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Comic Book Question of the Week: What Do You Think of Injustice: Gods Among Us?

We gave the fighter a positive review, but what do YOU think of it? Come vote in the latest Comic Book Question of the week!

The time has come, Viners. Injustice: Gods Among Us has finally landed, allowing you to live out your fantasy of smacking Superman around as Batman or obliterating the competition as Wonder Woman. While I'm really digging the game and gave it 4 out of 5 stars in our review, I'm curious to see what the Comic Vine community as a whole thinks about the fighter. Your poll options range from being in love with the game to completely loathing it. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Talk to the hand, Flash. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Now, I of course realize the game just came out, so I'm going to give you more time to form a solid opinion of Netherealm's latest effort. Instead of the usual Thursday deadline, voting will remain open until Friday morning (ET). It obviously makes sense for you to answer if you've actually had a chance to play the game.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go punch some people into orbit as the Man of Steel.

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Love It!

Edited by The_Roman

I will tell you.

When it is released.

On Friday.

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Bought it today but haven't play yet. Have to say though I am disappointed with the lack of a manual. If your paying $60 for a game it should come with book that has moves and character bios. It is a comic book game.

Posted by NightFang

The story could have been better and there should have been more characters.

Edited by ccraft

I thought the game was really awesome, I just beat the story mode today. I really didn't expect the story to be like this tho. I only have 3 complaint and that would be the lack of info for the DLC.

  • It was a let done to say the least. It's not a waste of money but they should have said "You have to wait to get the DLC until the August"
  • Batman, Supes, WW has the most alternate costumes
  • Could have been more new 52 alternate costumes

My favorite character has to be Deathstroke and Batman, Batman mostly because he can parry.

I also hope they will have DLC levels such as The Hall of Doom and The Flash Museum.

@kingdomenic: Dude just go to practice mode, you'll be pleased!

Edited by Bades

I've been enjoying it so far. Minor complaints are missing some more iconic characters, dialog feels uncomfortable at times, and Superman's rat pack received almost no sympathy from me. I was hoping he wouldn't be straight up "bad guy" and I could connect on some level with him but that just hasn't happened yet. The best hero v. hero stories are the ones where you can understand and get behind both sides.

Posted by Mondo20o

I love it!!!

Posted by powerflux

i only have one complaint, i pre ordered the best-buy dlc, and the zombie mode wont appear! and ive looked around, im not the only one with this problem!!!

Posted by StMichalofWilson


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I will tell you.

When it is released.

On Friday.

Apologies, I forgot at the time that people outside of North America have to wait a few days. Still, you're quite a few hours ahead, so if you get the game midday, it'll give you a bit of time to play and vote. Otherwise, vote based on demo impressions / videos, I suppose.

Posted by SUNMAN

It's a fun game the gameplay is awesome The story is good even though its a rehashed theme. The primary earth characters come of looking good, but the alternate reality/future characters are shown in a favorable light. This is to be expected in this type of story so fans of certain characters shouldn't complain.

I thought the voice acting was great, across the board.

On the surface Batman comes off looking the best in both realities. However, when I look at his contingency plan it was kind of dumb

Posted by evilvegeta74

It cool but they scammed us! Whats up with the DLCs?

Posted by Cavemold

It does have bios

Posted by Ninjablade09

It would be cool if they released a movie skins pack. Giving the MoS superman costume, and the BB and DK/DKR batman costumes.

Posted by ImNemotheGemini

The voice actor for joker did a pretty good job !

Edited by Vaeternus

They didn't scam us with dlcs lol it's just not out yet ;)

But beat the storymode last night, it's absolutely epic. Easily the best comic book video game story up there with Batman AC....great voice acting, great plot that made sense which initially concerned me but they did a great job, props to the nrs and dc guys/writers.

10/10, loved it! I tell ya, while fighters in general are hardly known for their plot, story element. NRS stomps the competition in that department alone.

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Bought the Walmart version with a complementary free Mortal Kombat dc game. I love it. Story mode is fantastic. I've never been so pumped up for a fighting game. Special moves are insane

Edited by Shazam78

@powerflux: Didn't know there was one, but I got mine through Gamestop. Code didn't work at first for the Red Sun pack I tried it again later and it worked fine. Overall awesome level design, great story mode, great graphics and despite what some critics said about the opening trailer post great voice acting. This is leaps and bounds above Mortal Kombat Vs DC.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@ccraft: Yes we need to have a level in the Flash museum for DLC along with the Rogues to be playable with it!

I haven't bought the game yet and probably won't for awhile because my PS3 broke down a couple months ago. However, this weekend I will be playing it at a friend's house. I already know my main characters will be Dick, Harley, and Captain Marvel (maybe even Flash if he plays as he does in MK Vs. DC)

Posted by iceslick

@kingdomenic: Most games don't come in manuals anymore. Because people never use them and it's considered a waste of money and paper nowadays.

Posted by tobiasPUNK

The manual is in the game itself. All games do this now.

Posted by EscGamer

I won't lie since the makers of mortal combat were behind I was skeptical but after plying it I am impressed. I'm with you on the 4 out of 5 and the VA for Joker has really improved since MK v. DC

Edited by Mrfuzzynutz

just cracked it open at 9 pm tonight with my family, and we had a blast with it. The roar that went through the house as my 9yr old controlling Superman doing his Super Move for the first time against me , you would've sworn we were watching the winning TD at the Super Bowl. We had a blast going through the roster, with 3 more to go tomorrow ( it was school night after all)

I am not sure why such heated opposition to this game, it really is pretty solid and fun. I would compare it to the MK vs DCU offering as opposed to a MK game. Yes similar ideas in gameplay but it really is unfair to think of this as a MK game with DC skins.

At the end of the day, this is a grab a friend and have fun type of game with two different appeals. Who has the best Super Move ( we were loving Doomsday's move lol) and who is the best fighter ( which Aquaman was kinda badass).

This is a solid rent and depending on your cash flow, a good purchase as well providing you have people to play with, as it may get boring alot sooner playing solo, even though their is tons to do.

Posted by thesonofneptune101

Such a good game. Fast Paced, Excellent Game play , Good Voice Actors, Nice Combos, Weapons , Cool DLC Costumes. I could go on about how much I love the game. I would recommend it to anyone. I pre-ordered the game and got the statue and gamepad.

Posted by ravisher

worth the money

Posted by The_Roman

@k4tzm4n: Thanks man. Might not be able to get it until Saturday or Sunday though.

Posted by Arthurized

SPOILER : I really liked the end of the story. I had preferred to have a Superman VS Evil Superman at the end rather than a Batman VS Evil Superman

Posted by Equonox

Meh, finished the story and it was OK. It's not exactly an original story, and the gameplay feels almost too recycled from MK9 (some moves are identical...). Hopefully I'll get more into it. But, as far as comic video games go, DCUO rocks the socks off of this (and all others). Kinda surprised by the lack of attention that game has gotten here over the past year or two...

Posted by ILLO_29

This a great game. The story and voice acting can be a little stiff at times (but compared to other fighting games is far above most). The moves are great, the tiered stages are very fun I love seeing Martian Manhunter floating in the background of the JLA satellite, or being punched by Darkseid into another stage. If you don't have this game, GET IT!

I just have one question, when do we get Mogo DLC? :)

Posted by hamlet33

So far my only complaint is the lack of other lanterns animations during Green Lantern's ending (Like when you win a match as him). They look like floating green stickers...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wuvs it! :)

Edited by Press Oblivion

It's awesome!

Posted by RoTheKid

Loving every minute of it! :D