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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Favorite TMNT Character

Come find out who the Comic Vine community voted as their favorite TMNT character! Sadly, it's not Bebop & Rocksteady.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of the franchise, we've all got a favorite Turtle -- even if that choice is based solely on the weapon or mask color. But has that character held onto our number one spot as we've grown older? That was the subject of the latest Comic Book Question of the Week and, while the results were certainly close, one Turtle edged out a victory over all of the competition. You can still lead the group, Leo, but it looks like Raph leads when it comes to the fans!

"Come back here! I'm not finished with you! DAMN!"

Earning 26% of the votes, the sai-wielding hero in a half shell is now officially Comic Vine's favorite TMNT character. Sporting an aggressive attitude, Raph has always been a favorite to many as he questioned Leo's orders and never backed down from a fight. Personally, I voted for Shredder. What can I say? I'm a sucker for badass villains and the recent series from IDW, TMNT: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN, reminded me of just how awesome and intimidating the fiend can really be. Plus, he's about to take Manhattan by storm in an upcoming story over in the primary title. If you voted for Raph, what's your favorite moment with the character? If not, who'd you vote for and why?

Check out the poll results below.

Turtle fans, I command you to buy the IDW comics and watch the show every Friday on Nick. Don't forget to check the homepage next Tuesday for a new 'Comic Book Question of the Week!' As always, you're more than welcome to make suggestions for questions every week, too! You can send them to me via Twitter, in the comments below, or via a PM.

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Edited by Dark_Guyver

Donatello will always be #1 in my heart at least. Lol. To be honest I thought Michelangelo would have won.

Edited by Nightw BR

April and Cody Jones will always be my favorites. Out of the turtles Mikey & Splinter are my number 1. Cody may just be in one series but hopefully one day he is in another. I do realize Cody isn't on the list, but that is because he's been around less than the others and he's only in one series, but I'd of probably voted for April if I had.

Edited by Mbecks14

Hell yeah! Raph has always been my favorite! I'm actually shocked Mikey didn't win. Everyone always seems to loveee Michelangelo.

Edited by butters911

I voted for Krang, but I guess Im in the minority

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I knew raph would win but I like don and I voted for casey

Posted by cyberchop979

Donatello will always be #1 in my heart at least.


Edited by ccraft

The IDW TMNT series is sooo awesome! Issue #1 is free on comixology, if your a fan check it out!

My favorite Raphael moment is when hes with Casey fighting crime.

His micro series was really good, and Casey is awesome.

Mikey's micro series was hilarious! I haven't read Donny's or Leo's yet.

Posted by Teerack

My turtle is the top choice. That means I win! hahahaha LOSERS.

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

I think speaks for me

Yeah that's right

Posted by KRYPTON

Leo 4 The Win

Posted by Mezmero

Hell yeah! Raphael is cool but rude.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I'm the only commenter so far that voted for Mikey O:

Posted by ccraft

I think speaks for me

Yeah that's right

Casey is a bada** no doubt! Its really hard to chose your favorite when everyone in TMNT is so awesome!

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

@ccraft: Indeed!!!! If you liked that video I did, here's one of my friends

Edited by Shark_Repellent_Bat_Spray

I thought Michelangelo would have won this! Ah well, Raphael is my 2nd favourite anyway. :P

Posted by Shark_Repellent_Bat_Spray

By the way, everybody needs to see this.

Posted by bloggerboy

I remember a time when Raphael was considered whiny and a douche. Michelangelo was the radical one (though Leo was my favorite).

But I guess Raph is edgy and dark (= cool) nowadays, lol.

Posted by nappystr8

Raph is easily the best.

Posted by dondave


Edited by Xwraith

I picked Mikey.

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

I knew Raphael would end up winning. Aggressive douchebags always tend to garner the most fans for some reason LOL. Leonardo and then Donatello are my favorites.

Posted by CrimAldan


Edited by CrashLanden

Obvious choice. It's like taking a poll for favorite Justice league character and expecting the result to be anyone other than Batman... Raphael is the Turtles' Wolverine.

Edited by StMichalofWilson

I still go for Bebob and Rocksteady!

Posted by Shazam78

Obvious choice. It's like taking a poll for favorite Justice league character and expecting the result to be anyone other than Batman... Raphael is the Turtles' Wolverine.

So true. I like Casey Jones and Donatello too. But who doesn't love a good scene in the comics or cartoon where Raph cuts loose?

Posted by JamesKM716

Leo was always my favorite.


Edited by The Lobster

Really only 2% for Splinter.....The most bad@$$ of all Bad@$$es

Edited by DadaHyena

WHAT?! Fix! Bebop and Rocksteady should totally tie for the top spot!

Posted by AlKusanagi

How was this even a question? It's always Raphael! Just like asking people their favorite DC character. Sure, you'll have some deviants say Superman, or Flash, or Green Lantern, but it's always going to be Batman.

Edited by GothamRed

I'm surprised Leo beat Mikey. But yeah Raph, everyone loves the turtle who hits stuff. Casey will always be my number two, goongala!!!

Posted by Smurfboy

I love Mikey!!

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Hah finally got one in the top 3. Leo has always being my fave.

Edited by TerrellV13

Donatello for the win.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

It doesn't matter that Donatello was voted last out of the turtles because this time around he's getting the girl.

Edited by Yung ANcient One

I mean they ALL originally wore Red at 1st so... yeah

( + )

Posted by LaserLambert

Atta-boy Raph!

Posted by sinestro_GL

No Splinter love?

Posted by sweatboy

Yyeeerrrrp! That sshoild have won the ticket

Posted by k4tzm4n

It doesn't matter that Donatello was voted last out of the turtles because this time around he's getting the girl.

Try to get the girl :P

Posted by silverJuggernaut

I always liked donatello Because i like the staff as a weapon.

Posted by Watcherg44

why isn't slash on this list?

Posted by dementedtheclown

Raph is the Real turtle, he stayed Red, and stayed Violent.
Ever read Bodycount?

I also love his alter ego Night Watcher.
and I find it odd in the future he always seems to lose an eye.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Huh...the cool but rude Turtle got the favorite spot? Nice! Not who I would have picked, but awesome!

Posted by DocFishstick

Leo all day

Posted by Raw_Material

Didn't get to cast my vote, but mine goes to Leonardo.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Mikey. Mikey all the way!!!!