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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Who Do You Want in 'Man of Steel 2?'

Supergirl? Doomsday? Brainiac? ...Batman?! Come find out who the Comic Vine community wants to see in the sequel!

Like it or not, Man of Steel established a new DC movieverse and it's already confirmed we'll see Henry Cavill step into the suit again for a sequel. But now we're left wondering who will appear in the sequel -- especially if this will lead into Justice League. The film had some easter eggs scattered throughout (Supergirl, Lex Luthor, Batman, etc), but we want to know who you're itching to see in the sequel. We created a poll and one character took a very strong lead: Brainiac.

Considering Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer went heavy on the sci-fi elements in Man of Steel, it's totally understandable why people would love to see Brainiac in this universe and why he could fit in well. Additionally, his inclusion could organically introduce Supergirl and further Lex's hate for aliens. And speaking of Lex, I think he's the logical choice for the next film. Not only was there two easter eggs for him, but the conclusion of Man of Steel serves as a great motivator for the character. It's entirely possible he could have lead and funded the rebuild effort in Metropolis. Witnessing the raw power and destruction just one alien is capable of can serve as a great motivator for him. And, who knows what he'd create to counter Superman? We could very well see a new version of Metallo or Parasite if he takes that path.

Check out the rest of the poll results below.

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Posted by doordoor123


Are you sure you didn't accidentally walk in on another movie? Man of Steel was the best Superman film ever!!!

You must have walked into a different movie.

Posted by laabitres

it would be dope if they put both brainiac and luthor

Posted by Manute117

doomsday with 2 movies like Harry Potter..leave it like superman is dead ....To Be Continued...

Posted by Manute117

also just watched MOS for the 2nd time and it awesome. Really enjoyed all the easter eggs..pretty cool..

Posted by novi_homines

Superman should kill everyone in this next film.

LOL! I love this.

Edited by novi_homines

@weaponx said:

@doordoor123 said:

Yeah, I'd rather there not be a "Man of Steel 2." Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The only reason people like it is for the over-the-top action and because it is the first movie where Superman actually has over-the-top action. There is no story, no depth, no character, and terrible writing. Even the jokes in it are terrible.

This is pretty accurate

I agree. But I will accept a MoS 2 film if its necessary for a JL. Just give me JL dammit!

Posted by Angelo2113

I really enjoyed Man of Steel, it's my favorite super-hero movie.

I hope they have great ideas for the sequel. I would really like to see Lex Luthor. Man of Steel 2 could deal with how people view Superman. It will help develop a connection with the people that even though they may not want him, he won't turn their backs on them even if he becomes an outcast. Have him deal with the outcome from Man of Steel by trying to gain the people's trust while Lex Luthor (and personally hope Glorious Godfrey) actually takes action by rebuilding most of Metropolis and turn people against Superman. I think it would really be a great way to have Lex Luthor try and become a false idol to the people of Metropolis while having a grudge with Superman. Really getting to the core of Lex Luthor proclaiming that he is the Man of Tomorrow rather than Superman. Could also heavily focus on the Clark Kent characterization.

(Also, I think it would be the perfect way to introduce Bruce Wayne as a potential investor. He can do some detective work on Lex Luthor in the Lexcorp building and have Superman catch him in the act. Start that bond between them.)

Posted by SandMan_
Posted by ravisher

Brainiac + Lex Luthor = so good

Posted by amy08276120

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Posted by CaptainLantern76

Lex Luthor and Brainiac - especially Lex Luthor, he's a must.

Edited by ssejllenrad

I think the Silver Age wanker whiners should not post here unless they do have a real suggestion. This is, in fact, "who do you want in MOS 2"... Not "is MOS good or not?" as some whiny b*itches here think. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you are to make a rant about the film, do it in an appropriate thread. This is not the place.

Posted by dragonvoke786

@aquahawk said:


Man of Steel 2: Braniac attacks Earth a couple of years after Superman has defeated Zod and helped the people in many ways since then. The attack triggers the U.S. government to ask him to destroy the invader, but Superman still feels remorse about what happened with Zod and tries to find a way to stop Braniac without destroying it. Superman, with difficulty, is able to defeat Braniac but causes the government to turn against him due to his refusal to destroy Braniac.

Man of Steel 3: Lex Luthor steps in and sways the government to believe that Superman is subject to destroying them all at any time after the events of the second film. He persuades them to work on a project that will create a creature that can destroy Superman called Doomsday.

This would be good idea though

Edited by ScarletBatman

You need to build Braniac up as a terrifying threat. Man of Steel II should focus a lot on Lex and Kal-El's relationship and struggle for dominance in the public's eye. Lex hates Superman and all aliens. He finds companionship with, what he believes to be, an anonymous human with intelligence on par with his own (via video-less skype). The two construct Krypton-inspired battlegear and the ability to create a being on par with Superman. They select some poor old sod whose family was murdered in the battle between Superman and Zod. That man blames Superman for the death of his family and will do anything to kill the man of steel. So Lex (and that faceless voice) turn him into Parasite.

