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Comic Book Question of the Week: Who Should Movie Thor Team-Up With?

Wouldn't it be awesome if we saw Thor team-up with ___? That blank shall be determined by you, so get in here and vote!

Thor: The Dark World's blu-ray/DVD is now available to purchase in stores and, even if the sales aren't worthy of a God, it's already been confirmed that the Son of Odin will get a third movie. We could speculate all day about which villain they'll pick or what story it'll be inspired by, but no, we'd much rather think of something way more fun than that. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now populated with quite a few characters and we thought it would be pretty enjoyable to discuss who the Avenger should stand side-by-side with during his next adventure. I mean, who doesn't love a good team-up? Who shall be deemed worthy of a Thor team-up? Will you pick one of his fellow Avengers or does another character seem more appealing to you? We've added quite a few to the poll, so click the link below and vote!


After you vote, be sure to tell us why the character earned your support. Do you think they'd get along and have an awesomely badass team-up? Do you think it would be amusing because their personalities would clash? Don't be shy, let us know. You have until Thursday morning (ET) to cast your vote and elaborate. After that, an updated article will hit the homepage, so be sure to check back then!

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Beta Ray Bill

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I think it would be interesting to have someone more intelligence based like ironman who could be the other side of the brute force Thor brings. Not that Thor isn't intelligent, but having someone much smarter would be a cool ying and yang scenario.

Although, I think having Thor team up with Hulk would be amazing. Like two buddies trying to outdo each other in battles. And more of the fight for new york.

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I'd like to see him team up with Ms. Marvel. :p The idea of Thor being impressed by an earthlings (humanoid) strength would be cool to see. Sort of like a big brother little (but powerful) sister scenario.

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Red Hood!

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Iron Man.

Magic and Science theme always seems fun.

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I'd team Thor up with either Captain America or Hawkeye (maybe Black Widow), they are just humans. It would be a great dynamic to have the powerhouse god of thunder superman hulk level and the human level teamed up. You also have the perspective of Thor who has lived mostly on Asgard going on amazing adventures there (which seem normal to him) versus the lives of the human Avengers like Cap or Clint or Widow. I might go with Clint Barton just because he has had less screen time, but it would also be great to see him act like his comic counterpart versus Thor's larger than life persona. Plus Clint was introduced in Thor.

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Umm.... the comments got mixed up with an old post?

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I heard the next one is called THOR: RAGNAROK, which would mean we'd probably get Tony. I could be wrong. Just a friend told me.

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This is easy. The Hulk would be an excellent hero to add.

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Me Jk