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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Next DLC Character You Want in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

The first season pass has come and gone, so who do YOU want to see next?

Zod, the fourth and final downloadable character of the first season pass, came out this week and we think he rocks. But there's still the potential for at least four more characters on the roster and Ed Boon, the Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, has confirmed they will release at least one more DLC character. Look, we all know Martian Manhunter is the one they've likely selected, but we wanted to see who you really want added to the game. After two days of voting, it turns out you guys want Martian Manhunter as the next DLC combatant. Well, no real surprise there.

If you voted for J'onn J'onzz then it's safe to assume you'll be happy when they officially announce the next DLC character. Martian Manhuter was spotted at the end of Scorpion's reveal trailer, after all. Also, Martian Manhunter has a massive amount of potential as a playable character. Shape-shifting, telepathy, phasing, super-strength, so on and so on. The dude is insanely powerful and the sky is the limit when it comes to his potential special moves and his super move.

As for me, I voted for Jason Todd. "RAHHHH TOO MANY BATMAN CHARACTERS!" I know, I know, but Todd has the potential to be a whole lot of fun to use -- kind of like this game's version of Stryker. The combination of side arms, knives, small explosives and other tech could be a really fun. Anyway, check out the full poll results below.

Who did you vote for and why? Also, don't forget to check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new Comic Book Question of the Week!

Posted by mousecop

Detective Chimp

Posted by BKSocialitE

They dont need anymore characters from batmans genre. They should put in Darkside,Granny Goodness,Huntress,Doctor Fate.Anyone of those. No more mortal kombat characters. it was foolish to put in scorpion

Posted by Decoy Elite

@mousecop said:

Detective Chimp


Posted by Fallen_Crippled

I'd like Mr. Freeze

Posted by Justthatkid

@batman15: Metamorpho would be awesome with the shape shifting abilities into elemental compounds you should read up on Geo-Force he'd be fun also, And then Katana would have all the Katana combo's and then a soul steal finisher. The outsiders would fit in perfectly.

Posted by Pop123

I want to see Spawn in there beating everyone like in Soul Caliber. work with Image, make it happen. Heck I take Link at this point lol.

Posted by M-Demon

Big Barda. She'd fit into this series perfectly and needs some love.

Edited by BiteMe-Fanboy

Red Hood...Seriously?


Posted by SideburnGuru

Red Hood beat all of those other WAY more unique characters for a fighting game? Seriously? In no way am I trying to insult Red Hood. But for the terms of Injustice, and what the other characters could bring to the playing field, Red Hood got second? Am I just missing something with Red Hood here? Doesn't Deathstroke play as an already fitting type gun/melee weapon user? I mean, I'm not doubting they could make Red Hood play differently. I'm saying, for the terms of a fighting game, it doesn't make much sense to put Red Hood in when the other characters could bring alot more to the fighting field.

Posted by FlashKnight

<----- Darkseid

Martian Manhunter (Of course)

Doctor Fate

Professor Zoom or Brainiac or Starfire ^_^

These are my picks as well!

Posted by mousecop


And then they could make Gorilla Grodd playable and we could have a primate battle for the ages!

Edited by DCFan21

I just want MMH, Blue bettle, Darkseid, and to balance gender starfire. plz neather realm. make it happen. there the coolest.

Posted by Decoy Elite

@mousecop said:


And then they could make Gorilla Grodd playable and we could have a primate battle for the ages!

You should be in charge of Injustice 2, seriously.

Posted by mousecop


If I was in charge of that game I'd put 50 characters on disk, 25 heroes and 25 villains. 10 would be unlockable and each character would have at least 3 skins with 3 more in the Archives to buy with in-game currency. Each hero would have a villain from their rogues gallery. There would also be a good amount of female characters. Oh, and of course there'd be twice as many maps or whatever fighting game people call them. For the storyline I'd probably just do a Trinity War rip-off. But for me, a fighting game is all about cool ass characters kicking the shit out of each other. And there would be tons of ass beating in this game. That's a game worth 60 bucks.

Posted by Argothor

b'wana Beast all day

Posted by karasu_

This game is just one dissapointment after another. All the DLC are jokes, they're just rip offs, batman plays like a b*tch(they gave batgirl the good bat-move set) , Nightwing is NOT agile at all(He gets too heavy in staff mode?!) Zod is practically Superman+, They put Scorpion in it without an actual FCKN story behind him, his moves are sweet but his super special? OMFG... GO KILL YOURSELF. Where is darkseid? Braniac?! I can see it's ok to have doomsday but having weaker powerhouses?? (bane maybe but grundy... wtf zombie who always gets his ass kicked) This game is all hype, Minus well add ted kord and booster gold and call it HIstories greatest DC game.

I'm going back to MvC3.