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Comic Book Question of the Week: Which 2014 Comic Movie Excites You the Most?

Which 2014 comic book film are you looking forward to the most? Spider-Man? The X-Men's return? Cap leaping back into action? Something else? Come make your voice heard and vote in our poll!

We're getting plenty of news about what the big screen will have in store for us in 2015 and beyond. A new X-Men movie has been announced, we're learning more and more about the characters in the second Avengers flick, and we're finally getting big news about Man of Steel's sequel. Needless to say, the future looks bright for comic book movies. However, 2014 is right around the corner and it would be quite rude to neglect it -- especially since it has more than a few awesome looking films. There's a lot of promising movies that'll soon invade our local cinemas, and we here at Comic Vine want to know which one gets you the most excited.

Is Bryan Singer's return to the X-Men something you can't wait for? Stoked for another dose of Spidey? Anxious to see the debut of a new Marvel franchise? Thrilled for Cap to jump back into the world? Or, do you think the Robocop reboot looks like a can't miss movie? They're all on the poll and we fully expect you to go get your vote on. Click the link below, think it through and then cast your vote. Go on, don't be shy.


The poll will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. If your post is awesome enough and about the poll's winning option, we just may highlight it in the updated feature. Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

Posted by PunyParker

Amazing Spider-Man 2,but i was preety excited for X-Men,and bevcame excited for Cap,after the tremendous trailer.

Dont care for GOTG or Robotic Police Officer.

Posted by SuperiorScarletSpider

Guardians of the galaxy

Posted by DaltonMunnal

This is such a hard decision. I'm not interested in RoboCop, but the other 4 all have me incredibly excited. Guardians, because a new franchise is always more exciting than a sequel, plus it's our last lead up to Age of Ultron. Spidey because, well, he's my favorite, and I think TASM was awesome. Cap, I'm not even a huge fan of, but it had a great trailer. And DOFP because it just has a crazy good cast, and First Class was great.

Why not 300 and Sin City on the list? Sure there's some others I'm not thinking of also.

Posted by saoakden

I'm excited for the Amazing Spider-man 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men: DOFP. I might check out RoboCop and GOTG.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

I'm most excited for Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I amalso excited for ASM2, XM:DOFP, and GOTG

Edited by micahparadise

im torn between guardian of the galaxy and spiderman 2. Amazing spiderman was an amazing in every which way possible. I didnt like the last xmen movie or even the wolverine one recently so im not too excited about the upcoming xmen days of future past movie

Posted by fletcher78

I'm mostly excited about Captain America: Winter Soldier as they trailer really sold me on it. I don't know much about Guardians of the Galaxy and am excited and intrigued as to how Marvel will expand the cosmic aspect of the universe after The Dark World.

I didn't love the Amazing Spiderman and the trailer last week gave me more cause for concern than cause for excitement. Is it going to be another Spiderman 3 where too many villians spoiled the story?

Days of Future Past I am sure will be good. Singer did a great job on X2. Though i have to say I am getting a bit fed up of Wolverine being the main focus of everything X-Men related on the big screen (First Class aside obviously). Isn't it time they built up some other characters incase Jackman decides he has had enough or they want to spin off more films from the main franchise?

Robocop I haven't paid much attention to really.

Edited by solon

Guardians of the Galaxy and Robocop

Edited by reaperOnyx

Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted by MrMazz

Guardians of the Galaxy because it's friggin James Gunn getting just enough money to play around with things.

Days of Future Past is not far behinde it. It'll be interesting to see how this film, clearly made up by FOX to try and get on the interconnected cross over bandwagon that is post-Avengers super hero cinema. Alsy BRian Singer is back directing and he normally has a solid hand an eye for things, Superman Returns is an interesting failure. Jack the Giant Slayer a utter failure.

Posted by micah

Guardians: Because it's the wild card

Posted by reaperOnyx

@friseb4: Yeah... I don't know what you are talking about

Posted by LiveForever

Cap 2! And it's not particularly close.

Posted by stu


Edited by Watcherg6
Posted by Icon

X-Men: Days or Future Past. That should be proper epic.

I'm curious about all the villains in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and how that plays out as well.

Posted by longbowhunter

Winter Soldier for sure. I'm a huge Brubaker fan and I love that character.

Edited by dreamfall31

Captain America 2. Mostly for my love of the Winter Soldier. Here's hoping they don't f*** it up! GotG is a close second with X-Men behind it. 0% intrest in Spider-Man or Robocop.

Edited by Smurfboy

Very difficult to choice from. All of them, I mean literally ALL OF THEM are the movies I'm really looking forward to see it in '14. AAhhhh, why do we have to vote?! *sob* Not fair! If I have to pick one, I'll go with Captain America. Simply because The Avengers blew me in every way and I'm dying to know about the story (small or great) that lead up to the huge event of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see the vote does say "all of them"! So that made my job much easier. I voted all of them. ;)

Edited by OutlawRenegade

Can't Wait!

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past (I really, really can't wait for this one.)

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Meh. Might Check Out

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Robocop

Utterly Repulsed

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Posted by PowerHerc

Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Posted by Gritz217

Only one I care about this year is Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men. I'm saving my excitement for Superman/Batman in 2015.

Posted by saoakden
Posted by Doctor_Malekith

I'm most excited for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I will see Guardians in theaters (because of the awesome cast) and Cap on DVD.

Posted by pingclang

Captain America, no question. If the whole movie's as good as the trailer, it's gonna rock.

Posted by bellaardila92

X Men Days Of Future and Past and Captain America the winter soldier.Their story and conflict looks cool

Posted by fACEmelter88

Hard decision...I thought there were more comic movies coming, like the Hercules movie with Dwayne Johnson/the Rock.

Posted by ravisher

when Captain America throws his mighty shield

followed by amazing spiderman 2

Posted by Tommy_X

I'm X-Men fan so the answer should obviously be DofP but I'm not sure about that. Fox seems to have gotten on the right track with the Wolverine but they still have a long way to go before we can get an actual X-Men movie that feels like an X-Men movie and I'm not all that hopeful with Singer on board. He isn't very good with comic franchises. Sure he can make good or at least okay movies but they don't feel quite right for one reason or another.

So far I have more faith in Cap and GotG. They're made by Marvel so they're going to feel more like the source material

Posted by Tommy_X

Hard decision...I thought there were more comic movies coming, like the Hercules movie with Dwayne Johnson/the Rock.

I think that movie is going to be about the mythological Hercules and not about the ones in comics

Edited by JeanRalphio

Fxck all the rest,Avengers 2 got me like...

Lol,I just made this gif.

Posted by HillbillyMorangie

Actually gross lol

Anyway I am most looking forward to Gaudians of the Galaxy. Although maybe also Resident Evil 6 I want to see how it ends... Never happened in the games... Umm also what about Disneys super hero film, 'Big Hero 6'? I loved the incredibles, if it's even half as good it will be worth the cinema prices...

Posted by American_Flag

I would be so jazzed about "DOFP" if it actually resembled the source material a little bit. As it is, Cap 2 is the one I can't wait for with GoG a close second.

Posted by JeanRalphio
Edited by NorrinBoltagonPrime21

Idk, there are too many movies

Posted by HillbillyMorangie
Posted by Scotttland

@daltonmunnal: 300 and Sin City are probably the movies I am most excited about, too.