will carry this momentum. The Green Lantern events keep getting bigger and bigger and this one looks to top the ones that we've seen. Do yourself a favor and read this book now.  

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Silver Surfer #2 

This is a series everyone should be reading. It's paced well, fun, and showcases a character most people forget about: Silver Surfer. Regardless of your pre-conceived notions of Silver Surfer, the writing of Greg Pak and the art team of Harvey Tolibad, Stephen Segovia, Mendoza, Florea, Olazaba, Paz, and Wil Quintana will make you find a new found love for the Silver Surfer. He's no longer the deity-like man who flies through space. He's a grounded character with an interesting life and loyal to the planet he calls his second home, Earth. This is a must buy series.     

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Batman, Incorporated #4 

I suppose my summation of "the Bad" explains why this is such an accomplishment. For all my reservations about Batwoman and her place in continuity, this single issue makes the best argument regarding her importance in the mythos. Once again, Morrison makes abundantly clear how fascinating the more surrealistic corners of Gotham can be.     

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FF #1 

Say goodbye to the Fantastic Four and hello to the future of the team. Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting return in the aftermath of the death of the Human Torch. Their world has change as so has their mission. The Future Foundation has big plans to take on big problems. How long this will last remains to be seen. This clearly isn't the Fantastic Four any longer. The debut issue contains action, family interaction, humor and teases of things to come as well as plots carrying over from Hickman's Fantastic Four run. Readers of that series as well as new readers can dive right in the fun. There are big things coming and the first issue does not hold back in teasing us with what's to come. 

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Green Lantern Corps #58 

War of the Green Lanterns seems like it will be a great arc, but only if you're only looking to read the Green Lantern Corps books, you may be out of luck, since it will be involved with this giant arc for the next few issues. That means you'll have to pick up not only this book, but also Green Lantern and GL: Emerald Warriors to understand the whole scope of the story. They are worth it, and right now, GLC and Green Lantern flow together very nicely. I had my doubts about this story, but it's coming together very well, and I actually love the reasoning for why these two teams are fighting each other. It works, it makes sense, and it doesn't feel forced. Hopefully, you'll love this book too. My main suggestion is to suck it up and read all three books.    

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Ultimate Spider-Man #156 

You might cringe at the idea of another death story. Bendis is the master of Ultimate Spider-Man's fate and existence but the big question is, will Spider-Man actually die here? The return of Mark Bagley reminds us of what we used to have and as you read each age, you will be filled with dread and anticipation about how the issue will end. Whether this is the beginning of the end for Ultimate Spider-Man, things are definitely going to change.     

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Batman: Streets of Gotham #21 

Am I the only person who gets a little annoyed with this book? Ever since they jumped over to a Two-Face story in issues 14 and 15, which was actually the start of this storyline, I've lost a lot of interest in this book just due to that. Personally, it's a 3 out of 5 for me. Many other Batman Streets of Gotham fans will differ, but I'm just not enjoying this issue or story. The writing and art are some of the best at DC, but that doesn't make a book great. It will only get you halfway there.     

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Deadpool #32 

All I've gotta say is that this arc better conclude with DP running into Super Ego the Wise Sun. It'd be a seriously missed opportunity if that didn't happen. The 'Pool serves as a great foil for the more somber and absurd elements of Marvel's cosmic world, but I'm hoping he'll start examining his own Id and Ego in this book before too long.     

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Batman: The Dark Knight #2 

This might be a story that reads better once it's collected in a trade. I really enjoyed the first issue but there's no denying that the long delay since the first issue's release has affected my enjoyment of this one. I can be understanding but that doesn't change that the momentum of the story has been compromised. We're getting a sense of a big story but it feels like we don't get to see enough of what's going on. You can't reveal everything at once but the little glimpses we get almost are not enough to keep you hooked. David Finch provides great visuals, as expected and we get to see Batman do things he hasn't before. My praise for the series may have fallen since the first issue but I have hopes that it will get better, provided there isn't a big lag between this issue and the next.     

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X-Men #9 

The mission statement of this book seems to be about putting the X-Men against monsters totally unrelated to the mutant world. Putting aside my love affair with Bachalo's art (if only for a moment) I'll say I'm digging this book just by the merit of how it plays the children of the atom versus lizards and vampires - - creatures totally alien to the rules of their little pocket of the universe.     

