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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Which Upcoming Movie Excites You the Most?

2014 is going to be a big year for comic book movies, but which one is currently your favorite? The Comic Vine community speaks their mind and selects a winner.

We're getting teased more and more about what the big screen will offer in 2015 and beyond, but we don't want to make 2014 feel neglected, do we? That would be a terrible shame because it's right around the corner and sporting quite a few very promising comic book movies for our eyes and ears to absorb. DC won't have any new live action movies next year, but there's a lot to look forward to when it comes to Marvel characters. We're seeing many familiar faces make a return and a brand new cosmic team will enter the picture. We're obviously pumped for all of 'em, but we wanted to know which one you're looking forward to most. After two days of voting, the Comic Vine community has decided to side with the super-soldier named Steve Rogers. Cap didn't obliterate the competition, though. The X-Men aren't too far behind.

Why does Steve Rogers' second movie have so many people excited? Well, one Comic Viner, akbogert, has a short yet solid reason for being stoked about the upcoming film.

"Captain America, but only because it has the Brubaker seal of approval."

And the mind behind the Winter Soldier storyline most certainly has approved the Marvel Studios project. Via Twitter, Ed Brubaker said, "I truly believe the new Cap movie will be the best superhero movie yet, based on the script and how good it looks." That's some high praise, but if you've seen the trailer, then you know it's pretty dang impressive and absolutely something worth checking out right when it hits theaters.

Did Captain America: The Winter Soldier snag your vote or did your support go elsewhere? Or, now that we've seen a trailer for Godzilla, has that become your most anticipated film?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is directed by Anthony & Joe Russo and opens April 4, 2014.

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Edited by Oscars94

My wallet! It hurts!

Edited by Renchamp

I am still just excited for the amount of quality films coming our way. I'll come up with a favorite once I have seen them all. Because I will see them all.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@oscars94 said:

My wallet! It hurts!

Yeah, 2015 is going to be a big year at the movies, too. Better start saving :P

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

I worship at the alter of Brubaker, the god of noir.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

I had no idea Brubaker approved of the script. I'm that much more excited about it now. :)

Posted by Marvelous21

The Ant-Man movie! I know it sounds strange, but OK :)

Posted by GeekyEverAfter

For animated movies, I'm really looking forward to seeing Justice league: War, Son of Batman and Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Edited by Lvenger

If I'd been back in time for this, I still wouldn't question the verdict. The Winter Soldier is definitely the most anticipated CBM for me next year given its potential, directors and rumoured developments along with Brubaker's approval.

Posted by Dstick88

I am honestly surprised by this.

Posted by k4tzm4n

The Ant-Man movie! I know it sounds strange, but OK :)

Ant-Man's scheduled for 2015 ;)

Posted by Marvelous21

@k4tzm4n: Ow thanks for the heads up :) Then I'll go for Guardians of the Galaxy since it is a complete new corner of the Marvel Universe. Looking forward to Winter Soldier too!

Posted by k4tzm4n

@k4tzm4n: Ow thanks for the heads up :) Then I'll go for Guardians of the Galaxy since it is a complete new corner of the Marvel Universe. Looking forward to Winter Soldier too!

No problem. And agreed, I'm very anxious to see GotG as well.

Edited by Marvelous21

@k4tzm4n: We are some lucky comic fans to live in this age, that is for sure :)

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

The Ant-Man movie! I know it sounds strange, but OK :)

Doesn't sound strange to me. A proven director who's films I've enjoyed bringing his vision to a character I already like. Sounds like a total win in my book. Edgar Wright really hasn't made anything I haven't enjoyed so far. Even his "big flop" Scott Pilgrim I found very entertaining.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

The Ant-Man movie! I know it sounds strange, but OK :)

I'm excited for this more than Avengers 2

Edited by ccraft

GODZILLA is my #1 most anticipated movie of 2014, the trailer was nothing less than epic. Can't wait!

Posted by tg1982

Anyone on the Vine who knows me, knows I'm a huge Cap fan and therefore Captain America: The Winter Soldier is obviously my most anticipated movie, second is GotG, followed by ASM2 then Robocop.

Posted by Marvelous21

@zzombie13: True! And good to know there some Ant-Man fans here too!

Edited by ccraft

Robocop looks good as well. I'm a fan of the original, so I'm excited to see this reboot.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Captain America of course. I never found the character interesting, but somehow the first movie hooked me. It freakin' hooked me. I found him interesting, but not corny, inspiring, but not bland. They just pulled him off so incredibly well that I would have been willing to follow him into battle.

Edited by RustyRoy

The Winter Soldier and ASM 2

Edited by marvel_dc_heroes_villains

I am simultaneously the most excited and most worried about DoFP (although the excitement is almost matched by the awesome-looking Cap 2). It is incredibly ambitious, has Bryan Singer and the cast of First Class (which is my favourite X-movie alongside X2) and may even lead into Age of Apocalypse, but I'm also worried that they'll try to cram too much in and it could be overcrowded/messy. I genuinely think they should split it into two parts. More money for the studio and more cohesive story for the audience. ASM2 appears to not have remotely learned from its previous trilogy on the villains front, and the trailer looked like a videogame, so that's not too exciting, and the really cheap looking GotG teaser at the end of Thor dampened my anticipation of that somewhat.

PS. The Godzilla trailer was f***ing incredible. That whole skydive sequence was the best thing I've seen in a trailer all year.

