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Comic Book Question of the Week: What Do You Want Batman to Look Like In 'Batman vs. Superman?'

Which version of the Batsuit do you want to see brought to the big screen? Come vote and speak your mind!

Now that Kevin Smith has received a look at Ben Affleck's Batsuit and praised it to infinity and beyond, we're all left wondering what it really looks like. The writer/director claims it's unlike anything we've seen in the movies and now we're racking our brains trying to think of what designs it could be inspired by. This week, we want you to join in on our baseless speculation. We've placed ten awesome Batsuits on the poll and we're curious to see which one you'd like to see serve as inspiration for the next cinematic version of Batman.

Apologies, but no, Zebra and Zur-En-Arrh did not make the cut.


The poll will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. Why'd you vote for a certain costume and what exactly makes it so fantastically awesome to you? Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

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Posted by G-Man

Edited by TazzMission

this one all they would have to do really is make the symbol similar to dkr or brave and the bold

Posted by Chronicjihad

Something like the normal costume from Arkham Origins would be great. He simply looks badass. (More badass than usual, anyway.)

Posted by Sveppi

I just want it to be grey. I like the look of Noel and Arkham Origins, so any elaboration on either of those would be cool with me.

Posted by TazzMission

@sveppi said:

I just want it to be grey. I like the look of Noel and Arkham Origins, so any elaboration on either of those would be cool with me.

with snyders way of directing i think the one i pitched would be better suited honestly. i get why you want what you want but we already have had multiple black suit batmen. id love to see the blue/gray suit

Posted by noj

I would want the Noel costume with elements of the New 52 costume.

Posted by hamlet33

Noel and Origins would be awesome. Batman incorporated would also be great.

Edited by kurtz433

Edited by PunyParker

We discussed this many times on the other topic,but anyway.....again....

Posted by AllStarSuperman

1. Smallville Batman's SupermanBuster

2. Superman Unchained Batman's Supermanbuster

3. Earth 2 Batman's suit

4. The Batman's Batbot.

Posted by thetomorrowknight2013

This. I saw this on Deviantart a few days ago and thought "This is the suit. Batman Noel is perfect for live action."

Posted by TazzMission

i do hope supermans costume is updated

something like god fall with blue

Posted by BumBurger

I'm hoping of something along the lines of New 52 but as long as it's grey and black and not just straight black i'm fine lol

Posted by fallbrigade

Definitely not something all black like the last movies. We need to see something new. I'd love some dark grays and dark blues used as the primary colors for the suit.

Edited by Captain13
Purple Gloves!

Keep the black so he is distinct from Superman, color wise.

Posted by mcbean
Posted by blastaar

The suit from Batman:Hush would be great. More dark greys and dark blues rather than all black.

Edited by hal_sutton

He should grab up all the wreckage left over from the kryptonian space ships and Clark's own rocket ship and cobble together a monster techno-battle suit as big as a transformer and just punch superman into a coma. Bat-symbols everywhere. Now that's something I've never seen before!!

Edited by mcbean

Edited by batsymyplaything

Gray overall, and Black bat logo, but the cowl should be black when there's no light reflecting upon it, but has a hue of dark blue shine, when a light is reflecting off the cowl. Also, the bat's belt should be beige or similar to that color of yellow.

How about that?!

Edited by Phantim555

1. Smallville Batman's SupermanBuster

2. The Batman's Batbot.

Smallville Batsuit all day! Then Batbot in the final battle with Superman!

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@phantim555: do you read smallville? it has the best Superman vs Batman fight ever in my opinion.

Posted by thenexusrebound

New 52 or Arkham series would be awesome style wise. Origins wouldn't make sense since it is bulky due to being his early years. This suit should be sleek like something that has been finalized over time.

Edited by RustyRoy

Posted by _Marc_74

yes to this

Posted by laabitres
Posted by ZZoMBiE13

I don't care much what the suit looks like, I just want the mask to obscure the eyes. It's always so strange seeing the human eyes sticking out of the big black rubber mask. The Arkham games did this too. Batman just looks too human when you can look him in the eyes. Seems like lenses would work better. Not contacts really, just something built into the mask to make him look less human and more fearsome.

Posted by kyler416

How "any suit so long as Ben Affleck isn't wearing it.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Arkham Origins.

Edited by JeanRalphio

@kyler416 said:

so long as Ben Affleck isn't wearing it.

Posted by Knightfall225

I just want a suit that is easy to move around in

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

What about the Earth One batsuit?

Posted by deathmedal
Posted by patrat18

Arkham origins suit.

Posted by Bloxxeh

I would like it if it were the New 52 Suit.

Edited by KryptonSabbath

Posted by BATMAN9797

New 52 suit or Flashpoint batman suit

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Edited by slade_wilson


Posted by Smurfboy


Edited by GravitySqueeze

I like the Adam West suit. Eyebrows and all.

Posted by sasquatch888

Edited by JeanRalphio

I retract my earlier comment,I want to see Batmankoff a.k.a Earth-30 Batman a.k.a Red Son Batman.

Posted by ThomasElliot

What about the Earth One batsuit?

I second this. Earth One is actually a pretty good amalgam of Bat-suits, and it doesn't look like spandex/latex and nor does it look impossibly bulky.

The Earth One is also somewhat similar to New 52... the more I think about it, the more I think Kevin Smith's hyperbole is probably in regards to color, which probably means the suit is mostly grey. Since MoS is pretty much teh New 52 Superman costume, it would be safe to assume that Batman is going to be a mostly grey New 52/Earth One/Batman Inc style.

I pity any fool who wants that Jean Paul Valley Knight-mare of a design.

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