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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Character

Who's the coolest member of the current Guardians of the Galaxy roster? The Comic Vine community speaks its mind! Let's just say Drax isn't very happy with the results...

It's a good time to be a Guardian of the Galaxy. Not only has Brian Michael Bendis' new run generated quite a few new fans, but a Guardians of The Galaxy movie is coming out this summer and the trailer was finally releases this week! If you haven't seen it yet, click here to soak all of the sci-fi goodness in. The trailer gives a brief rundown of the main characters -- which is an understandable move since the general audience has no clue who they are -- but this week, we wanted to know which one you love the most and why. It was a close race between Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, but in the end, the adorable space raccoon took the lead.

Over 300 Viners voted and Rocket beat Quill by a mere 1%. So, why'd the tiny cosmic character earn so much support? Well, for one thing, there's much more to Rocket than meets the eye. On the surface, he's an absurdly awesome character. I mean, he's a talking alien raccoon who carries around weapons that look like they're straight from the '90s. We're talking about guns that would often look pretty big on regular sized heroes, after all. But he's more than just a cute gunman -- he's also brilliant. Rocket's a tactical genius and, in the recent run, he mocked Tony Stark's armor by calling it "cute" and impressed the intellectual Avenger with his own technology. Don't be surprised if he gets a massive popularity boost as the movie approaches. Relatively new Guardians of the Galaxy fan GraniteSoldier explains why he loves Rocket Raccoon.

"Well here's hoping Flash Thompson will become a permanent fixture to the team, but since you've conveniently decided to make sure I couldn't pick him I'm going to go with Rocket Raccoon.

I've only recently started reading Guardians for familiarization for Flash's upcoming joining the team, but I've been hooked and beyond Bendis' current run I've dived into Abnett's run as well. Now all the members are great (I'll admit I'm a pretty big fan of Gamora and Groovy as well) but Rocky steals the show. Whether it was making Tony Stark look dumb, his obsession with "unfeasibly large" weaponry, tactical genius, leadership skills, or love of combat; Rocky has it all. The icing on the cake? All that bad*ssery is wrapped in the cute, furry raccoon exterior. Oh, and he outsmarted Thanos, if that doesn't make him awesome then nothing Marvel can do will.

I look forward to Rocky (hopefully) stealing the show on the big screen, and if he doesn't I'm sure he's got a Number Six Special for Hollywood."

Okay, so pretty much everyone adores Rocket Raccoon, but what about the rest of the team? Check out the poll results below. Sorry, Drax.

  • Rocket Raccoon 28%
  • Star-Lord 27%
  • Groot 21%
  • Gamora 14%
  • Drax 10%

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn and opens August 1st. Rocket Raccoon will be voiced by Bradley Cooper.

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Posted by ColaNicole

I don't know anything about the Guardians but I'm so excited to see this film.

Posted by Perfect 10

wow really? didnt know people liked peter that much. interesting. was certain it would be between groot and rocket

Edited by Mezmero

Ugh these results really sneak up on ya. Anyway I voted for Groot because I find the idea of using a space treant as your primary tank pretty cool.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I think it would be a REALLLLY close race between Rocket and Cosmo

Edited by mightyrearranger

Really, this whole roster is fantastic and well worth a read. :)

To pick just 1 favorite is like asking me how I feel on any given day of the week, but Groot has always been a particularly endearing member.

Posted by Night Thrasher

Guardians since Annihilation: Conquest has been the epitome of the word eclectic. Their headquarters was the severed head of a Celestial and the head of security was a former Russian cosmonaut with telepathic powers who happened to be a golden retriever.

Posted by nappystr8

Awwww, Drax is in dead last place. Well, at least the rightful winner was chosen. Rocket beats all!

Edited by Wolfrazer

I don't think calling Rocket the R word is good for anyone's health, just saying. He's an alien not a....well you know, I don't wanna get shot!

Edited by StMichalofWilson

I knew that Rocket Raccoon would win! I am suprised that Groot isn't second.

Posted by SlamAdams

Not that I don't like Star-Lord, but I'm surprised he beat Groot. I thought it was going to be 51/49 between Rocket and Groot

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Truth be told all the Guardians are pretty awesome. All are great characters deserving a look at, even many of the temporary or side members like Cosmo. It really is the definition of a fun space adventure that doesn't take itself seriously.

Posted by MrAugen

I have enjoyed comics for years and never bothered with the Guardians, seeing this trailer and all makes me really want to check it out. It just makes me smile and remind me of pure fun films like Raiders of the Last Ark or Back to the Future. If you had told me years ago this would be the film of 2014 I would have laughed, but seeing that trailer I want to know all I can about these characters. Well done Marvel.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan


there, I said it....

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Not that I don't like Star-Lord, but I'm surprised he beat Groot. I thought it was going to be 51/49 between Rocket and Groot

I think the Chris Pratt has got a lot of people sexcited about the character

Posted by Ms. Omega

Rocket and Groot baby!

Posted by mak13131313

Rocket and Groot baby!

That's right!

Posted by ccraft

I didn't vote, but if I did I would have voted for Star Lord, and if I had read more than just one issue of GotG I probably would have voted for Rocket, he sounds like an awesome character according to OP.

Edited by Wolfrazer

@ccraft: He is! There's a respect thread for him on his page, if ya wanna see how awesome he is. Lots of scans showcasing his awesomeness courtesy of Tparks/Oy, along with whatever I put up in random pics. :P

Edited by ccraft
Posted by The V0id

Sorry, but no one gives a crap about the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Edited by ccraft

@wolfrazer: I actually couldn't find it threw google search, you have a link?

@the_v0id: Your absolutely right, GotG fans have been lying to themselves all this time until you came, thanks for taking your time to posting that comment!

Posted by ccraft
Edited by AmazingWebHead

@perfect_10 said:

wow really? didnt know people liked peter that much. interesting. was certain it would be between groot and rocket

I didn't know either. I would have expected 2nd place to go to either the giant badass tree man (Groot) or the green-skinned alien babe (Gamora). Nice to know there's still superhero teams with leaders everyone doesn't find boring.

Edited by laflux

@god_spawn LOL so Baptista isn't over as a Comicbook Character and in the WWE :P

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg
Edited by nothingistrue13

@laflux: He was relatively over until the Royal Tumble.

Edited by Danial79

I don't think Star-Lord would have been as popular before the trailer came out. Pretty sure the pre-trailer numbers would have Rocket and Groot at about 30% each :)

Posted by angelalfonso
Edited by MasterBelmont

Voted for Drax (BADASS), but I understand why Rocket won, since he's awesome. This whole team's awesome, in fact, and I'm excited to see their great adventure on the big screen.

Edited by CyberWarrior

1.Star Lord


3.Rocket. Nobody can make Stark look dumb. Not even our furry friend)

Posted by YoungDoctor

I guess calling Rocket a Raccoon is like calling Death's Head a bounty hunter!!!

Posted by UlquiorraSchiffer

Well played Racoon, well played...

Edited by myerlanski

Rocket Raccoon.