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Comic Book Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite Comic Book Movie Reboot?

So. Many. Reboots. If you absolutely had to pick, which one do you love the most and why? Come speak your mind and cast your vote!

Reboots are definitely not in short supply nowadays. Some do a brilliant job bringing a franchise back, while others...well, let's just be nice and say they fail to capture what makes the source material special. Later this year, we'll see a whole new approach to Godzilla and TMNT, but this week, RoboCop is coming back to theaters (check out our review HERE). So, let's be all kinds of topical and reflect on the comic book movie reboots we've watched over the last decade or so. We've placed ten of these films on the poll (we've added Transformers because of the epic animated movie) and your job is simple: pick your favorite one and, if you're up for it, tell us why the reboot rocks. Go on, click that link and get your vote on.


The poll will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Two days should be enough time to rewatch a few of these movies if you really want to, right? Be sure to check the homepage on Thursday for the updated article. Not only will it contain the poll's results, but it'll also highlight some of the best posts Viners made about these movies. That could be you. Yes, you, so go make an awesome post about why you love one of these films!

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Posted by Master_Thief

The Amazing Spiderman has been my fav Marvel movie so far!!!

Posted by KaliboooStew

If anyone votes Fantastic Four, then they are an evil person.

No hate. Just the facts.

Posted by MrTummyTumms

I think Dredd was the best reboot.

Posted by mak13131313

If anyone votes Fantastic Four, then they are an evil person.

No hate. Just the facts.

I voted for Fantastic Four. No not really. hahaha! Batman Begins!

Posted by k4tzm4n

If anyone votes Fantastic Four, then they are an evil person.

No hate. Just the facts.

QUICKLY! Everyone vote FF! ha.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Batman Begins

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan


Edited by Cloakx14

The amazing Spider-man

man of steel for me .

Edited by CEO_OF_FRESH

Dredd was freaking awesome. Like I really hope they have a sequel for that. The Batman Trilogy was great and I really enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man, but on a smaller screen it loses something.

Posted by jesse10022

Incredible hulk was horrible. MoS, ASM, Batman Begins are the best, considering they contain the best Superheroes of all time. Dredd was pretty awesome, too. Captain America was good.

Edited by DaltonMunnal

Really difficult. I want to say Batman Begins to give it the proper acknowledgement for what it's done for the genre, but I genuinely enjoy watching The Amazing Spider-Man more than any other comic book movie, even though I can see quite a few flaws with it. Well... The Nolan Batman does have Christian Bale though who I think was just awful, so I guess this goes to Spidey.

Posted by Maximaelz

My favorite movies of these covers is likely Batman Fantastic Four

Edited by reaverlation

Ratboy Ends

Boy of Copper

Colonel Mexico

Posted by Fan_Not_Fanboy

Man of Steel

Edited by kennybaese

Re-posted from the forum with the poll.

I adore Dredd, but I don't think it's going to launch a franchise. This makes it more of a remake than a reboot in my opinion.

Batman Begins, on the other hand, was pretty incredible, especially given how far the Batman movie franchise had fallen. Coincidentally, I re-watched all three movies over the weekend, and while there are some over all tonal inconsistencies, the trilogy as a whole is a cohesive, epic, and moving story about what the Batman is. Batman Begins started that, with a balance of the dark, gothic look and comic book tone of the Tim Burton movies with the hyper-realistic cityscapes realistic(ish) terrorist drama that dominated the other two movies.

Batman Begins made Batman relevant again in a way he wouldn't have been without it, and set the stage for The Dark Knight's demand that comic book film be taken seriously and not dismissed entirely as popcorn entertainment. For that alone it gets my vote.

Posted by Mulder15

Would've been a four way tie for me. I think Batman Begins, Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America: The First Avenger are all excellent movies. The Incredible Hulk is great as well but not as good as the above four. In the end I chose Batman Begins because it lead to TDK which is the best Superhero movie of all time.

Edited by acomicbooklook

Dredd hands down.

