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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Scariest Marvel/DC Character

Happy Halloween! Why not celebrate by thinking about the characters from the Big Two would could make you run away screaming and crying if you ever bumped into them?

Halloween is upon is, so it's only fitting we take a moment to reflect on the most frightening characters in Marvel and DC, right? This week, we asked you which character would likely make you pee your pants or freak out if you ever bumped into them in a dark alley. Over 450 Viners voted and to no one's surprise, a certain pale villain took a very large majority. It looks like most Viners are afraid of clowns... or at least clowns who are mass murders with beyond twisted minds.

We're right there with you, Viners. Joker's a scary dude. If you bumped into him, there's simply no telling if it would be the last night of your life or if it would be one of the most horrific experiences you'll ever endure. There's just no telling what's going on in that mind of his. He may not be able to turn you to dust with eye beams or crush you with super-human strength, but he's can mess with your mind and has a disturbing amount of ways to hurt you on a physical level, too. It's a well-earned victory for the Clown Prince of Crime.

Viner Post of the Week for Joker is by IDontLikeBirds

"Joker for his unpredictability. The majority of the others, you can predict their usual behavior, even Carnage, who will more or less just kill you and maybe torture you a bit. Joker...well he will reeeeeally get in your head, just ask Jason Todd when he died. Making your mother betray you, then beating you nearly to death with a crowbar, and finally blowing you up, that is just twisted, and that was mainly to mess with Batman. The Killing Joke also is a good reason why I picked him."

Joker obliterated the competition, but Carnage and Scarecrow weren't too far behind. Check out the full poll results below. Again, 0% doesn't necessarily mean a character received zero votes. In fact, the only character who didn't earn a vote was Crossbones. Someone please give the terrible man a pat on the back. We obviously couldn't include nightmare inducing characters like Stilt-Man, Squirrel Girl or Vulture because that would just be unfair, you know?

Who'd you vote for and why, Viners? While you're at it, go ahead and recommend your favorite story arc for said character as well. That way it could potentially motivate your fellow Viners to check it out. Also, if you do dress up as one of these frightening characters for Halloween today, feel free to share an image in this article!

Check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new Question of the Week! Do you have a suggestion for a topical or superb question for the feature? Post it below it tell Gregg via Twitter.

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Posted by zombie_taco

Think big. Joker is just a man. What if you saw Desaad, Annihilus or even Living Tribunal? Its unlikely any normal dork would, but still pants-crappingly terrifying.

Honorable mention to Murmur

Posted by Imortal18

Joker deserved it he' s fricken scary, but if I could vote for a number two it would be scarecrow I mean common all of this guys power comes form gas that shows you your biggest fear and SCARES you to death. How could carnage be scarier that him

Posted by LexLuthor11

How did Joker Get more votes 6 than Parallax