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Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Superman Story

We're celebrating 'The Man of Steel' by remembering some of his greatest stories... but which is your favorite?

It's a really terrific week to be a Superman fan. Not only is Man of Steel coming out this Friday (and receiving mostly awesome reviews, too), but Kal-El also has a brand new title coming out tomorrow and two of DC's most talented individuals are behind it: Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Our very own Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero has already given SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 a five-star review and said, "This is what I want from a Superman comic." It's seems clear Clark's future is in good hands with that creative team, but we want to reflect on the iconic character's 75 years of history. Naturally, we couldn't flood the poll with every great story, but we narrowed it down to 15 (and an "other" option) we think are pretty superb and definitely must read tales.


Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET) and an updated feature will hit the homepage shortly after. Will Grant Morrison's ALL-STAR SUPERMAN be the obvious pick, or will one of these other excellent stories rise above and take the victory?

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Posted by StMichalofWilson

All-Star Superman. Nuff' Said

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

for the love of Lucifer @k4tzm4n how am I meant to choose?!?

Posted by KingSolomon

I agree All-Star was great, best superman comic out there.

Posted by Mucklefluga

This poll is making me wanna read All-Star Superman again like watching a food TV show makes you wanna grab a snack.

Posted by Pokeysteve

Birthright. No contest.

Posted by Thor_Ul

I would voted for All Star but instead I choose "What so funny about truth, justice and the american way?". Reasons were given on the poll board.

Posted by Aeroman

superman ending battle

Posted by Gotham331

I ashamed of myself for not being up on most of these stories

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

All Star! Birthright second. The onlyone of those I don't own in hardcover or trade is Red Son and I need to remedy that quick. I have read it once and really liked it.

Edited by HempKnight757

I never really got Superman & then when I finally got him I wanted a really good Superman story to read. I tried All-Star Superman & liked the art better than the story. Couldn't even finish it. Watched the movie. It was okay. Superman For Tomorrow couldn't finish it. Now I am a tough critic when it comes to film, but I usually finish a run of comics or a graphic novel. Also I read Grant Morrison's newest run on Action Comics. It started out really well & then went nowhere. I was digging it when he was old school with the jeans. I like the guy as person, but I don't about him as a writer. Given I haven't read a lot of his stuff, but a decent amount. I wanna check out Doom Patrol. So in conclusion I still haven't read my favorite Superman story.

Posted by Squalleon

@hempknight757: try birthright or What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?

i feel that you will like them

Edited by Miss_Garrick

The thing is there are a lot of Superman stories I like, but I can't think of any I outright love.

Posted by Perfect 10

cant vote, my favorite story isnt listed :(.

world of new krypton

Posted by hyperman

mmmm the death of superman , the reign of the superman and birthright are favourite ones.

Edited by NeonPheonix

I think there are very few people on earth who don't know who superman is and he is so iconic that you either love him or hate him so I believe that every superman story is the best

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

All-Star Superman. 'Nuff said.

Posted by JHorton10

All-Star Superman

Posted by aquaman98

All-Star Superman is my favorite but very close behind is Birtright.

Posted by SanoHibiki

1. Kingdom Come

2. All-Star Superman

3. Superman: For Tomorrow