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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 4 So Far?

The community speaks out about the zombie show's new season!

The Walking Dead recently returned with its fourth bloody season, pitting the prison crew against an all-new threat and, as if things couldn't get any worse, the Governor returned to say "hello." As expected, it wasn't exactly a peaceful greeting, either. After plenty of zombie kills and a whole lot of drama, the show's now on its mid-season break and we unfortunately won't get a new serving of episodes until February.

There was an overwhelming amount of love (and rightfully so) for the mid-season finale, but opinions were definitely mixed on the seven other episodes. Because of that, we wanted to see how the community really felt about the first half of season four. After two days of voting, it turns out a very large portion of voters say they either really liked or loved the latest round of episodes. Here's the poll results:

  • Really enjoying it. Excited to see what's next. 38%
  • Love it. Has the potential to be the best season yet. 33%
  • It's okay. 16%
  • Really not a fan. Considering not watching anymore or have already stopped watching. 11%
  • Not too happy with this season. 2%
Sad Governor is sad.

Despite the virus apparently existing to help reduce the numbers the prison gained after the last season's finale, that storyline was still able to make some very strong developments with key characters -- most notably Hershel and Carol -- and it was nice seeing the group face a new kind of threat. After that, the Governor-focused episodes seemed to be far more polarizing (saw primarily loved it/hated it comments for 'em), but then the show hit us with a mid-season finale that was not only a great way to bring massive change to the program, but it was also debatably one of the best episodes yet. Plus, it delivered some VERY satisfying nods to the source material. Many of us felt letdown with the Governor's prison assault in season 3 and this totally made up for it.

Here's a good post from the poll thread by Comic Viner jasonakaslv (includes spoilers):

"This season of the Walking dead has moved the show up in rank for me. The 1st season was perfect comic interpretation and the second season was extremely slow and almost boring at points. The 3rd season improved the show greatly and didn't hit us over the head with non-stop action it was a good mix. This season has maintained a good balance as well and loved the two episodes dedicated to the Governor. The character development has improved causing people to attach themselves I was a bit bummed when Herschel died. I'm excited to see the improvement that the actor for Carl has made in the next few episodes and a strong ending to this season."

Viners, were you part of the group that's "really enjoying" the show's latest episodes or do you have a different opinion? Don't be shy, let us know how you feel about the first half of season four below.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC in February.

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Posted by judasnixon

Daryl Dixon killed a tank.....

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- I was shocked that Rick banished Carol

- Glad the Governor is dead

- Sad that Hershel is dead even though I read the comics and knew it would happen (surprised he died the way Tyreese did)

- Surprised that they SUPPOSEDLY killed a baby on cable TV

- I wonder if Tyreese will find out what Carol did

- I am glad they are back to following the comics again

So far this season has been great! I can't wait to see how the second half pans out and if it leads up the the Community!

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Best season in my opinion.

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I saw the preview for the 2nd half of this season. I am glad they are doing the bit with Rick getting sick and Carl freaking out. But my concern is what they will do now since they did the phone bit last season. That's when the phone bit happens in the comics. Plus, I want know if they will show the bandits trying to rape Carl when Rick, Carl, and Abraham go out. That was a really impactful part in the comics. I really doubt they will, since they did not show Michonee getting owned by the Governor and how the Governor really lost his eye. I also doubt we will see Alexandra in this season too.

So what are the groups now?

-Rick & Carl
-The Bus Crew
-Maggie, Sasha, and Bob

Posted by Mucklefluga
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I find it interesting that so many people really are thinking Judith is dead.

I think, as a reader of the comics, I felt if they allowed Judith to live beyond Lori's time, then they would never go that far to kill the baby on the TV show, so I immediately assumed that Judith is NOT dead.

But all my friends who don't read the books are pulling out all the stops to prove to me Judith is dead.

"Dude... the carrier was covered in blood and all the belts were still buckled!" texted one friend.

I dunno. I am not convinced. After 3.5 seasons, its quite apparent what kind of things the TV show will and won't allow.

But then again, they had little girl Lizzie shoot a living person in the forehead, sort of a make-up for not having Carl shoot a living Shane like in the comics.

Posted by patrat18

This season sucked. The only episode that stood out was last weeks. Coarlll Coarllll!

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There be spoilers and this will be long.

I would like to preface this post by stating that The Walking dead is my favorite series and has been for about 4 years. It is literally the only TV show I watch as it shows instead of DVRing.

That said I was a little disappointed and restless with the first part of the season. You simply can't make an interesting show out of a bunch of people quarantined in a prison and dying from a "Superflu". And now with the battle of the prison over and everyone scattered to the winds I expect to be more interesting.

Judith is alive. We've seen something similar to this sleight of hand misdirection foreshadowing in the episode where Carol's scarf is found and she is presumed dead. In addition I have seen a clip in the past day or two that shows Tyreese running away from the camera cradling something in his arms that's clearly not his rifle.

As for the groups we have Carl and Rick. It appears they end up in a peaceful suburban house complete with "Welcome To The Neighborhood" walkers.

Maggie, Sasha, and a wounded Bob are on the move. Where? Who knows. But probably to a pre-arranged rendevous. Something that both Daryl and Maggie implied at separate times in this episode.

Daryl and Beth. Interesting combo since neither of them (as far as I know) were in the comic book. So there travels should be all new material.

Micchone appears to be on her own. But I suspect one of two things has happened with her. One she has found Tara and or Lily and is dragging them along. Or two she is the one that --

Got Glen and the bus going. I don't think Glen had the physical strength nor the internal fortitude to abandon Maggie on his own. Couple that with Micchone's keen sense of survival and I think we have a winner.

Tyreese --as previously mentioned--is following the Children's Army when he comes upon Judith. he snatches her up and tries to track the children. When he does find them the big surprise is that Carol is with the children and always has been. This will be an interesting storyline knowing what Carol has admitted to doing and Tyreese's ignorance of said situation.

I find it interesting that just before the Governor finished off Herschel he says "Lier." Makes me wonder if there will be a "rapist" and a "Murderer" storyline--

Questions to still be answered (other than where is everybody and is Judith still alive):

What caused the "Superflu"?

Who is feeding rats to the walkers (Lizzie)?

Will everyone ever get reunited?

Are any of the Governor's Militia going to survive? And if so will the showrunners show us the aftermath?

Who was the other camp that appeared to have exterminated? And by whom?

And when will we ever found out the mystery to the mysterious radio signal that Daryl happened upon?

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Carol didn't kill anybody. Psycho girl (name?) did and Carol is trying to cover up/protect her.

Posted by nappystr8

I thought the season started out incredibly strong, but it took a huge swan dive the second the governor showed up and it has not recovered. Regardless of the fact that the governor just isn't a complex or interesting character despite how much they want him to be, the writing just got really really sloppy.

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While it wouldn't surprise me if Judith is alive, this is the only way to write her out of the show without catching viewer backlash from killing a baby. She's of no real value to the show. You can always presume some off-screen character is baby sitting her. I'm betting they couldn't do what they did in the books so this is the way to deal with a no win situation from a writing standpoint.

Posted by Farkam

I love it.

Posted by Skyhawk1

Who was feeding rats to the walkers?

Rick could take down Tyreese but couldn't hold up against the Governor?