Edited by Wilbertus

Curious about Cap but more excited about X-Men.

Posted by Smurfboy

Guys, show some love for Robocop!!!

Posted by MrMazz

I'm always the first one to say judge off of what has been released not what you belive will be good. I still want to see more of Captain America: Winter Solider, there's no doubt I'll not be seeing it but for now Days of Future past is tops for me, the BRyan Singer back in the chair and his love and understanding of sci-fi is a good thing.

Of things I REALLY friggin want to see more of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy film. I really liked the original Star Trek/Rami syndicated TV feel to the post credits scene in Thor. But I want to see more.

Edited by AllStarSuperman

Ninja turtles...

Posted by staypuffed

TASM2 a close second.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Ninja turtles...

It's your most anticipated movie even though we haven't seen anything official from it yet? :P

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@k4tzm4n said:

@allstarsuperman said:

Ninja turtles...

It's your most anticipated movie even though we haven't seen anything official from it yet? :P

yeah honestly its tied with Captain America 2 for most anticipated, maybe slightly more. Surprised Robocop didn't get barely any votes though.

Edited by ccraft

@smurfboy said:

Guys, show some love for Robocop!!!

The trailer was pretty good, I hope it makes good money!

Posted by Skyfire

Voted for all, but Godzilla by far tops my 2014. It looks amazing, and if he actually battles another kaiju it may turn out to be one one my favorite ever movies.

Posted by Jbreen

A little bit surprised to see Cap coming out on top, I'm not his biggest fan but I'll probably pop along and see the film anyway.

For the most part though I am just happy to see so many movies coming out that I have an interest in, hopefully they all turn out to be great movies.

Posted by judasnixon

Get that god damn fake PG 13 RoboCop out of here..... My RoboCop is silver and rated R.

Posted by Jimmie_Hudson_

i'm surprised by this. i never knew winter soldier was so popular. i wonder why his series had such low sales. i thought days of future past was going to win.

Posted by Sifighter

I really want to see Guardians of the galaxy and X-men: Days of future past, those are pretty much it. Cap 2 doesn't look bad it's just that I feel that I know enough about Winter soldier that it would spoil the story, and I have no intrest in AS2. Although if I hear good things about the new Robocop, I could decide to go see it.

Edited by akbogert

I worship at the alter of Brubaker, the god of noir.

Essentially this :)

Thanks for the nod, @k4tzm4n (and the heads-up).

Posted by GraniteSoldier

@k4tzm4n: I'm pretty pumped for ASM 2, GotG, Winter Soldier, and Robocop.

However, the one, the only, true correct answer is: Godzilla.

(insert epic roar)

Posted by ssejllenrad

I want to see Robocop but I guess it's getting killed by diehard fans of the original waaay before it gets released. Just like MOS.

Edited by cmaprice

@ccraft said:

@smurfboy said:

Guys, show some love for Robocop!!!

The trailer was pretty good, I hope it makes good money!

Intensely disagree. Looks like it lacks any subtlety and charm.
The original film still holds up and is completely relevant to today. So far, it doesn't look like the remake will be adding anything but CGI.

I'd love for them to prove me wrong, but the trailer was cold, and seemed to be more about popcorn action than about character, tone, and relevant social commentary (the stuff that made the old one a great film -- not that its practical effects and stop-motion weren't astoundingly good).

I think they'd be better off not making this an origin story, but deal with an aging Robocop, facing a world that is even more under the thumb of corporations, dealing with newer models being rolled out which serve their creators more than the public good, as more and more cities fiscally and politically crumble like Detroit.

Posted by MonsterStomp

TASM 2 comes 5th?


Edited by BC42

My version of that list would be:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy (think everyone is underestimating this movie and are all going to be blown away!)
  2. Captain America 2 (like Thor 2, with the set up and Avengers done, this is going to go full-throttle badassness)
  3. Amazing Spiderman 2 (looks good, mostly liked the 1st one but have apprehension with the too-many-villains repeat danger from the Raimi movies, it's like they learnt nothing!)
  4. Robocop (Because I enjoyed Dredd, Conan and Soloman Kane, all made more off-the-grid, more indi-ish and more brutal and it worked! Don't expect it to be mind-blowing like the original, but so far it looks like fun!)
  5. X-Men Days of blah, blah (was excited, till I heard it was in continuity with the older movies and then, Singer... so yeah, if it's good, GREAT! but expectation is nice looking and dumbly entertaining bollocks)
Posted by MasterBelmont

Glad to see my vote get the top spot. Cap's my favorite and the trailer was awesome, so how could it not have gotten my vote? I'll also definitely see Godzilla (was the biggest fan back in the day) and GotG if they're good. Won't be seeing the other three, though.

Edited by Veshark

Whoo! Cap at the top spot - just as he should be. Winter Soldier looks to be really promising, can't wait.

Edited by frogdog

Guardians of the Galaxy (I hope to god it isn't based on bendis abomination )

Captain America 2 (After Thor 2 and Ironman 3, I'm staying away from avengers team members movies)

Amazing Spiderman 2 (Without a origin story holding it back, I can expect a great movie also Spider-man 3 due to being terrible not because of the villians)


X-Men Days of Future Wolverine stealing the spotlight (Oh come on, aside from Magneto and Prof X, singer is shit at using other mutants )

Posted by crevicekid

Bear in mind, Geoff Johns said Green Lantern was looking good

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