Posted by CitizenJP

Saying Batman would be too easy so I'm gonna go with Dredd because that was actually pretty dope.

Posted by Rubear

MoS because of Zod-s neck.

Edited by lisatgraham

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Posted by kriminal

man if steel. perfect timing and movie

Edited by Transformers1024

Transformers had 1 animated movies in the 80's. Captain America was released straight to DVD and the Fantastic Four movie in the 90's was unreleased. They really shouldn't be up there..

Posted by EliCrofoot

Dredd was phenomenal.

Posted by Child_Karl

Batman Begins is the choice here. Man of Steel or Dredd would make an honest case for the top spot though. Dredd especially blew me away.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

I was tempted to say Amazing Spider-Man, but Man of Steel all the way.

Edited by medulaoblaganda

@k4tzm4n: fantastic four is easily the best super hero movie ever. lol just kidding .ff is the worstest and stupidiest movie ever lool. i vote for hulk. i watched hulk many times. i couldn't get enough of the action. it was entertaining. the story line is not that bad.

Posted by kaiklown

Dredd all the way. Batman Begins second.

Posted by RogueShadow

The Incredible Hulk was so underrated, the only thing was that it actually felt like it would fit into the new DCCU than the MCU.

Posted by MrMazz

Hurm actually kind of a hard choice since my top 5 (Begins, WarZone, Dredd, Incredible Hulk and Captain America) all capture the spirit of the character that the prior incarntations totally lacked.

Since I doubt Punisher WarZone will get much love I'll go with that one. The script is pretty horrid but from a filmic standpoint director Lexi Alexander managesto capture both the spirit of the Punisher and is part of that batch of films from about 2005-08 that really tried to be a "real life comic" and capture that sort of asethtic in a literal way. Which makes the kind of black camp aspect of the film work so perfectly.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by CantDance93

Batman Begins.

Posted by Gotham331

Batman Begins. Mos is a close second. A very close second

Posted by 93MANIAC

It was weary hard or me to chose between the 2004 The Punisher movie and the 20012 movie Dredd but for me the best reboot comic book movie is Dredd

Edited by tmany1

I have to say Man Of Steel. This is a great reboot that reintroduces the modern audience to an amazing, quintessential hero who has been in great need of a good movie since the 80's. Not only does this do an excellent job of reminding us why Superman is important, but we finally get to see Kal-El punch something and it doesn't look cheap or lame.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Dag nabbit. This is a frustratingly difficult question for me. I don't know why, but it is.

Posted by Daring_Doodads

Dredd was good and a million times better than that Stallone flick. It's a shame it didn't do better at the box office. Sequels would be awesome.

Posted by feedonatreefrog

My top 3:


Man of Steel (8/10)

The Amazing Spider-Man (7/10)

Edited by VibraniumSpork

Man, I think some folk are overly rough on the FF movies. Sure, they got a few things wrong, mostly in casting - Jessica Alba as Sue and Julian McMahon as Doom were pretty terrible and The Thing should *always* have been CG in my mind... and obviously, there's a giant gas cloud in the room that nobody wants to talk about. But it got some things right - the rest of the FF were terrifically cast , and overall I thought the tone of the movie was spot on; it was light, fun, family-friendly. If they'd have let them leave Earth and have some 'Fantastic' adventures, it might have really captured a bit more Stan n' Jack magic.

In comparison, MOS got nearly everything right *except* the tone. Well, there was some sloppy film-making and poor plot points here and there, but the main thing that came across for me was that Nolan is a a firm believer that the only thing to make superheroes seem real is to make them grim, gritty and tortured. And - to me at least - that ain't Superman. I remember watching it the first time and thinking "This is a Superman film by name only,"...and then realising that it's not even called Superman and he never even gets called that in the film. To me It's more a Nolanverse/Snyder experiment on the idea of *a* Superman than it is an actual depiction of *the* Superman. There's merit in that, sure, but it just didn't gel with me. "To each their own," and all that though ^_^

Edited by midgard2

For me, it has to be Dredd.