Superman and Parasite battle. The fight is brutal but eventually Parasite proves the victor. Just as Parasite is about to kill Kal, a massive ship appears in the skies above Metropils. Thousands of Robots stream out. They kill Parasite and take Kal hostage. The last scene of the movie is Superman being crucified with Braniac standing near by, telling the world what he will do. Suddenly, a Batarang flies through the air and frees one of Superman's arms.

Boom, credits roll.

Posted by FelixLyons

Imagine Zach Snyder's superman fighting Mr. Myxlplyx I would be laughing so hard

Posted by SandMan_

@scarletbatman: This is a pretty good idea and it would lead Brainiac as the main villain for MOS 3 or JL. @ssejllenrad: Indeed. People like to derail things just because its not their cup of tea. STFU and deal with it.

Posted by ssejllenrad

Imagine Zach Snyder's superman fighting Mr. Myxlplyx I would be laughing so hard

Gilbert Gottfried might probably be the only person who can be translated from DCAU to live-action movies with the same character... I really don't see anyone else becoming Mxy than him.

Edited by shakwinn

Braniac or Parasite would make good villans for the sequels. However, I'm not a big fan of the first Man of Steel so it doesn't matter either way. It wasn't a bad movie. I just thought it lacked the luster and wonderment that the 1978 version had. Oh yeah. Check out the Shakverse at Here is a sneak peek.

Posted by Moonman78

considering brainiac never was in a superman movie id say that would be pretty weird, but still is a good choice. im gonna be different and say Metallo, save doomsday for the third movie

Edited by jaydee98

I really think the ending of MoS ties in directly to Luthor being the main antagonist. He can fund the rebuilding of Metropolis and after hearing about Superman killing Zod, wonder if this alien can kill one of his own because they pose a threat to human lives what would stop him from killing a human to protect another human? I just want a more complex Luthor who really wants to protect humanity from Superman instead of some megalomaniac who just has a savior complex.

Edited by frogjitsu

I want to see 4 things:

  1. A villain we haven't seen before on screen, I really don't care who.
  2. The introduction of the Superman family. I'm tired of these movies leaving out the sidekicks. Supergirl, Superboy, Power Girl, Steel, I really doesn't matter.
  3. If Lex is introduced, he should be a mastermind behind the scenes. He can be the main villain later.
  4. Introduce Jimmy Olsen.

edit: For some reason, I think a movie based off of the Aquaman episode of Superman TAS would be cool. That way we can showcase Aquaman, and he'd have an appearance before Justice League. Batman doesn't need a cameo. He can carry a movie all on his lonesome. Why not give someone else the spotlight?

Posted by frogjitsu

@batman404 said:

Lex Luthor with Metallo. Introduce Lex soaking up the attention while giving a press conference outside the newly built Lexcorp. Have Superman fly by in the distance but close enough to grab everyones attention away from Lex. Lex is jealous of being out-shined so he builds his own man of steel, Metallo, to take out Superman. Part of Metallos make-up is a battery made from Kryptonite which isn't yet known to be Superman's weakness. The end battle rivals that of MOS1 with Supes losing because of the Kryptonite until he punches Metallo out of sight where a unknown person jumps into action attaches a small lead case around the Kryptonite and then runs off. Supes then defeats Metallo and we later see that the unknown figure was Bruce Wayne who deduced that Metallo had to be made in part from an unknown element that could weaken Superman.

NO! Batman should not come out of thin air to save Superman. Especially if he hasn't even been introduced, at all, in this movie. And if he was introduced, then why not just make this a Superman/Batman movie. The plot would flow so much more smoothly.

Batman should not, I repeat, should NOT be the deus ex machina in a Superman movie, especially when they haven't even established the shared DC Cinema Universe yet. Heck even if the shared universe is established, like in the comics, you don't see the heroes jumping between each others books saving each other in the 11th hour. It undermines the story.

Edited by _Atomikill_

You'd imagine Luthor stepping up to bat, maybe using Braniac as an aid or something. But either way, Brainiac'd be cool to see. I'm more of a Batman guy, but I hand it to Zack Snyder, whoever he picks better be good. Can't wait till they at least hint at a JLA movie :)

Edited by abeyance

They should introduce Lex Luthor in the 2nd one but make Brainiac the main villain. Lex could take up the first hour of the movie before Brainiac finds his way to earth for the 2nd hour, and naturally Lex will try to strike a deal with him. It would be awesome to see the Brainiac/Lex fusion used in Justice League Unlimited.

Doomsday should be saved for the beginning of the Justice League movie to critically injure Superman and Darkseid could be the main villain. It would be perfect as Darkseid would capitalize on Superman being in a coma from fighting Doomsday and attack Earth with the army of Apokolips

Posted by celorodri320

would love to see flash !