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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Save a TV Show

Did Young Justice remain the most popular or did one of Marvel's animated shows grab the most votes?

Being a fan of a comic book TV show ain't easy. We've been blessed with so many topnotch programs revolving around or favorite fictional characters. But, this often comes as a blessing in disguise. Despite these shows being superb, networks tend to have different business objectives in mind and then poof! The show we love is killed, obliterating our hopes and dreams of seeing certain stories unfold.

This Tuesday I asked you all to vote to save one of these deceased shows, and one show blew past the rest. Taking 45.8% of 345 votes, Young Justice won and is now known as the show Comic Vine would save -- you know, if we had the power to do so.

What would you want to see in a third season?

"Young Justice won? I totally didn't expect that," said no one ever. Cartoon Network's DC show features a wide variety of characters has been hugely popular for quite some time now. With an emphasis on character relationships and elaborate plots, Young Justice has brought happiness to countless viewers on Saturday mornings. But now after two seasons it's no more... and it left us with a massive tease: Darkseid. While I think Young Justice is good fun and all, I was very torn over my vote. I adore Spectacular Spider-Man, but ultimately, I gave Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The show was on a ridiculously amazing roll and had so much potential for great stories down the road (Blackest Night, Sinestro Corps War, etc).

Did you vote for Young Justice and if so, why? If not, which show did you want to win? Here's the results of the poll.

  • Young Justice: 45.8%
  • Spectacular Spider-Man: 16.2%
  • Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: 13.6%
  • Wolverine and the X-Men: 11.0%
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series: 9.0%
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 2.6%
  • Transformers: Prime: 1.7%

Don't forget to check the homepage next Tuesday for a new 'Comic Book Question of the Week!' As always, you're more than welcome to make suggestions for questions every week, too! You can send them to me via Twitter, in the comments below, or via a PM.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. This is the part where he shamelessly plugs his Google+ and Twitter page in hopes of getting a new follower or two.

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Posted by Mucklefluga

Will i get attacked for saying i have never watched Young Justice?

Posted by Lvenger

I thought YJ would get the biggest percentage so I used my vote for another Weismann project; The Spectacular Spider-Man. Glad to see it was in 2nd place.

Posted by CitizenJP

Wow. Landslide for Young Justice! I can't believe they left season 2 on such an epic cliffhanger too. I mean come on, man!

Posted by Mr. Messy Face

I basically expected those same results but with Green Lantern and Avengers switched. lol

Posted by landau_corinthian

Young Justice was just okay. Spectacular Spider-Man is probably the best on-screen adaptation of Spidey ever. Cancelled too soon.

Posted by clemj

@landau_corinthian: both were cancelled too soon

Edited by mettlekm

@Mucklefluga said:

Will i get attacked for saying i have never watched Young Justice?

I just caught up on it. Worth watching! Usually lacks a little something when you don't have the week to week anticipation, just keep that in mind if and when you watch!

I miss the Spectacular Spider-man theme song, most of all.

Posted by Trevel8182

OH Danny Boy!

Posted by Ms. Omega

@Mucklefluga said:

Will i get attacked for saying i have never watched Young Justice?

Yes yes you will now where did I put my ban hammer? lol

Posted by consolemaster001

my favourite part of young justice was when it ended

Posted by TommytheHitman

I must admit while I didn't vote for it I expected Green Lantern to be higher in rank. Also it's been a while since I last watched Wolverine and the X-Men, should probably crack open that first season.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

@Mucklefluga said:

Will i get attacked for saying i have never watched Young Justice?


Posted by krspaceT

@Mucklefluga: Yes

Posted by Ghidoran

@consolemaster001: Whoa, watch out guys, we got a badass over here.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Not surprised. I am somewhat surprised how low Clone Wars was ranked.

Edited by Mezmero

Feels like people are still flying a little too close to the sun in regards to Young Justice. To me that show is just yet another really good show from the DCAU in a long line of good to great animated series from DC. Spider-Man has had plenty of good cartoons too though I admit that Spectacular is probably the best one I've seen. Avengers have never been given a good series or animated feature film until EMH. We may never get another good Avengers cartoon ever again where as there's a chance we'll still get DC and Spider-Man cartoons that are at least decent if not really great. I don't agree with the results of the vote but I accept that nobody wants their favorite comic characters taken off the air.

Posted by naylor11

This could help to save it if everyone did this. It's all about sending in letters to the network

Posted by Logan Reilly


no, but you might want to see it.

Posted by pacewun

I missed out on the voting but Avengers and Young Justice were great. Avengers was probably the best show ever that brought comic storylines to the screen without taking it too literally. Young justice was good but the scheduling of the show and awkward breaks during storylines lines did not help!

Posted by The Average Bear

I can't believe GL:TAS or YJ got cancelled for TTG!. Wow, that was a lot of acronyms

Exec 1:"Hey, let's kill off some fan favorites to bring back a show we had a long time ago! But hm... how do we make it new and fresh?"

Exec 2: "Chibi them? People will go crazy over their chibi cuteness and aw! Think of the dolls we'll sell!"


Exec 3: "Right after we show Darkseid? And before Green Lantern reaches its potential?"

Exec 1: "Yes. I want to see them cry"

Posted by JamDamage

@Mucklefluga: by the time I respond to your post you'll be dead.

