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Comic Book Question of the Week: Scariest Marvel/DC Character

It's Halloween this week so of course we're giving some love to the horrific characters in the Big Two!

Seeing as it's Halloween this week, it could be fun to think about the most frightening and scream-inducing characters Marvel and DC has to offer. Who would make you pee your pants if you ever bumped into them in a dark alley? Is it an individual would could turn you into dust with the blink of an eye, or is there something far more fearsome about street level characters who subject their enemies to all kinds of horrors?

We have quite a few on the list, but it's absurd to think we'd get every scary creature from both companies. So, in the event the person you have in mind isn't on the list, vote "other" and tell us who you're thinking about


The poll will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Once the poll is locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. Why'd you vote for a certain character and what exactly makes them so scary? Do any examples immediately jump to mind? Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

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In first! Alex Merkel!

Posted by TheManInTheShoe


Posted by The_jackolantern

Gotta be zsasz

Posted by Novemberx2

Where's Marvel PR department on the list.

those guys are scary! spoiling stories, promoting the deaths of characters to boast sales, making cheap gimmicks like Uncanny Avengers.

Edited by Wpr

too me it's gotta be Carnage, you know there is something wrong when Agent Venom feels uncomfortable when he has to go and take down this monster. I've always feared Carnage cause of how insane he is..and his way of seing things in life as just as meaningless, that "laws are only words",spreading chaos through random, unpatterned bloodshed as "the ultimate freedom."

Minimum Carnage


Carnage Mindbomb

Also it just plain Scary to know that you might get eaten by this monster..if not eaten then eviscerated..ouch

too bad many people including me detest that new superior carnage that is scary lol

Edited by zedneptune

How about Red Skull with Xavier's brain?

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by manwithoutshame

John Constantine, not a man I'd want to get on his bad side with.

Edited by Sleepbutnodream15

The Joker. It's scary when you know that he's not really crazy. Zsasz too.

Posted by mightyrearranger

Carnage is the obvious choice, but Zombie Universe Mr. Fantastic was terrifying and made Cletus look like a teddy bear, imo.

From the DC side, I'll give a nod to Kryb. Child kidnapping cage monster is hella creepy. However, if Vertigo characters count, the Corinthian takes the cake.

Posted by Grizzz

Forbush Man

Boogly, saucer eyes hidden behind a metal mask ... oh wait-a-minnit ...

Posted by Mega_spidey01

joker, scarecrow, Carnage.

Posted by Wpr

Great book, gets inside the mind of Cletus, pretty damn scary

Posted by Perfect 10

carnage isnt scary just sick in the head. apocalypse is too powerful and cannot die and he commits genocide. the only villain that ever made me feel any fear

Posted by Yokergeist


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@the_jackolantern: I find murmur to be creepier than zsasz. My vote goes to murmur. His MO is disturbing

Posted by briangothic1970

Squirrel Girl.....she beat DR doom and Thanos.....!!!

Posted by medulaoblaganda

carnage, ghost rider, venom, carnage, etrigan the demon and mikabocki from chaos war. this guy i mention are so scary, expecially carnage, and ghost rider lool

Posted by drowzyburro

marvel------ venom pool

dc------- parralax

Posted by cdahan

zsasz or Tommy Elliot (Hush) for DC.

The Brood in general for Marvel I think.

Posted by J_foolington

DC-Either Kryb or Karu-sil from the sinestro corps.


Posted by hamlet33

Karu-Sil, Doomsday, Scarecrow, Nekron, Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Killer Croc, Metallo, Zsasz, Parasite, Bizarro.

Marvel: Sentinels, MODOK, Sabretooth