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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Favorite Current Animated Series

What show does the Comic Vine community dig the most? Beware the Batman? TMNT? Ultimate Spider-Man? Teen Titans Go? Avengers Assemble? None of the above?

There aren't too many comic book shows airing at the moment, but we were curious to see which you all loved the most out of the limited options. Voting was open for two days and when the dust settled, one show was left with a rather respectable lead. Much to my surprise, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles earned a fair majority, defeating the likes of Batman and more.

If you're a regular over at our little corner of the internet, then you know this outcome is surprisingly pleasing to me. I've been loving the show since its debut and think it's a wonderful reinvention of the franchise -- one that a fan of any age can enjoy. Virtually every episode proves the creative team is super passionate about the franchise's long history, always managing to incorporate elements from the various takes on the Heroes in a Half Shell since their comic debut in 1984. Plus, we know next season will introduce Casey Jones and that's definitely something worth celebrating. Naturally, I voted for this show too (though the latest Beware the Batman showed serious potential!) and I'm happy to see it receiving so much love.

But how'd the other shows hold up in the poll? Here's the results.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30%
  • Beware the Batman 22%
  • I don't enjoy any of them 20% (ouch!)
  • Teen Titans Go! 13%
  • Ultimate Spider-Man 9%
  • Avengers Assemble 6%

If you're part of the 30% who are loving the show, remember to tune in tonight for the hour-long season finale! We'll have a review posted on the homepage shortly after. And speaking of the homepage, don't forget to check it next Tuesday for an all-new question of the week!

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Posted by vandinejd_1991

@super_phil: Well I know one reason is that Beware the Batman is going to avoid some of Batman's better villains like Joker, Two-Face, Bane and the others. I at least think they should include the Joker in this show. Having a Batman series without him is like having a Superman series without Lex Luthor, or a Spiderman series without Green Goblin

Edited by Justthatkid

I actually really like Avengers Assemble. Guess I'm in the minority it's incredibly good in my opinion.

Best on the list in my opinion, sometimes corny though. Young justice would of had the most votes.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@justthatkid: Agreed it is sometimes corny but I really like it.

Edited by krunkeela

Can I say Adventure Time?

Posted by Jonez120

Wait till Korra comes back though. Season 1 was pretty epic at some points especially the finale.

Posted by PeppeyHare

@planet_arium said:

@maxicere: Yeah, the "something wrong" is that they're on the Disney channel. Put Spider-Man back on MTV and maybe we can get a good show out of it.

so you're saying that the Spider-man series on MTV was good?

The new animated series? Yes it was awesome

Edited by bellaardila92

Ultimate Spider Man I haven't watched all of this animated series so I think Spiderman is awesome

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