Posted by redbird3rdboywonder

YJ deserved it's win. Kinda disappointed to see Transformers Prime to be in last place even though it's amazinfg

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I didn't vote because i was hoping you guys would add a spot to vote for the Thundercats reboot. Tho out of those shows I would have voted for either Spectacular of Earth's Mightiest. They were both great shows that did a good job of translating the source material to the tv medium.

Tho I am usually a DC supporter, Young Justice just didn't work for me. It's production values were great and it had a good team behind it, But for me it was lacking when it came to story. A lot of the foreshadowing was very blatant and most the characters were rather flat. True with such a big cast, you can't flesh them all out, but still their most developed characters had some pretty glaring flaws for me. Lastly I just didn't like a lot of the liberties they took with the source material, just reminded me about how DC had changed everything I liked about all the characters I liked with the reboot. However, with all the problems I had with it, I still fell it deserved better treatment than CN gave it. It's more or less the same thing they did to Symbionic Titan and Thundercats. I guess in that regard YJ was lucky to even get a second season considering how CN seems to drop their best stuff right away.

Posted by blackcobalt


Clone Wars has had 5 seasons. It's gotten its chance to tell its stories, and it was wonderful. These other shows were cut off as they were approaching their prime.

Posted by bloggerboy

Oh if only threads like this or Kickstarter were around when Spider-Man: The Animated Series was cancelled. And I actually liked the ending that show had.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: Once a poll is created it cannot be altered. The only option would be to delete it and create a new one.

@consolemaster001 said:

my favourite part of young justice was when it ended

Posted by TDK_1997

I'm really surprised that Transformers Prime got so little votes.

Posted by tahmidk

Spectacular Spidey > Young Justice (Overly Melodramatic Teenage Soap Opera)

Posted by RavenVice01

I'm glad our fellow users know a good TV show we have one. Young Justice had more potential than Green Lantern and would have drawn a lot more attention but now we are stuck with a lame version of Teen Titans and the impending Beware the Batman. Hopefully this Batman series won't be as bad as Batman Brave and the Bold.

Posted by consolemaster001

@tahmidk said:

Spectacular Spidey > Young Justice (Overly Melodramatic Teenage Soap Opera)

Edited by sho3s22

@CitizenJP: maybe they'll make a young justice animated film to conclude everything? I'd be okay with that if they can't bring back the show.

Posted by saoakden

I voted Young Justice because one of the ending and two, I think it was getting really interesting. It was a great show with a good cast of characters.

Posted by Blackmoonrose13

@Mucklefluga: No well I wont I just will put you infront of a tv and make you watch them mind you will be very comfy

Posted by Hawkeye2124


Posted by Teerack

It would be really cool to see a Young Justice version of Flash Point focused around the return of Wally West after he was removed from existence at the end of season 2.

Posted by SuperDoahBoy

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't like CN's treatment of the Thundercats reboot.

@blackcobalt: I also felt the same way when I heard about Clone Wars ending. I got a better shake than most other shows.

@RavenVice01: I'm far from a fan of Batman, but I actually liked The Brave & The Bold when I gave it a shot. It didn't carry itself as serious as some of the other shows but it wasn't that bad.

Posted by CitizenJP

@sho3s22 said:

@CitizenJP: maybe they'll make a young justice animated film to conclude everything? I'd be okay with that if they can't bring back the show.

OMG that would be amazing. A good idea too. It could wrap up those loose ends nicely in an epic flick! :O

Posted by SuperDoahBoy

I guess I'm one of the only few people that didn't look at Young Justice's last episode as a total cliffhanger, yeah they could continue the story with the way it ended but it's not like they left a bunch of loose ends to be tied up. And I know I can't be the only person that wasn't surprised to see that Darkseid had some sort of hand in what was going down.

Posted by SuperDoahBoy

@CitizenJP: What loose ends?

Edited by Kalisto

I miss Spectacular Spiderman theme song. It's like...the best theme song ever. (EMH had good one too)

I'd save YJ. I really liked the first season alot. The second one was good though not as great as first one but I think it's because they made the cast too big and they weren't able to focus on all the characters properly. Now I'll never see more of Tim and Cassie.

Posted by CitizenJP

@SuperDoahBoy: I guess I should rephrase that as, "I JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!" ;P

Posted by Pokeysteve

Didn't vote but if I did I would have voted for Young Justice.

Posted by SuperDoahBoy

@CitizenJP: I'm sure we would all like to see what happens next! I was just wondering if I missed something cause more than a few people are calling the ending a cliffhanger while I felt that they pretty much tied up every loose end there was. The only thing I can think of as a loose end is what happened to Wally, but most of us comic readers have a pretty good idea what happened to him so it's not really a loose end.

Posted by Deadcool

@Mucklefluga said:

Will i get attacked for saying i have never watched Young Justice?

Fanboys gonna fan.

Posted by Master_Thief
@Teerack said:

It would be really cool to see a Young Justice version of Flash Point focused around the return of Wally West after he was removed from existence at the end of season 2.

I was thinking about this.... a good way to bring wally back
Posted by ladymastermind

I always liked Wolverine and the X men, it was cancelled to soon.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

I voted Green Lantern.

Posted by TheReaper111

wow im surprise at how low prime got, i really like that show.

Posted by Black_Claw

Why is Transformers Prime up there? It's currently in its third season.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@Black_Claw said:

Why is Transformers Prime up there? It's currently in its third season.

Which is confirmed as its last season. So, it's got one foot in the grave.

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