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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Moon Knight Series

Looking to jump into Moon Knight's crazy world? See what our community thinks you should check out first!

Here at Comic Vine, we love Moon Knight a whole lot. Seeing as the community voted him as our latest Character of the Month, it's clear many of you do, too. So, to further celebrate Moon Knight's glorious month of praise and attention, we thought it would be fun to take a trip down the anti-hero's crazy history and reflect on all of his runs. Everything from his 1980 volume to the current one made it on the poll, and the voters showed and overwhelming amount of support for one of the options. If you want to give this character a chance, the Comic Vine crowd strongly recommends the current run by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire!

Ellis has brought the Fist of Khonshu back in a great way. He's added some new twists to the character while still respecting the source material and, best of all, each issue is a thoroughly satisfying standalone experience. Instead of attempting to win us over with a dire scenario that stretches across multiple issues, Ellis is simply showing us one unique adventure after another. We've had brutal action, a great look at the city Spector patrols, a trippy ride, and we've even seen Moon Knight throwdown with ghosts (let that sink in for a moment). Then there's the artwork which serves as a great compliment to the tone Ellis establishes and these visuals feel like a perfect fit for the character. Everyone is bringing their A game to this series, so what's not to love? Yes, it's disappointing the creative team will change soon, but we should enjoy the ride while it lasts and hope for the best when the new team jumps on. And hey, at least we'll still have Bellaire's colors to give us some sense of consistency!

Let's see what some Viners had to see about Marc Spector's history of volumes.


"I love the original series and vol 3, I really do but this new one has blown me away. Bit of a noob vote but what can I say, I had to do it. Ellis, Shalvey and Bellaire's run has been really good for Moon Knight."


"Moon Knight (2011) is my favorite Moon Knight title yet. I haven't read any other though except the current one.

But the current title isn't very far behind so I may change my mind when Ellis' run end."


"My favorite will always be the original Moench and Sienkiewicz run. It still holds up well to this day. I urge anyone who hasn't read it to get the Marvel Essentials editions of the series as it translates well into the black and white format. The Huston/Finch series got off to a good start but fell flat later on I felt. Of course the new series is awesome; I'm glad Ellis's successor is none other than Brian Wood."


"I had to go with the original. Bill Sienkiewicz's art on an ongoing? It's craziness changed my idea of comics back in the day. The whole Hatchet storyline was nuts at the time. The current series is amazing, but I felt like I can't vote on it yet after only a few issues."


"The 2006 run was very brutal. It is the mad violent Moon Knight I like. The kind of guy Captain America wouldn't trust because of his methods. And it has the most perfect description of the character in it (something like): 'I've never seen a guy stop a punch with his face like you do !'"

Here's the poll's results. Honestly, it's a bit surprising to see the short-lived VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT didn't receive a little more support.

Feel free to share future question ideas in the comments below or via Twitter! Want to continue celebrating Moon Knight? We've posted his Best Covers, he's currently fighting Ra's al Ghul (vote here!), and his Best Battles will be posted on Friday. Praise Khonshu!

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Posted by G-Man

You whippersnappers.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm making my way through the Moench and Sienkiewicz run as we speak.

Posted by Billy Batson

The first series getting a tied third place with the Bendis series. Uh huh.


Posted by Cuboid

@g_man: What's your favourite series? I've only read the most recent series (and didn't vote because of that) but am looking to read more, partially based on your enthusiasm about the character.

Posted by k4tzm4n

I'm making my way through the Moench and Sienkiewicz run as we speak.

Nice! Purchased the "essential" collections?

Moderator Online
Posted by SlamAdams

Damn, missed the voting period. I would have definitely gone for the 2011 run

Posted by BeaconofStrength

Bendis' run Moon Knight shouldn't be that high, IMO. He had no idea how to use the character.

Edited by longbowhunter

@k4tzm4n: Yup...well the first collection anyway.

Posted by CyberWarrior
Posted by Squalleon

I am definetely giving the first volume a read!

The first series getting a tied third place with the Bendis series. Uh huh.


The Bendis series was much more accessible due to being more recent, easier to find and Bendis had a pretty good run on DD so many gave it a chance, me included. I was only informed recently that it was bad for MK standards.

Posted by Billy Batson
Posted by Squalleon

@billy_batson: I am. I really prefer colored versions to the "essential" ones.

Posted by Billy Batson
Posted by Squalleon


B&W does fit Moon Knight though :P


Yeah, I thought so :-P I remember seeing a scene with MK coming out from the shadows in the rain from the first volume that was completely black and white. I don't know I will have to check it out, because If it fits the story and it isn't confusing it will save me lots of money :-)

Posted by Danial79

Happy to hear that people are feeling inspired to go back to the old material. I've read every Moon Knight appearance and I can easily say that it's worth the time to do so.

Posted by Hit_Monkey

Got me a mention & I like it. :D

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Bendis' run Moon Knight shouldn't be that high, IMO. He had no idea how to use the character.

It's the worst Moon Knight run so far

Posted by SnowyMountain

I'd like to be able to read the original MK run as I've heard so many fans praise it, I've only read parts of some of the other series such as the Fist of Khonshu, Marc Spector: Moon Knight, and the Vengeance of the Moon Knight. Others however, I've missed almost entirely.

I'm one of those who absolutely enjoying the current Ellis run as being one of the best series in recent years. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and hopefully it will help catapult MK to the top. I'm already regretting the fact that Ellis' scribing will end soon.