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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Will You Buy 'Batman: Arkham Origins?'

Will a majority of Comic Viners play the game the day it comes out or can they wait for it?

The wait is almost over, friends. In less than 24 hours, Batman: Arkham Origins could be yours to play. Despite the initial concern over Rocksteady not being behind the project, it looks like Warner Bros. Games Montreal has done an impressive job taking over the very awesome franchise. We won't know for sure until we get out hands on it, but at the moment, we're pretty darn stoked and have high hopes. This week, we wanted to know if you share our enthusiasm or if this is a game you can wait for... or even skip. Well, the votes are in and a majority of you will have it sometime on launch day!

  • Yes! Buying it sometime on launch day. 45%
  • Tempted but I'm in no rush. Might wait for the price to drop or ask for it as a gift. 30%
  • Can't wait! I'm going to a midnight release. 13%
  • No thanks. Pass. 6%
  • Not sure. I'll wait to see what the reviews say. 4%
  • Looks disappointing, but I may still give it a chance. 1%

It's pretty difficult to imagine many gamers on this website actually resisting this one. The hype behind the third Arkham game is enormous and they've done an absolutely brilliant job marketing it. The immensely powerful TV spot? 17 minutes of gameplay? The beyond epic launch trailer? It's all looking mighty fine and we just can't wait to dive back into Gotham and beat up some goons. Our very own Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero will have his impressions posted sometime early next week, so keep an eye on the homepage for that!

Check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new Question of the Week! Do you have a suggestion for a topical or superb question for the feature? Post it below it tell Gregg via Twitter.

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Posted by Chris207

Yes...after I buy a PS3...

Posted by fodigg

No. Sadly once you have kids you no longer have time to play videogames. I'm sure I'll pull it off a steam sale a year from now and play it in 5-minute-a-day increments and be all "awww, this is awesome, have you seen this?" and all my friends will be like "Yes, a year ago." Such is life.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon


Posted by ThomasElliot

The irony I realized is the last time I actually bought a game at the time of its release was Arkham City! lol.

Ever since then, I just can't bring myself to spend the money on new games. Just one day I woke up and felt this way. How is Arkham Origins going to be any different 6 months from now when I find it on sale brand new for $30?

If its about some kind of bragging rights, like "well I played that game last year, you're so behind!"... yyyyeah, no one's ever said that to me and I wouldn't care if they did. I just started playing Skyrim 2 months ago. LOL.

I guess i don't offer a fair answer because I have a specific buyers habit of not buying any games on day one anymore. Heck, I still haven't played Injustice yet, other than at my friends house.

Posted by nerdork


Edited by Gambit474

Why are they being mean to us kind hearted PC players?!

Maybe it's karma for all the times I've seen PC players run down console players <.<

Anywho I just got it now..Don't see why any batman fan wouldn't want it since the Arkham series has probably been Batman's best video games ever created

Posted by Jeremy1989

If I have the money for it, then yeah.

Edited by sidismail98

@cybexx: It's videogame logic. As long as the advanced gadgets don't appear in cutscenes and have no effect on the story, it's all good.

Videogame logic: It a prequel, but the gadgets are more advanced.

Posted by spidershamrock

I want gta 5 before I get this

Posted by Old_Comic_Lover_50

Already bought it and it's soooooo AWESOME!!!! Only bad thing about the game is I played it until 2:30 this morning and had to get up for work at 6 but it was worth it.....

Edited by mkukie68

I am loving this game so much! WB Studios did a great job and didn't mess with anything too drastic. I'm looking forward to the hrs of joy this game will bring me

Posted by Jaymundo

I haven't picked it up yet but planing on very soon, I'm hearing good things from people I know who have it.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Compared to the previous ones this one has a superior story by far,superior boss fights by far,superior characterizations by far,and superior character designs,the previous games are better in the technical aspects though.

Posted by Larnstake1

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Posted by DancingWithDeadpool

Already beaten it, it's a really good game if you have the time.

Posted by Schabbe

@cybexx: That's actually explained as the "grappnel accelerator", an early prototype version of the grappnel boost, but yeah, makes you wonder why he didn't have this version in the asylum game then

Posted by ViperKing

@maxpower00044: How much money did it cost in total? So far, is it worth it?

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