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Hellraiser #1 

If you've ever seen a Hellraiser movie (and enjoyed them), you will want to check this out. Whether it's because Clive Barker, who created the concept, co-wrote the main story or whether it's also because the art and color manage to fully capture and create the proper mood for the story, you will want to see what this is about. Horror comics don't always work. They usually come across as too two-dimensional with no payoff. Here you can get a strong feel for the characters as they were intended for the big screen. We don't simply have a comic based on a successful franchise attempting to tell bloody stories filled with shock value. There is a progression in moving the story further along. Pinhead isn't just here to do his duty. We find out a little more as to what motivates him and what he might want. From the first page I started thinking how long could he do what he does. That and more will be addressed.  New readers should be able to pick up on what's going on as well. If you're looking for a horror comic with an actual story and great art, this is where to look. Oh, and this isn't one for the kids.     

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Thor #620.1 

A solid issue, to be sure, but I wonder if it'd be more effective as something featured in an annual or an anthology. While this does have an extended recap of everything that's been going in the Odinson's world for the past couple years, it seems to serve best as a single helping for veteran fans instead of a sampling for greener ones.    

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Captain America #615.1 

It's a Point 1 issue but that's not the main selling point. We do get a self-contained story and it's a great one as it sets up a potential big change. This shouldn't be a surprise as it was written by Ed Brubaker with Mitch Breitweiser and Bettie Breitweiser on art. What starts out as an interesting story takes off to a new level. It's not often you get a twist that completely changes the story in a comic. The issue slightly works as a jumping on point for new readers but they won't know why Steve is in his current position or what happened to Bucky. It may not succeed in that area but it does succeed as being a great issue.     

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Uncanny X-Men #534 

For a comic that's about biology at the core (if you think about it,) you'd figure that germ warfare would happen more often. Thus, I'm quite entertained seeing all the angles on that particular threat explored, here - - powers getting stolen, power getting sold, viruses of the mind, viruses of the body, etc. - - with such precise wit and polish from Gillen and Fraction.     

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Posted by Mach_

Hope War of the Green Lanterns is good.

Posted by NightFang
@_Bloodshot_ said:
" Hope War of the Green Lanterns is good. "
              I 2nd that!
Posted by devilvert

Dood, silver surfer is my favorite! my comic place was sold out immediacy both issues arr! i needa read them. maybe wait for collected edition?

Edited by jakob187

Hellraiser #1 was soooooo good.  Nice to see Clive back in a place he belongs.  Along with that, Uncanny X-Force #6 proves yet again that Uncanny X-Force is one of the best damn books on shelves right now.  Solid issue front to back, great art, and nice character exploration.  Beyond that, I didn't dig in too deep today, as I ended up taking a nap before work.  I'm psyched to check out Batman Inc. #4, as Chris Burnham did the art for it.  Love that guy's work.

Posted by StarKiller809

I really was interested in most of the comics that came out this week. However, I was really short on money this week. I got Batman: The Dark Knight. I have always been interested in Fantastic Fou and wanted to get it. I stoped getting Batman INC. because I can't stand the concept behind the whole thing.
Posted by The Impersonator

Sweet. I'm a big Hellraiser fan. I'll check out the new issue.

Posted by sora_thekey

FF #1 Was awesome!!! Now I am going to read USM...

Posted by mysticflame

FF #1 was pretty good and now I know why Spider-man joined them 

Posted by Joe Venom

I have no clue where to start, what a great week for comics!

Posted by CombatSpoon86

FF was a good starting out point and explaining alot of things such as to why spider-man joined the team. Uncanny X-force was just plain fun, just wondering if the deathloks are associated to the ones that were in that weapon x story, but other than that, a great book. Batman Inc. after months of delays, its really delivering, I would never have thought morrison would bring back the past of bruce wayne like this but i was really into it plus i got my batwoman fix so all and all another great wk.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Im glad War of the green lanterns is doing well, alas i have to trade wait for this one bc the budget is getting tight and didnt want to pick up 3 more books. luckily i can read my friend's copies and own it later

Posted by VprVnmSRT10

I am looking forward to the new FF. Should be good. 
I thought there was supposed to be two issues for Green Lantern this week?